The 10 best positive psychology courses

Positive psychology is a field of psychology with over 30 years of experience and its main focus is the study of personal well-being and happiness, as well as the tools needed to achieve it.

This is more and more accepted by society and its demand has increased in recent years both in psychological counseling and in the field of work psychology and human resources.

The main concepts that professionals of positive psychology work on are emotional intelligence, creativity, motivation or resilience, and there are currently many specialized courses in this very innovative discipline.

Here you will find a selection of the best positive psychology courses in Spanish, with the most important information about each of these options.

    The most popular positive psychology courses

    If you are interested in learning more about this branch of psychology, here are the major positive psychology courses that are currently offered, both online and in person.

    1. Focus on your learning and build your success (Happiens)

    Course “Focus on Your Learning and Build Your Success” from Happiens It is priced at 75 euros and is aimed at all people who wish to integrate the main elements of positive psychology into their daily life to begin their process of personal development and growth.

    This course is based on a constructive learning methodology and consists of 4 core topics that have been developed by renowned psychologists in the field of health psychology and positive psychology.

    Each of the subjects is based on a series of videos, podcasts, readings and practices lasting about 5 hours each, with which each student will integrate the main knowledge and tools necessary to begin a process towards happiness on a daily basis.


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    2. Secrets of motivation (Personal resources)

    The Personal Resources training center offers several interesting courses related to Positive Psychology, including “The Secrets of Motivation”. Motivation is the necessary activation that allows us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and without which it can be very difficult to carry out an activity both individually and collectively.

    Some people may have difficulty in motivating themselves on a daily basis, and precisely to provide them with professional support, the Center for Psychology and Personal Resources Training has created this course, so that all participants have more emotional management tools to achieve her goals. .

    This short course is priced at 25 euros and consists of audiovisual material prepared by psychologists; a series of videos which briefly explain the essential theoretical elements of motivation and offer various practical resources to integrate into the daily life of each participant.

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    3. Specialization course in humanistic existential psychotherapy in children and adolescents (Adhara)

    The Adhara Psychology Center offers a specialized course in existential humanistic psychotherapy in children and adolescents, intended for psychologists and health professionals in general.

    Existential humanistic psychotherapy incorporates a methodology of current wide application among psychologists such as integrative humanistic psychotherapy as well as neuroscience, mindfulness and spirituality.

    This course is aimed at professionals who wish to integrate this approach to deal holistically with all the psychological difficulties of children and adolescents, especially in the emotional field.

    The course consists of theoretical and practical contents, divided into face-to-face modules, listening and reflection meetings, practices and Psycho Meditation sessions, all over 6 months (300 working hours).

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    4. Positive psychology course (UNIR)

    This diploma in positive psychology from UNIR is a University Expert Diploma consisting of live online masterclasses taught by prestigious psychology professionals and also with a personal tutor to resolve any doubts.

    At the end of the course, each student will acquire the skills necessary to foster the personal development of any client, identify the strengths of each person and learn the main knowledge of positive psychology.

    5. Specialist course in positive psychology (Euroinnova)

    Euroinnova business school offers an online positive psychology course for any participant who wishes to specialize in the subject and gain real employment opportunities upon completion.

    This course is priced at 150 euros and the main objectives are to acquire the main knowledge about positive psychology, to learn the importance of emotions and the management of emotions, and to learn how to improve communication.

      6. Certificate of Positive Psychology (Udemy)

      This online proposal from Udemy consists of a course consisting of 8 hours of on-demand work, is priced at 12.99 euros, offers a certificate of completion and allows permanent 24-hour access to the content of the program.

      By completing the Udemy course, each participant will learn essential concepts of positive psychology, integrate crisis control tools, learn how to improve their well-being, and discover the essential relationship between neuroscience and happiness.

      7. Online course in positive psychology (Newmind Institute)

      This Newmind Institute course is aimed at psychology professionals or workers who wish to apply the principles of positive psychology to their daily life to achieve success in their personal and professional goals.

      This course, lasting 240 hours spread over 4 months, offers an online campus service with a consultation service and a personalized tutor. The price is 175 euros.

      8. Higher Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology (ISEP)

      East University course in applied positive psychology at ISEP It is 100% online, has a duration of 75 hours (3 months) and offers all its participants a Certification from the Center Universitaire La Salle of 3 ECTS Credits.

      The course offers the best practical tools to any professional to integrate into his private practice the best tools of positive psychology, such as a change of approach or the use of the Balanced Strength Test.

      9. Technician in positive psychology and professional coaching (UTF-Iberoamerican Institute)

      The UTF, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Institute, offers this course in positive psychology and professional coaching. for any student who wishes to train in positive psychology and professional coaching, areas in high demand in today’s job market.

      The main contents of the course are: the fundamentals of positive psychology, constructive emotions, self-concept, mindfulness, happiness, professional coaching and talent management.

      In addition, the course modality is 100% online and the price is 151-300 euros.

      10. Positive psychology. Develop my resilience (growing group)

      East Positive psychology and resilience course developed by Grupo Crece It is particularly suitable for all people who wish to improve their own well-being and improve both personally and professionally using the best psychological techniques with proven effectiveness.

      This online course consists of 4 days divided by 8 working hours, has an intermediate level of difficulty and offers the possibility of having a personal tutor.

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