The 15 best apps for treating depression

One of the most common mental disorders is depression, And it is estimated to affect 350 million people worldwide.

There are different causes and reasons that lead a person to suffer from this disorder, which manifests itself by a series of symptoms: sadness, demotivation, apathy, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness …

Throughout this article we will see a selection of applications to treat depression in parallel with psychotherapy care.

    Depression: a common disorder these days

    The depressed individual feels sad most of the time, which affects their daily life. This mood disorder is common around this time and although some people think drug treatment is the best option, treatment with these substances is only recommended in very severe cases.

    Going to psychotherapy is essential to overcome this disorder, because psychologists can help improve the quality of life of their patients and treat, through their techniques and methods, this common pathology. like that

      Best apps to fight depression

      Today, new technologies have made it possible for people to have therapeutic tools from their own cell phones. And although they do not replace the figure of a psychologist who monitors the particular case of each patient for several weeks and months, they can be useful for a person to develop healthier lifestyles and, at the same time, improves his mood.

      In this article you can find a list of the best apps for treating depression and its symptoms. They are as follows.

      May 1

      May is an application intended to mark a before and after in the market not only of applications to fight against depression, but in that of health applications in general. So stay tuned for its (free) release the week of March 16, 2020, as Meyo arrives to offer help to anyone who thinks they need it.

      No app can replace the work of a healthcare professional. Realizing this, the team of psychologists, doctors and other scientists behind this app did not design it to be a treatment for depression. Meyo is a personal assistant that helps both prevent the onset of mood disorders and, if they have already occurred, reduce their impact on quality of life and facilitate their overcoming, always giving courage the user to seek the attention of a specialist if he needs it.

      Meyo is an application which, affirming that being in good health is not only not being sick, offers all possible facilities to make us happier, problems affect us less, take control of our minds, know how to shut up negative thoughts, enjoy more than what surrounds us and ultimately escapes any emotional breakdown.

      Therefore, an artificial intelligence analyzes what our problems and needs are and, on this basis, offers us challenges, games, videos, tips and any audiovisual content that will help us protect our mood.

      Cooking and eating a healthy diet, motivating ourselves to play sports, practice meditation and yoga, give up bad habits, sleep better, improve relationships with others, live with more optimism and motivation, open up emotionally with loved ones, inspecting bad mood triggers, overcoming a breakup or the death of a family member, letting go of fears and phobias, overcoming stress and anxiety … In everything that serves to prevent depression or a bad mood, Meyo can help. And he will.

      • You can download Meyo for Android and iOS.

      2. TherapyChat

      Through the digital platform TherapyCat it is possible to count on psychology professionals and to contact them for remote psychological assistance, via video call. They are all trained and experienced psychologists in different areas of mental health and emotional well-being; moreover, being remote sessions, its price is significantly lower than that of face-to-face consultations.

      To use TherapyChat, all you need to do is select a service plan, explain the problem and start the first session with the designated psychologist, which depends on the characteristics and needs of the user. However, the first session is free.

      • To see more information about this option, visit this page.

      3. Mentavio

      Another of the most useful options for those with mood swings is Mentavio, A digital platform that connects the user with a wide range of psychologists who offer psychological assistance or therapy through face-to-face or remote sessions, by video call, chat or phone calls.

      To use Mentavio, you just have to navigate its interface and visit the profiles of the professionals, from there, choose the one that best suits our needs taking into account the displayed data: program and specializations, price, time availability , opinions of other users, etc. . In addition, all information is treated confidentially and is transmitted via an SSL encryption system.

      • On this page you will find the contact details of Mentavio.

      4. Gurumind

      Gurumind is an application that makes available to the user more than 100 meditation and relaxation techniques resources, very useful for cases where there are problems with insomnia and depressive anxious images.

      In addition, the interzaz of this application allows a very simple and instant mode of use. Just sign up for Gurumind and start using the app for free.

      • If you would like to see more information about this app or have access to its download page, click here.

      5. Positive thinking

      Today, many people claim to have emotional and mood issues because our expectations and beliefs influence how we interpret the world and how we value events that happen to us.

      The things we say to ourselves more or less influence how we feel. Positive Thinking is an app that presents you with a large collection of positive phrases so that you can motivate yourself and improve your mood right now when you are downhill. Logically, it is not a tool that can replace professional care, but some people say they have noticed improvements in their daily mood.

      6. Mood kit

      This app can become the best ally of someone who feels sad most of the day. Mood Kit is a guide that will help you improve your mood with various practical tips and activities which will be of great help to you. As it is often a person’s habits that lead to depression, this app can improve the well-being of the user.

      7. Optimism

      Optimistic people are less likely to suffer from depression because they see life from a positive perspective, in which they learn from their mistakes and see it as a great opportunity to grow. With optimism, it is possible to detect toxic behavior patterns, This will allow you to modify them and therefore improve your quality of life.

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      8. NIH Depression Information

      The US National Institutes of Health developed this app to educate people newly diagnosed with depression. The NIH Depression Information app contains a wealth of information and answers many questions. Among the information that this application provides, it is possible to find: symptoms, causes, treatments and other relevant information about this mood disorder. A very useful application but in English.

      9. Urwell

      This mood tracking app called Urwell works by asking the user to choose from over 50 areas of their life., Such as work, hobbies, family relationships, partner, personal growth and health, and assesses how this exerts itself in each of them. The idea is to start with a few areas and build so that you end up being happy in all of them.

      10. State Mood Banner

      This app is ideal for people who are in therapy and need to keep track of the disorder between sessions. Once downloaded, Mood Streamer compiles and analyzes the daily life of the patient and the different variables that influence his mood. This application draws up a history of the patient’s mood.

      11. Happy Habits: choose happiness

      This app called Happy Habits uses cognitive behavioral therapy tools. First, a 119-item test is taken to assess the level of happiness, and then it is possible to use the Happiness Diary to record positive events and create a list of happy pending tasks. The graphics feature lets you track progress, while an audio feature helps manage emotions and take a more positive outlook. Plus, audios are great for relaxation and help you learn to de-stress.

      12. TCC depression

      Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective methods of treating depression and other mental health problems. This app helps monitor moods with an assessment test that tracks symptom severity depressive and provides various resources designed to educate the user with more adaptive thinking to improve the situation. It also contains audio programs that facilitate relaxation and well-being.

      13. Price of positive activity

      The temptation to stay at home is common when suffering from depression. Getting out into the world and enjoying social activities, however, is one of the best remedies for overcoming this condition. The positive activities jackpot offers suggestions for activities outside the home.

      14. Drugs and psychic drugs

      In extreme cases, the drug can be used to treat depression. Therefore, in patients taking antidepressants, this application can be of great benefit. Psych Drugs & Medications has a catalog of medications for mental health, This allows you to educate the patient about possible interactions of a particular drug, its side effects, dose details and more.

      15. Smiling spirit

      Meditation has been shown to be effective for mild depression **. This app called Smiling Mind is designed for the use of guided meditation ** and offers several free meditation programs, categorized according to different ages. Sessions are suitable for children under the age of seven to adults.

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