The 16 best masters in clinical and health psychology

In general, if psychology covers many fields of application (work, sport, education), most people associate the figure of the psychologist with the clinical field and the treatment of psychopathologies.

In fact, many undergraduates, when they start their studies in this race, intend to pursue this area of ​​behavioral science.

Clinical psychologists study and treat all the elements involved in mental disorders and mental health. This is why these professionals assess, diagnose, prevent and intervene therapeutically in people suffering from a mental illness or maladaptive behavior, with the aim of restoring their psychological balance and improving their quality of life.

Most Recommended Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue in this field must undergo postgraduate training in order to practice professionally.

And although in Spain it is necessary to obtain the title of General Health Psychologist or PIR to be able to perform professional tasks in the clinical and health field, there are different postgraduate programs that provide the both practical experience and theoretical knowledge on a particular specialty. You can complete the training in this area with maximum guarantees.

Then you can find the best Masters in Clinical Psychology in Spain.

1. Master in Integrative Psychotherapy (University of Nebrija – Mensalus Institute)

  • Center: University of Nebrija and Institut Mensalus
  • Location: Online / Barcelona
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Price on request

The Master in Integrative Psychotherapy offered by Mensalus is one of the most recommended and accessible in its field, because it allows the possibility of doing it in person, remotely or through a combination of face-to-face and online modalities, with the consideration of the Master in each of the three modalities.

This Master is especially intended for graduates or graduates in psychology who wish to specialize in the clinical practice of psychotherapy based on an integrative psychotherapeutic positioning, and at the end of each student will obtain their own university degree from the University of Nebrija in Madrid. .

Finally, it should be noted that the duration of the Master is one year, offered in two sessions per week in very small groups where the student has the opportunity to act as a psychotherapist with living patients from the first week and to acquire sufficient tools, training and confidence to carry out this task.

2. Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology (Online) (VIU)

  • Center: International University of Valencia (VIU)
  • Location: Valencia / Online
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Price on request

the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology from the International University of Valencia is an official degree taught in the online mode which consists of 60 credits and the duration is 6 months.

This Master includes basic theoretical and practical contents on neurofunctional and pathological neuroanatomy, as well as basic cognitive processes and the learning of neuroimaging techniques and other instruments of rehabilitation and neuropsychological evaluation.

In addition to this, what makes the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology of the International University of Valencia special are the training practices offered in more than 100 prestigious centers in the field of clinical neuropsychology, where students receive masterclasses of its professionals and will be able to carry out external internships.

  • On this page you will find more information about the Master.

3. Master in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Price: 4900 €

Child psychology is a branch of psychology that aims to study the child and their cognitive, motor, physical, emotional and social development, both normal and abnormal. This specialty therefore deals with different subjects: education and learning, social development, typical psychopathology of this period, etc.

As childhood is a stage of change with a great influence on the future of children, assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment often require specialized knowledge, and postgraduate training is essential to be able to practice as a child psychologist with maximum guarantees.

In this context, The Master in Clinical Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents at UAB was born, Which provides knowledge to detect, analyze and treat the different variables that can influence the psychological and social growth of a child and adolescent. The program reviews basic psychological processes, all important aspects of the development and education of a child from birth to adulthood, the different explanatory models and therapeutic models that have demonstrated its effectiveness and l ‘assessment and treatment of various developmental disorders.

4.Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health (UCM)

  • Center: Complutense University of Madrid
  • Scope: Various
  • Hotel zone: Madrid (Spain)
  • Duration: 2 lessons
  • Price: 6000 €

Throughout this decade, emotional intelligence has been applied in the clinical field with great success. This master’s degree was one of the pioneers in this field in Spain and has been taught for over 15 years.

the Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health of Complutense University of Madrid it has a practical orientation, where these are both internal and external. During the two years of the program, students immerse themselves in the use of emotional intelligence, primarily in the clinical and health fields, again as part of cognitive behavioral therapy. The master’s face-to-face at 1:00 a.m. and the internships take place in the capital’s most important health centers. It lasts 800 hours and costs 6,000 euros.

5.Master in Mindfulness (University of Zaragoza)

  • Center: University of Zaragoza
  • Location: online / part-time
  • Duration: 2 lessons
  • Price: 3400 €

The Master in Mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza is one of the newest but at the same time the most useful that we can study at the moment, as it focuses on a third generation type of therapy: mindfulness.

Its aim is to train participants both professionally and as a researcher, and throughout the school year, students learn different techniques that they can apply in consultation.

This practice in the case of the context and how the patient relates to the problem, then, in psychotherapy, mindfulness is useful because it educates the patient on how he sees the problem and how he despsicopatoliza, with an emphasis on dialogue, the present moment, acceptance, non-judgmental mentality and compassion towards oneself and those around you.

Scientific studies claim that mindfulness is effective in improving emotional management and having healthier, more satisfying interpersonal relationships, and helps control stress, anxiety, and overcome insomnia, among other benefits. .

  • This Master can be studied online and on a part-time basis, lasts two years and has an extension of 62 ECTS credits.

6.Master in Functional Analysis in Clinical and Health Contexts (University of Almeria)

  • Center: University of Almeria
  • Hotel zone: Almeria (Spain)
  • Duration: 1 lesson
  • Price: 1800 €

Masters in Andalusia are really cheap, as is the case Master in Functional Analysis in Clinical and Health Contexts of University of Almeria, Since the price is 1,800 euros. Even though the cost economic is low, that does not mean that it is not quality training.

In fact, the master’s degree is official and is one of the best in Spain. This training action allows its students to study 1 Doctorate with Mention of Excellence from the Ministry of Education. Although it has a research-oriented formative character, the students they acquire professional skills that they can apply in different fields, covering different disorders. Therefore, it is ideal to be able to work in multiple contexts, for example, in special education centers or health centers specializing in children, adolescents, adults.

7.Master in clinical psychopathology of children and adolescents (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 lessons
  • Price: 4800 €

the Master in Clinical Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents who teaches Autonomous University of Barcelona it provides students with the necessary specialization to be able to devote themselves to the field of child and adolescent psychopathology and, therefore, allows the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge on different subjects related to disorders of this age: impairment mental, emotional or behavioral problems, among others.

In addition, he brings knowledge in legal and forensic psychology to children and young people. The master has an extension of 70 ECTS credits and costs € 4,800.

8. Official Master in Drug Addiction: Research, Treatment and Associated Pathologies (University of Valencia)

  • Center: University of Valencia
  • Location: Valencia
  • Duration: 2 lessons
  • Price: –

the Official Master in Drug Addiction: Research, Treatment and Associated Pathologies (DITPA) of the University of Valencia it is a global training action, which trains students in research as well as in the diagnosis, analysis and applied treatment of drug addiction behaviors.

The goal is for their students to develop skills and abilities that allow them to develop successfully at the professional level, and to be able to improve the mental health and quality of life of people with this disease and their families, because it is chronic and recurring. problem.

The master lasts two years and requires full dedication, as it consists of 120 ECTS credits.

9. Research Master in Psychology Applied to Health Sciences (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 lesson
  • Price: 2800 €

the Research Master in Applied Psychology in Health Sciences who teaches Autonomous University of Barcelona is the ideal program for those who wish to develop their career in the field of clinical and psychological health research.

It provides current and rigorous knowledge to train its students with the highest degree of quality so that they can carry out their research in the best possible way, paying attention to social issues related to mental health (at the both in children and young people, adults). and well-being, and the development of habits to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to the mentions in clinical psychology and health psychology offered by this master, it is also possible to acquire the mention in sports psychology.

10. Master in Psychological Intervention in Eating Disorders and Obesity (UB)

  • Center: University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 lesson
  • Price: 6895 €

Obesity is a multifactorial disease with a high prevalence today. The treatment of this intervention requires not only an approach of the nutritional and exercise aspects, but also the psychological factors essential to maintain the results in the long term.

the Master in Psychological Intervention in Eating Disorders and Obesity of University of Barcelona it provides students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to intervene in the various eating disorders and obesity in adults and young people.

The duration is 70 ECTS credits and costs € 6,895.

11. Master in neuropsychology: diagnosis and neuropsychological rehabilitation (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Hotel zone: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Duration: 2 lessons
  • Price: 7200 €

the Master in Neuropsychology of Autonomous University of Barcelona aims to train professionals in clinical neurology, both in the field of exploration, diagnosis or rehabilitation of disorders resulting from brain lesions, whether degenerative, congenital or derived from trauma.

It is a training action that offers a practical approach and is recognized by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the College of Physicians and Psychologists of Barcelona. Classes take place at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and at the Neurology Department of the Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

It has an extension of 90 ECTS credits and its price is 7,200 €.

12. Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology (UM)

  • Center: University of Murcia
  • Location: Murcia
  • Duration: 1 lesson
  • Price: –

A postgraduate option that trains students both to engage in therapeutic practice and to orient their professional careers towards research by completing a doctorate.

13. Master in Psychogeriatrics (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 lesson
  • Price: 3960 €

With a demographic trend towards an aging population, having the resources to meet the needs of older people is even more important. This Master was born from the need to include the field of psychology in health programs. It aims to teach assessment, diagnosis and intervention on mental disorders and psychological problems associated with physical (and sometimes social) wear and tear. seniors.

14. Master in General Health Psychology (UNED)

  • Center: UNIT
  • Location: online
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Price: 3780 €

A training option in general health psychology is offered by the National Distance Learning University (UNED). This institution has the most students in Spain and offers high-level diplomas and masters. It is particularly recommended for all people who may have difficulty in attending face-to-face courses, as the leitmotif of UNED is to be an online university, despite being based in many capitals of autonomous communities.

15. Master of Health Psychology (UAM)

  • Center: UAM
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Price on request

This Master from the Autonomous University of Madrid it includes both applied training in the field of patient intervention, as well as scientific and technical training based on research, necessary to keep up to date and use the procedures really effective in each case.

16. Systemic and relational psychotherapy (DEUSTO)

  • Center: University of Deusto
  • Location: Bilbao
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Price on request

This official master of the University of Deusto is aimed at graduates or graduates in psychology and psychiatry who wish to deepen the relational aspects that come into play in emotional well-being and mental health in general. In addition, the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is adapted to the guidelines.

Includes internships in health centers.

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