The 26 weirdest mental and psychological disorders

Mental disorders are frequently diagnosed todayAnd according to experts, one in three people suffer or will suffer from some type of mental disorder throughout their lifetime.

Some of these psychological disorders are well known, such as depressive disorder, anorexia, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. However, it is necessary other mental disorders and rare diseases due to their low frequency of occurrence or their strange symptoms.

The rarest mental disorders

But … What are these atypical mental disorders? What bizarre psychopathologies can we find?

Here is a list of 26 very curious mental disorders:

1. Altrophagy or Pica

Some eating disorders are very popular (like anorexia or bulimia), but there are others that are unknown to most people. One of them is altrophagy or Pica, characterized by the person with this psychological disorder has an uncontrollable desire to eat non-nutrient or edible substances like earth or paint.

Although some children may engage in this behavior unaware of the harmful consequences of these substances, pica can develop in old age. These substances, in addition to containing no nutritional value, can seriously harm the health of the person who consumes them.

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2. Three-way madness

La Folie à Trois is a very strange psychotic disorder. While Folie à Deux, in which two people share the delirium, is less common, Folie à Trois, in which three individuals share the psychotic epidemic, is less common.

A well-known case of Folie à Trois is that of three American sisters. Two of them moved into the same house and were neighbors of their other sister. The trouble arose suddenly when they bonded again while they were spending a lot of time together.

The three sisters had strong religious beliefs and the little one began to wonder how there could be different interpretations of the Bible. This idea developed in the minds of the three sisters, and they decided to go to a house that was not theirs to begin their work. The owners, who were in the house at the time, did not let them in, they called the police. When they arrived at the scene, they were attacked by the three sisters.

    3. Alien hand syndrome

    Alien Hand Syndrome (also Other Hand Syndrome or Dr. Strangelove Syndrome) is a rare neurological disorder in which the hand stands on its own and does what it wants. The person feels that the hand is not his.

    This syndrome should not be confused with phantom limb syndrome, which some people suffer from who have lost a limb. You can read more about this last condition in this article: “The Phantom Member and Mirror Box Therapy”.

    4. Trichophagia

    Trichophagia or Rapunzel syndrome is another very strange eating disorder due to how infrequently it occurs. It is because the person suffering from this disease has an overwhelming desire to eat his own hair. This causes serious stomach problems as the hair causes intestinal blockage. Usually, it presents next to the tricotilomanía, that is the pathological impulse to take its own hair.

    5. Autocannibalism or autosarcophagy

    This strange mental disorder is characterized by the person it eats its own skin or consumes its own blood. Autocannibalism also occurs in Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, a disorder in which a person self-harms and consumes their own body parts.

    People with this condition engage in compulsive behaviors such as biting their fingertips and lips (or any part of the body to which they have access), inserting their fingers into their eyes, or throwing their body against the wall.

    6. Boantropia

    If the case of zoanthropy, in which the person thinks they are an animal, is already rare, in boantropia, he thinks he is a cow or an ox. This type of behavior is known as lycanthropy delirium, a psychopathological phenomenon that manifests itself in the unrealistic belief in the body’s own transformation into that of an animal. In this case, the person adopts the typical behaviors of the animal in question.

    7. Aboulomania

    Sometimes we may have to make a difficult decision and not know what to do, which is not normal. Instead, there are people who suffer from aboulomania, i.e. inability to make decisions. Deciding what to eat in a restaurant when you have the menu in hand becomes a difficult situation when a person suffers from this psychological disorder.

    8. Foreign accent syndrome

    Foreign accent syndrome is one of the rarest neurological disorders, usually a consequence of brain injury, such as stroke or cerebrovascular injury. It is a rare condition, which causes a person to speak their mother tongue as if their own had a foreign accent.

    9. Hikikomori

    Hikikomori is a psychopathological and sociological phenomenon characterized by the fact that the person isolates himself from society and locks himself in his room. avoid contact with people around you. It gets its name from the fact that until recently it was characteristic of Japan. Today, we know that there are also cases in the West, even in Spain.

      10. Diogenes Syndrome

      One of the most well-known strange disorders is Diogenes Syndrome. It is characterized by the fact that people who suffer from this condition they store and collect many personal effects and possessions at home. These people are unable to get rid of it, so they accumulate more and more garbage and abandoned objects in general. People find it strange that a person can live surrounded by rubbish, which creates isolation as well as hygiene and food problems.

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      11. Tourette syndrome

      One of the most prominent disorders is undoubtedly Tourette’s syndrome or Gilles de Tourette syndrome (by Georges Gilles de Tourette, who is the eponym of this disorder). It is a neurological disorder that is characterized by those who suffer from it they perform involuntary movements and sounds aimlessly.

      To better illustrate what this disorder is, we invite you to learn more about a well-known real case. You can see it in this article which contains audiovisual content: “Super Taldo: the famous case of the Chilean child with Tourette’s syndrome.”

      12. Stockholm Syndrome

      This disorder occurs in people who have been the victims of a kidnapping, they show some kind of positive feeling towards their captors and bond emotionally with them. Some experts believe that it is a defense mechanism, a reaction caused by the stress of a traumatic situation that has occurred. It is considered a strange disorder because it is difficult to understand.

        13. Kyofusho Taijin Syndrome

        Tai Chi kushofo syndrome is a social anxiety disorder (ASD) that commonly occurs in Japan, and it is characterized by a strong fear that the body, its parts or its functions will be offensive to other people.

        It can be confused with social phobia, but while the latter refers to the fear of being ashamed in front of others, people with taijin kyofusho syndrome worry about embarrassing others because of their presence or their appearance.

        In other words, in social phobia the person cares about his reaction, in taijin kyofusho cares about how others will feel in their presence.

        14. Erotomania

        This mental disorder is rare. The person who suffers from the illusory belief that an individual, of higher status, is in love with him or her, with the particularity that the person supposed to be in love is usually someone famous. A strange and unusual pathology.

        15. Omphalophobia

        Omphalophobia it’s an irrational fear in the navels. This fear or discomfort is towards your own navel or that of others. These people find it difficult to bathe because they cannot look or touch their belly button.

        The symptoms are characteristic of any specific phobia: irritability, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, feeling of rage accompanied by anger, as well as a feeling of total helplessness. Certainly one of the rarest mental disorders.

        16. Jerusalem Syndrome

        A disorder is rare that manifests itself in the form of delusions, visions and loss of contact with reality after visiting the holy city of Jerusalem or other sacred areas in Israel. It is a psychotic disorder that affects both tourists and residents of this city.

        17. Paris Syndrome

        Jerusalem is not the only city on this list of mental disorders, as one can also find the city of light: Paris. Paris syndrome is a psychological condition experienced by very disappointed Japanese tourists when they visit the French capital. The reason seems to lie in the unrealistic expectations that the Japanese have of this metropolis.

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        18. Koro syndrome (genital restriction syndrome)

        Another disorder that occurs most frequently in Asian countries is Koro syndrome, an anxiety disorder. characterized in that the sufferer thinks that his penis is shrinking every day until it disappears. Not only that, but his member is absorbed into the body to the point of causing his death.

        Although this mainly occurs in men, some women also believe that their external genitals and nipples will be absorbed inside the body and die.

        19. Alice in Wonderland disease

        Alice in Wonderland is characterized by the presence of a micropsy or macropsy, and is a neurological disorder that affects visual perception and in which the person sees objects around him as smaller (micropsy) and larger (macropsy). Patients also suffer from altered perception of time in certain places or at certain times.

        20. Münchausen syndrome

        Münchausen syndrome is a type of factitious disorder. It is an assignment in which people constantly and intentionally fake very striking illnesses. This can cause self-harm or the ingestion of toxic substances for treatment. His motivation is to assume the role of patient and to be treated.

          21. Triscaidecaphobia

          This phobic disorder is due to by irrational to the number 13. People with this phobia avoid this number due to the tremendous anxiety they experience when they see it or touch anything that contains it. It is necessary to differentiate this type of anxiety disorder by parascevedecatriaphobia, which is the phobia of Friday 13. It is one of the strangest mental disorders due to the specific nature of what produces fear.

          22. Glass illusion

          This is a very strange psychological disorder in which the person he believes his body is glass and can be shattered at any time. Despite the proof that they are made of flesh and blood, they are unable to give up this false belief.

          23. Cotard syndrome

          This serious mental disorder is rare. It is characterized because the subject perceives that he is separated from reality. You can see his body in the mirror, but he notices it as something strange, like it doesn’t exist. People with Cotard syndrome, they are often thought to be dead or in a state of decay.

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          24. Fregoli syndrome

          An unusual mental disorder in which the sufferer has the belief that different people are, in truth, one. Therefore, he believes that this individual is capable of altering his physical appearance. It is usually accompanied by delusions of persecution.

          25. Capgras syndrome

          If the previous point seemed strange to you, Capgras syndrome is even stranger. People who suffer from it they think their friends and family are in fact impostors, Despite no objective reason to have this belief. They often react in a hostile way to their family and friends, thinking it is not them.

            26. Reduplicative paramnesia

            This type of delusional disorder is really curious because the person he has the delusional idea that the context or scenario he is in has been duplicatedIn other words, there is another equal or more identical somewhere in the world. They may also believe that this specific site has been moved to another location.

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