The 5 best apps for managing patients

It is nothing new that mobile phones and smartphones have reached a point where they can compare their computing power with that of a laptop or desktop computer.

It is for this reason that the smart thing is to harness the capabilities of these devices and not leave them as a social media container or an instant messaging service to only talk to your friends and family.

Integrating them into our workflow and our work dynamics is easier than ever and we can do it through fully optimized calendars and databases that deliver service and professional driven applications.

Some may even have medical encyclopedias where you can quickly learn about pathologies, medications, and health-related concepts.

    The best apps for patient and client management

    These applications will allow us to follow the evolution of our patients, as well as to communicate with them on a messaging platform designed for this purpose and where we can also send medical and educational content improving their situation (and thus also be able to be loyal). .

    It is for this reason that below we will see a list with some of the best apps for healthcare professionals, Both physically and mentally, and we will see what each can offer us.


    TIME is another of the best apps we can find available for iOS and Android and focuses on managing the business activity of our company and monitoring patients.

    TIMP focuses on a very visual panel that shows us all the information we need to be able to face our professional on a daily basis. In this platform, we will be able to consult important data such as metrics and reporting panels, accounting and sales and customer CRM. One of the advantages of this application is that you can export all the information available from the application into a document in .XLS format so that you can easily use it in Excel.

    Another of the most remarkable features of this app is the smart calendar that allows us to organize ourselves quickly and to be able to see the activity of our center at a glance in the time interval that we choose.

    If you want to learn more about TIMP, you can request a free demo over the phone from this app and request a quote from them through their website.

    2. Nubimat

    Nubimat is an app developed by an excellent multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and computer programmers that combines the best of medical software with the best of being able to store data in the cloud. This app has a monthly payment method and has all the data protection and security certificates.

    Some of the features of this app include scheduling medical appointments to easily manage new and old patients. It is thanks to the clinical history that we can attribute to each patient and to the file he has. In addition, it also has an accounting and invoicing module where we can follow the progress of our business and see where we are getting more profitability. The good news for dentists is that this app has an interactive odontogram.

    Another advantage offered by Nubimed is that if we have the patient history in another software or in an Excel document, the team of this application will provide us with a completely free data migration.

    If you want to get a free trial of Nubimed, you can get it by filling out the form and registering on their website.

    3. CiMe

    CiMe is the only free app we’ll see on this list and is built around a simple yet effective schedule.

    One of the advantages that this app does not work through a cloud data storage service is that it can be managed both online and offline and we can have an electronic appointment reminder, in more power to assign it quickly.

    Although this app is simpler than the previous ones, keep in mind that while all we need is a calendar with our available hours, this tool may be what we are looking for, thanks to its simple but solid interface.

    You can download CIM from its website, in addition to seeing all of its terms and conditions of use and viewing the privacy policy.

    4. Jagarsoft

    The main function of Jagarsoft it is the assignment and making of appointments with patients, in addition to which it also allows us to manage one or more doctors. In this way, Jagarsoft is a good platform for administrators or professionals who have multiple doctors in charge.

    One of the advantages of this application is that, thanks to its simplicity, it is easy to use and has the possibility of adding periodic consultations, which means that if we have patients who have a series of scheduled appointments , we can add it through the timeline of the application.

    The main disadvantage of this app is that it is only available for Windows, so Mac and Linux users cannot benefit from it.

    May 5

    May is an application that allows you to assign periodic tasks to patients, and can also be used autonomously by them. It includes the ability to create reminders, content such as mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques, self-registration activities, hands-on management of emotions and creative activities and new habits, and more.

    This tool is very useful in getting people to adopt new routines and ways of thinking and to structure their daily life based on simple and short term goals, as well as medium and long term ones.

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