The 5 psychological effects of penis size

How many times have we heard the famous phrase “size matters”? In the mouths of many male groups, there are concerns about penis size and the social problems that this entails.

Men are less concerned with their external image, especially in a society where image is so important. But penis size usually affects psychologically in a way that can sometimes be very damaging.

    A little more than the size

    As with the standards set on a woman’s appearance, men also suffer from some kind of pressure related to the size of the penis.

    It has nothing to do exclusively with the dimensions of the limb, there are also other derivative concerns which we will mention below to explain the psychological effects that this entails.

    Other psychological problems associated with penis size

    Among the many peculiarities that derive from the size of the penis is the curvature or flexion of the penis, also known as “Peyronie’s Syndrome”. However, in order for the curvature to be considered an anomaly, it must have a significant influence on the penetration time, because if the curvature is very pronounced, it can cause problems in relationships, which has a negative impact on self-esteem. .

    It should be noted that the percentage of men born with curvature problems is significantly low (between 0.3 and 0.8% approximately), so this does not generally imply additional difficulty on a daily basis.

    Another big problem that men face when it comes to the reproductive limb is the absence of testes or “internal testes”, Which, although also representing a small number of cases, still exists in men. The best part is that it doesn’t require any complex treatment, as it can be corrected at birth, besides just being a physical and non-functional problem as the hormone testosterone circulates normally and sperm is generated.

    Finally, there is microsalosomia, a term popularly known as “micropenis”, and penis size. not exceeding seven centimeters in full erection, after the man has reached adulthood.

    A curious fact about this unique case is that approximately 1 in 900 in everyone men suffer from microsalosomia. A person is considered to have a micropenis when, in addition to the condition we have seen, the perineum and scrotum are well formed.

    Common psychological effects

    We are now going to outline some of the issues directly related to penis size.

    1. Fear of ridicule

    It is arguably the most prevalent and common fear among people who have or think they are shorter than average. Some men have serious difficulties having sex despite having a partner for fear of humiliation by the size of the penis, which is usually not the case. Far from enjoying the moment during sex, men of this profile tend to pay more attention to whether they will be able to meet their partner’s needs.

    2. Low self-esteem

    Unfortunately, many empirical studies have shown that it is a concern that affects millions of people around the world. Loss of self-esteem can be a trigger, And can generate a feeling of loss of power and control in other aspects of life, such as living with people.

    3. Sleep disturbances

    Whenever a concern takes up space in our mind, we end up suffering severe difficulties when it comes to resting and being able to sleep peacefully. Outraged, if the degree of obsession or complex is reached it can completely disrupt our rest and condition it chronically, making it difficult to find a solution.

    These types of psychological disorders related to the size of the penis are equivalent to disorders related to appearance, such as body dysmorphic disorder. These totally affect our general behavior and more particularly our rest, which will lead to a worsening of our health. In this case, it will be necessary to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

    4. Dressing syndrome

    This disorder is the urge that many men have to compare the size of their penises with other locker room mates. In many cases, the problem is exaggerated and the size of other people’s penis is larger than average, making the affected person think that they have an extremely small penis.

    5. Find a partner

    This is the end result that we will get if we add all the points above. It is one of the aspects of life that is most affected by a small penis size. From millennia to the present day, the penis has been and continues to be the symbol of virility in men, Which means that not having the right dimensions can be less attractive to the opposite sex.

    Is there a solution?

    There is no magic or definitive solution to solving penis size issues, but we can see some tips and guidelines.


    Problems related to self-esteem and self-image are purely psychological and should be treated as such. Do you accept maintaining a good quality of life is essential.

    Balanced diet

    It is crucial to establish a balanced diet for the body in general, and to maintain a good penis size in particular. Obesity is the great enemy of penile health, it negatively affects the quality of sperm, and fat hides the surface of the sexual organ make it look smaller than it is.

    An optimal diet should consist mainly of the consumption of vegetables, as its high content of folic acid tones the skin and helps in the elasticity of the penis. On the contrary, the consumption of drugs, whether soft or hard (tobacco, alcohol) does not allow the expansion of blood vessels, preventing good circulation to the cavernous bodies.

    physical exercise

    It is a variable depending on a healthy diet. You need to eat healthy, balanced and exercise as much as possible, every day.

    While most sports and exercises are appropriate and safe, certain practices can damage the size of the penis. Anything that involves a constant blow or sudden movement to the genital area should be avoided. Sports like cycling, running or fence jumping can lead to disastrous results due to the overpressure exerted by the mesh or forced postures to be performed.

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