The 6 Best Couples Therapy Classes

Couples therapy is a very popular type of psychotherapy today, as couples’ relationships are not always easy, and they often experience stages where difficulties gain ground and conflicts between members arise.

It should be remembered that each person has their own needs, tastes, insecurities and worldview, and like any interpersonal relationship, if not negotiated properly and you have a number of social and communication skills. , difficulties can arise at any time. .

Benefits of couples therapy

Couples therapy is a little different from psychotherapy therapy in general., The consultation is not motivated by mental disorders or emotional problems (although they can sometimes appear alongside partner problems), but by dysfunctional relationship dynamics. In addition, the sessions are not individual, but involve both members.

This form of therapy brings many benefits. For example:

  • It helps to improve communication
  • It helps to overcome occasional crises that could go further
  • It helps overcome sexual problems and in intimate relationships
  • It improves the well-being of the couple and therefore of its members
  • It helps to overcome infidelity
  • This generates greater trust between the members of the relationship
  • It allows you to overcome irrational beliefs about love and marriage
  • It helps to follow future plans and a common goal
  • It reduces the distance between limbs and fits in the relationship

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The best training in couples therapy

Since this specialty of psychology has a slightly different methodology than other, generally systemic, forms of therapy, psychologists who wish to pursue this area of ​​application need training that enables them to successfully cope with the demands of patients. therapeutic cases they attend.

But what is the best training in this area? In the following lines you will find the best offer of couples therapy courses.

1. Professional Master in Sexology and Couple Therapy (Couple Institute)

  • center: Institute of the couple
  • location: Murcia
  • duration: 1 year
  • the price: € 2,250

The Parella Institute organizes at its headquarters in Murcia a recommendable Master which unites two facets of life that often go hand in hand: attention to the needs of love and marriage, and attention to the problems of sexuality. .

This training and specialization program lasts 10 months spread over 1500 hours (60 ECTS credits), and has a teaching staff professionally dedicated to psychotherapy, medicine, sexology and related sciences. It allows to know the theory and the practice of the assistance to the patients through the therapy of couple and the sex therapy.

So the students will learn subjects as interesting as the biological basis of sexuality, the theory of affection and its implications for the romantic life of a couple, The different approaches in sexual therapy, the functioning of pathological jealousy, the Gottman method, mediation in separation processes, etc.

  • If you want to know more about this option, click here.

In addition, this year the Couple Institute is launching another recommended training program: the Master in Sexology, Promotion of Sexual and Couple’s Health. This is a master’s degree aimed at healthcare and education professionals and includes theoretical and practical learning in promotion, communication, awareness and education, which gives the opportunity to participate in the media and train expressive skills.

2. Expert in couples therapy (COP Madrid)

  • center: Official College of Psychologists of Madrid
  • location: Madrid
  • duration: 1 year
  • the price: 330 € (collegiate) and 420 € (non collegiate)

According to statistics, the number of divorces has increased significantly in Spain over the last decade and, along with this reality, there has also been an increase in couples therapy consultations.

Such very useful interventions require that psychologists be properly trained to deal with relationship and communication problems that may arise in the couple. The COP Madrid, with this training, aims to train psychologists interested in developing their professional career in this direction..

The course has a systemic-constructivist, psychodynamic, psychodramatic and cognitive-behavioral orientation, and throughout the training different case studies are treated, which help students to learn actively and practically the best methodology for this type of intervention. .

3. University course in couples therapy (Antonio de Nebrija University / INESEM)

  • center: Antonio de Nebrija University and INESEM
  • location: Online
  • duration: 1 year
  • the price: 180 €

Online courses are one of the best options for people who have little time to attend face-to-face classes or who have difficulty in combining their studies with working hours. To avoid this barrier, the European Institute of Commercial Studies was born, with the aim of offering the possibility of continuing education to all students who so wish.

This institution, together with the Antonio de Nebrija University, teaches the “University Course in Couple Therapy” of 4 ECTS credits, which is approved and is a scale for examinations. The agenda goes through different topics of interest, such as identifying relationship issues, The technique of pleasure, relaxation techniques … and provides students with the best knowledge in the field and the most effective therapeutic resources to be able to use them in therapeutic sessions.

4. Systemic Couples Therapy Course (KINE Family Therapy Center)

  • center: KINE Family Therapy Center
  • location: Barcelona
  • duration: 6 months
  • the price: 975 €

The Barcelona Kine Center started over 30 years ago offering couples therapiesBut in addition to this service, in 1983 he began his training as a psychologist to teach basic courses in systemic family therapy.

Among its training actions is the “Systemic Couple Therapy Course”, which offers participants a theoretical-practical model for understanding relationships and conflicts in couples and therapeutic strategies and techniques for their intervention in the therapeutic process.

It is aimed at graduates and graduates in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapists accredited by FEAP

5. Integrated model of couple therapy and divorce intervention: the most common management of difficulties (Cinteco)

  • Cross: belt
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Price: 300 €

Cinteco is a psychology clinic located in Madrid, which teaches a course that aims to train clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in divorce intervention. This course takes place on different weekends over a period of two months and is recognized by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and the Official College of Medicine of the same community.

It consists of two blocks: intervention in the problems of the couple and intervention in the divorce process. The courses are theoretical and practical where the participation of students is essential to promote maximum learning. It costs 300 €; however, students receive a significant discount.

6. Basic course in family and couple therapy (Center for psychotherapy and family studies)

  • center: Center of psychotherapy and family studies
  • location: Malaga
  • duration: 6 months
  • the price: Consult the center

Family therapy and couples therapy generally use the same methodology because the root of most conflict in both interpersonal relationship and communication problems.

The Center for Psychotherapy and Family Studies in Málaga offers basic training in family and couple therapy, This allows participants to acquire the necessary competitions to be able to develop a great professional task in this field.

In addition, this center offers complete training on this subject, and offers another training action in this field of application: the “Advanced course in family and couple therapy”, 450 hours. Both courses are ideal for professional practice with maximum guarantees.

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