The 7 good things about being locked up

The Spanish proverb, very wise in many ways, says: “What does not kill, makes you stronger”.

After this period during which we were confined by health obligation not to fall ill or transmit the virus, we have strengthened.

    The positive aspects of containment

    So that we don’t forget everything we’ve learned and the skills we’ve developed, let’s take a look at them.

    1. A secure bond has been fostered in the little ones

    The first and most important: a secure bond has been fostered in children. Being there with the children, playing, teaching them things at school, and being generally available to the children for a long time, was the best gift they could give them, for an optimal psychological development.

    In the future, our children will be more likely to have good psychological health, and this will have been our responsibility as parents and guardians.

    2. More ideas on what interests your family

    As a couple, you now have a lot of ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And as a parent, you’ll know what your kids are going to ask of kings months in advance, except for the last minute fashion toy.

    3. As for sexuality …

    In terms of sexuality, we find two advantages.

    First, couples without children have acquired sensual wisdom. The intercourse went without haste and even lasted an hour or more. Many couples have learned to appreciate foreplay, new forms of sexuality, the play that a simple feather can give, post-coital caresses and hugs …

    On the other hand, couples with children have gained sexual wisdom in another sense. With children at home 24 hours a day, the imagination for finding times to let go of passion will have increased dramatically.

    4. Experience with emotional regulation

    Couples and families have learned various techniques of emotional self-regulation and negotiation skills. And it is that in extreme situations like this confinement had to be negotiated and renegotiated.

    The practice of continuous negotiation, as well as the ability to give in on certain occasions has been the usual practice of each day of detention. Example: “Today I took the dog, which you took out yesterday.” “Today I take the children out and you take the dog out and you rub …”.

    5. Possibility of leaving the outbuildings behind

    Drug addicts, especially face-to-face or slot machine players, and to a lesser extent alcoholics, they have acquired a period of perfect abstinence to learn to control themselves and see all the money that was saved while holding in betting.

    It is important that the family who knew about the gambling addiction make it visible, highlighting the money saved. Of course, it is now necessary to stay indefinitely, whether with personal, family or professional help.

      6. The appearance of already consolidated hobbies

      Many of us now have new hobbies, Because we learned to cook, depleting the yeast from the supermarkets, we enjoyed the food that we make and that we will be able to remake on weekends and holidays.

      In addition, we rediscovered reading habits, we saw the series we wanted, we rediscovered board games, or online games, or we became a few handles repairing the damage of the house …

      7. We have acquired computer skills

      IT turned out to be the big beneficiary of this confinement. See we can work online fluentlyWe did videoconferences with friends and the children learned that the computer is also used for studying. Hopefully we will be able to save this year and the following daily traffic jams 2-3 times a week, which will save us time and money that we will not spend on transport.


      We went through confinement, but … to the fact that, seen in perspective, we are now stronger than before? Of course, wise reader, you noticed that the title has 10 good things about containment and there is only a list of 7. I left the last three because in the comments you share with other readers what made you stronger during confinement. What have you learned?

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