The 8 Benefits of Online Couples Therapy

Relationships are not always easyAnd it is normal for them to go through stages in which difficulties and conflicts can arise between the members, because each one has their own needs, tastes, insecurities and worldview.

In fact, some people have a misconception of what love is and what it means to be a couple, largely fueled by the scripts of the movies, as it seems people are predestined to be together regardless of the factors. which may or may not promote the well-being of the couple. In day to day life and in day to day life, the reality is very different, and communication and negotiation skills often determine the success of the relationship.

    Online couple therapy: ideal for reuniting couples

    Scientific studies conclude that couples therapy is one of the most useful psychotherapy offerings, but many couples are not aware of its benefits and it helps to improve the level of satisfaction in the relationship and brings happiness. members if they cross it. For a bad streak.

    On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that for couples therapy to be effective, it is necessary commit to attending sessions consistently and actively participating in their progress; for example, this means that in order to overcome a crisis due to infidelity, before the first session, the author must have interrupted his meetings with the third person.

    In addition, maintaining the relationship should not always be the goal; Sometimes it is better for both to come to an end, but in such cases it is possible to strive for a resolution that will not harm both or even allow the relationship to remain outside the bounds of the couple’s relationship.

    Unlike other types of psychotherapy, it is not necessary to have been diagnosed to see a psychologist because therapeutic sessions revolve around the relationship and not the individual.

    Benefits of online couples therapy

    However, due to the stigma associated with going to the psychologist and the shame some people feel, some people miss this opportunity to improve themselves and enjoy love again. Fortunately, online couples therapy offers privacy, privacy and comfort, bringing many benefits.

    But, What Are the Benefits of Online Couples Psychotherapy? In the following lines we tell you.

    1. All the benefits of online therapy

    New technologies have enabled new ways of delivering psychological therapy, And you no longer need to go to a psychology clinic to attend therapeutic sessions with your partner because it is possible to receive psychological assistance from your computer, tablet and even smartphone.

    Online therapy is growing in popularity and research proves its effectiveness. As we explained in our article “The 10 Benefits of the Online Psychologist”, the benefits of remote psychotherapy are:

    • Access from anywhere: Online couples therapy can be done from anywhere in the world. It is possible to get there without having to move and despite mobility and transport difficulties.
    • convenience: This form of psychological therapy offers a more flexible schedule, so that the patient can adapt the sessions to his schedule and pace of life.
    • comfort: Couples can contact the psychologist online from their own environment (eg home), where they feel comfortable and safe.
    • trust: Comfort promotes confidence and a good therapeutic alliance which affects the well-being of the couple as well as face-to-face.
    • Different forms of communication: Online therapy allows you to talk to the psychologist in the way that best suits your needs: video call, chat.
    • Writing as a therapeutic tool: Writing about the thoughts you have and the emotions you are feeling is a very effective therapeutic tool that can be used in online therapy.
    • privacy: Confidence and comfort make couples feel more relaxed and communicate more openly when revealing personal information.

    2. Improves communication

    Many relationship problems have their roots in poor communication (Whether by the recipient, the message or the sender), because this not only generates conflicts, but effective communication helps to resolve them.

    Online couples therapy offers patients the opportunity to acquire the communication skills necessary for a successful relationship, such as knowing how to empathize with the other member of the couple, pay attention to their opinion and negotiate avoids. many problematic situations and helps prevent toxic relationships. Likewise, learning to be assertive is essential so that love does not fade and allows you to strengthen and improve emotional bonds.

    3. It helps to overcome occasional crises that could go further

    Daily conflicts in married life can often increase over time if not resolved in a timely manner. It can also happen that the two members do not interpret the conflict in the same way or have different beliefs about certain aspects of the relationship.

    It is not necessary to go to couples therapy only when the bottom has already been touched and the breakup is near, but treatment can be done at any point in the relationship and in the face of any problem that affects the couple, at least it seems. Online Couples Therapy Helps Improve Member Satisfaction; for example, by learning negotiation skills that are essential for improving communication.

    4. It helps overcome problems in intimate relationships

    Intimate moments with the couple play a very important role in their unity and stability and influence the emotional health of its members. Hugs, displays of affection and moments of intimacy foster the development of a unique connection.

    The source of problems in a relationship can be multiple. One of them is sexual problems, which cause shame, guilt, feelings of failure, and other negative emotions.

    These problems do not only affect the sufferer, but also their partner. Whether they are due to sexual dysfunctions (for example, sexual arousal disorder, pain disorders, etc.) or to monotony, in couple therapy it is possible to find solutions to these difficulties and thus increase the union between the actors of the relationship.

    5. Overcome infidelity

    Fidelity is one of the fundamental values ​​for building a stable romantic relationship and marriage.So many couples seek psychological help when there has been infidelity in sex and love. Infidelities can arise for many reasons such as monotony and boredom. This situation can be avoided before it happens through online couples therapy.

    Also, in cases where the unfaithful act has already been committed, remote psychotherapy is a good alternative to regain the stability of the couple.

    6. It helps put future plans back on track

    Having the same views on everything is not essential for a relationship to work; however, agreeing on core values ​​and having common goals and ambitions positively affects the relationship. Each person has their own scale of values, but a relationship should follow a direction in which both people feel good and engaged. Online couples therapy helps to work on this common path.

    7. Fight the distance with your partner

    When conflicts arise, it is common for the relationship to erode and members to distance themselves. if no solution is put. Feel offended when things don’t go the way you want is a pretty common thing in interpersonal relationships, and the discomfort can cause tremendous resentment when certain issues don’t stop.

    Online couples therapy helps to find the balance between the needs and wants of each individual that forms the relationship, and in this way it is possible to avoid blame and prevent conflicts from escalating and tension can. be so big that the relationship ends up breaking down.

    8. Increases satisfaction and happiness in the relationship

    Conflicts with our partner hurt us more than confrontations with other people and provoke more passionate and emotional reactions.

    Love is a magical feeling, however when relationship problems arise, emotional pain and deep discomfort can lead to confusion and an emotional imbalance that can affect our daily life and daily activities, such as work

    This form of therapy, by helping the couple to feel united again, improves the well-being and happiness of the participants in the relationship and recovers those positive feelings which may be hidden.

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    1. My mom recently found out about Dad’s infidelity a few days ago. They are not speaking to each other since then. Dad is remorseful and wants to make amends, so I’ll suggest couples therapy to him. It’s great that you mentioned that therapy could help them regain the stability of their relationship to overcome what happened.


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