The 8 Benefits of Using Online Psychology

In just a decade, online psychology has become one of the most common means of offering and receiving psychological assistance, a new way of establishing the interaction between psychologist and patient or client.

Now … why is this so popular? Essentially, online psychology consists of the same services as always, albeit provided by a different medium: the Internet, from which digital platforms can be used to communicate in real time. Maybe such a simple modification is able to make people in a few years start using this option en masse and see it as normal?

In this article we will see what are the benefits of using online psychology, And how this new tool helps both clients and psychologists.

    The Benefits of Using Online Psychology

    As I said before, the only difference between conventional psychology services and online psychology services is the channel. In one case, the client or the patient goes to the psychologist during his consultation or the psychologist goes to the client’s home or business to work on the spot; in the other, they both stay for an hour and connect to a communication system via the Internet.

    This little differential fact, however, is much more. This creates a domino effect that affects many other aspects of the professional-client relationship, and many of these effects are positive, beneficial to both. Let’s see what they are.

    Customer benefits

    These are the different ways in which online psychology benefits the client.

    1. It saves the trip

    While in theory psychologists can go to where the client is, in practice the standard services of most professionals in the industry do not include this option, and if they do, it would usually involve pay more than most people.

    For that, usually the sessions in which the psychologist meets and the client or patient take place at the workplace of the firstWhether it is a psychology practice, a private practice or a clinic.

    However, this is an obstacle for some people who find it very difficult to move around, such as those who live in poorly connected areas, the elderly or the physically disabled.

    Online psychology removes this barrier and makes many more people able to access the services of a professional psychologist by attending sessions regularly.

    2. This makes it possible to better frame the schedules

    Due to the advantage we have seen before, everyone can deduct from their schedule the time it takes to get to the psychologist’s workspace, which can easily mean saving an hour and a half a week, i more easily find gaps to perform sessions without interfering with work or household chores.

    3. It allows you to choose the professional that really matches what you are looking for

    As with online psychology, the space between client and psychologist is virtually unimportant, anyone interested in these services can turn to the professional who really offers what they are looking for, Even if you live more than an hour by car.

    4. A good solution for people who have gone abroad

    The possibility of having psychological assistance in the mother tongue this is a positive point to consider if you live abroad. Especially if, during these sessions, you need to talk about personal issues or express your feelings in a direct and honest way.

    5. It offers the guarantees of psychological assistance in person

    Currently, research indicates that the usefulness and effectiveness of online psychology is comparable to that of face-to-face sessions, And that in general there are no significant losses in the quality of the service offered.

    This is not to say that it cannot pose a disadvantage to certain people with specific needs, such as patients who seek phobic therapy using technological tools available in a clinic, but not at home or on their own. computer, but these requirements usually do not arise. .

    Benefits for the psychologist

    On the other hand, online psychology also offers us many interesting advantages for psychologists. These are the main ones.

    1. It allows you to work from any side

    Whether we are traveling to another country to attend a conference or have been to another city for a few days to work on site in a particular case (for example, corporate services for a multinational), online psychology this allows us to continue to carry the suitcase of many customers.

    2. It helps to balance the schedules

    Online Psychology this provides a little more flexibility when it comes to spreading sessions throughout the week. For example, thanks to this, it is possible to serve customers even if at certain times no one participates in the reception, and even if, due to scheduling problems at one time of the day, it does not give time to prepare a room in which to meet.

      3. It helps to get more customers

      We must not forget that online psychology can be accompanied by an expansive marketing strategy, which appeals to people who live relatively far from us but who may be interested in our services. This means that the cap on potential customers goes up a lot, and is even potentially unlimited, if we do it right and work hard to communicate what we are offering.


      The advantages of online psychology keep this mode of service. As long as there are good communication networks and widespread use of electronic devices connected to the Internet, there will be the possibility of harnessing the potential of this channel that keeps us together wherever we are. And that can only be good news.

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