The 8 effects of low self-esteem

The opinion that we have of ourselves is of great importance and gives us the confidence that we need daily not only to have more probabilities of success in what we propose, but also to be happy in general.

This perception that we have of ourselves is never limited to being purely rational, since it is linked to a series of emotions and feelings that we experience on a daily basis; it is very complicated to make a completely objective analysis of how we are and how we behave. Therefore, self-esteem always has an intellectual part, which we can express in words, and an emotional part. And also because of this, low self-esteem leads to many different problems, as it generates a “snowball” effect that leads us to constantly sabotage ourselves.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of taking care of this aspect of mental health, in this article we will give a review of the main psychological effects of low self-esteem.

Psychological effects of low self-esteem

People with high levels of self-esteem are more likely to live the life they want; on the contrary, people with low self-esteem are more likely to develop alterations in their mental health and a lifestyle that harms them in the medium and long term.

Going into more detail, below is a summary of the main effects that low self-esteem causes on a day-to-day basis.

1. Feeling of insecurity

Generalized insecurity is one of the most characteristic effects in people who develop low self-esteem and, in the long term, it becomes a trait that affects the whole person as a whole, in any daily activity. It has to do with feeling like we always have to overcompensate for anything we might do wrong, putting a lot of effort into reviewing what we’re doing, not allowing ourselves to “disconnect” from work, and in general, feeling bad if we stop paying attention to signs that we have made a mistake in something.

Low self-esteem in a person ends up undermining his security every time to the point of convincing him that he is not capable of doing anything good in life and is of no use.

The lack of security is also linked to a lack of self-confidence and both deficits generate great discomfort and suffering in the affected person, to the point of preventing him from achieving any goal or objective that is proposed to him.

2. Fear

Fear is also generalized to any area of ​​the lives of people with low self-esteem, a constant that is increasingly part of their life and personality.

This fear can manifest itself in several ways, it generally consists of a fear of failure or a fear of accepting challenges that test the personal or intellectual capacities of the individual.

In conclusion, low self-esteem is characterized by fear an essential fear of stepping out of the comfort zone to appropriate and embark on new paths unknown to people, of which we do not know where they will lead us.

3. Overthinking

Recurring thoughts about past or future events are common among people with low levels of self-esteem, who thoroughly analyze everything they do during the day with high levels of self-demand.

This tendency to think too much about everything is also due to the person’s tendency to think it never does no goodso it also ends up generating excessive perfectionism.

This perfectionism also ends up developing in the person with low self-esteem an imperative need to demonstrate that they are good workers, by staying working until late at night at their place of work.

4. Negative view of reality

A negative outlook on life in general and a difficulty in seeing the positive side of everything is the bread and butter of many people with low self-esteem, which often prevents them from finding joy and happiness in everything they do. they do. It is, in short, a pessimistic bias that leads us to ignore the good things we do and that happen to us.

This negative view leads them to see everything as black and never to be satisfied with everything that can happen or happen in their daily life, which is also linked to a high level of perfectionism.

In the same way, a negative attitude caused by a negative view of oneself or by considering that others have a negative perception of one’s own person is also common.

5. Relationship difficulties

The inability to communicate well and establish normal relationships with people in one’s environment also characterizes those who have low self-esteem. having low self-esteem, we hope that others will see us as an obstacle or as someone we cannot rely on essentially

Under normal circumstances, communication requires a certain amount of self-confidence and a series of social and communication skills that people with low self-esteem lack.

6. Demotivation

In the long term, low self-esteem can lead to states of demotivation in daily life, as well as exhaustion and apathy.

This phenomenon affects the person both in his personal life and in his professional life. this prevents you from getting the maximum performance both at work and in interpersonal relationships.

7. Dependency

The lack of confidence of people with low self-esteem eventually leads them to depend on another person in their daily life, considering that they are unable to do anything well and cannot grow from day to day without external support.

This psychological phenomenon is truly problematic, because in the long run it ends up further undermining the person’s confidence and self-esteem and can foster relationships of emotional dependence.

8. Unfair self-criticism

An extremely self-critical and very severe attitude towards one’s own abilities and performance these are also classic effects of low self-esteem.

This is why people tend to generate obsessive relationships with their work or with the tasks they perform, because they are never satisfied with the result of their work.

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