The 9 pillars for overcoming anxiety attacks

You have succeeded: after a lot of effort, you have become the person who causes you the most anxiety, who hurts you the most, and unfortunately you end up radiating that negativity onto others.

“Even your worst enemy cannot hurt you as much as your own thoughts” Buddha

We are exposed to continuous comparison, and this generates a little anxiety in us. Also, if we add to this that we have to endure the daily bombardment of bad news, the whole thing makes us create a cocktail that if poorly controlled can have very bad consequences on our minds, which will result in bad sleep, upset stomach, mood swings, headaches, or fatigue.

    Overcome the anxiety attack

    This time I brought a series of tips I would like you to keep in mind when dealing with your anxiety attacks, Or if you’ve had them before, use them thoughtfully to deal with them better. These are keys that I have been inspired by because of my clinical practice and seeing different patients who, like you, have suffered from it and have been overwhelmed by this problem.

    1. Don’t try to learn not to give yourself anxiety, but to learn how to channel it.

    Can’t you see that if I tell you not to think of a green dog, you will think of him more? so the same is true if we go all day with the idea of ​​not having anxiety: you will wear it between your eyebrows all day.

    I need to change “control” to “management”, and in this I want you to pay attention to me. It is impossible to eliminate an emotion such as anxiety or fear, but we can know how to deal with it because we don’t believe that we feel more anxious.

    2. You can be afraid and be in the place

    Panic doesn’t have to decide that we go. It often makes you mark your rhythm of life and is very negative, if for example you go out in the mountains for a walk with a friend and you have a panic attack try to stay there, it will make you feel safer and feel more apt. to resist the panic attacks to come, don’t you think?

    3. Don’t focus your life on preventing things from happening to you, but focus on where you want to go.

    This way, you will be able to prepare yourself to resolve any situation. Get out of your mind the obsessive idea of ​​”this can’t happen to me anymore” and therefore create a stuck life by not going to certain places so as not to fall into them. We can’t make anxiety our lifestyle, And it is important to know.

    4. Anxiety is an emotion, not a god

    He can’t control you, you can’t worship him all day.

    5. Give real meaning to the lived experience

    “I was about to die” – that’s what your mind thought was going to happen. It’s not death that you looked at, but the fear of this death.

    6. You have the right to have fear or anxiety, but fear or anxiety is an emotion and not a truth

    Therefore, accept your emotions. It’s okay to be afraid and it will help reduce anxiety.

    7. Panic works by association

    Be very careful with this; if for example, as we saw before, you had a panic attack while going up the mountain looking for mushrooms, you are inadvertently going to avoid going to the mountain for mushrooms, have you noticed? Well, this is totally negative and it hurts you a lot. You have to let go of the obsessive idea of ​​having anxiety and being anxious is an incompatible thing, and it is totally wrong. Don’t think you can only live without anxietyYou may have anxiety and be there. You have to put up with it, and even though it is bitter at times, stay here.

    8. Never stop working on the breath

    It is important. I’m not asking you to meditate, just that you know how to breathe with your belly and expel with your chest. If you want to know better, look for information on diaphragmatic breathing.

    9. Focus on the here and now

    Stop living the last month when he gave you the last episode and stop thinking that tomorrow at Iron X something is going to give you the next one. Focus on the present moment and the tools to fix it.

    In conclusion …

    As you can see, I won’t go wrong, this is just the start and some basics you can apply to your anxiety attacks. I am in no way trying to solve such a serious problem with these nine pillars, but yes make you think and sow the seed of change. I ask you to read them and to be consistent, and above all to apply them in your everyday life.

    I also want to encourage you to look at the points I have shown you and use them as inspiration to develop your psychological tools.

    Finally, do you say that don’t feel bad about asking a specialist for helpAs this is a more common problem than you might think, and the sooner you ask for help, the sooner we’ll fix it.

    Anxiety problems? I help you

    If you want to improve your life and reduce your anxiety with professional help, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can start the sessions without leaving the house and at a price adapted to the present time.

    My name is Javier Ares, I am a general health psychologist and among my specialties I offer psychological treatment in cases of anxiety. My linguistic coordinates Photos, and I invite you to follow me on my Instagram and my YouTube channel.

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