The advantages of having psychotherapeutic and psychiatric care

It is often assumed that psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment are two opposing ways of working, which compete with each other to improve people’s well-being and ensure their mental health.

However, the truth is that the idea that these two forms of patient intervention are mutually exclusive makes no sense. Today, we know that combining the two things helps a lot in treating certain disorders.

In this article we will see how patients benefit from the fact have both psychotherapy and psychiatric support, And why in some cases this is the most recommended option.

    The differences between the work of the psychologist and the psychiatrist

    First, let’s look at the aspects that differentiate psychiatric and psychotherapeutic intervention.

    Psychotherapy is a concept that applies to the need to address a wide variety of problems with behavior, thinking, and emotions.

    This implies that it is not limited to providing services to people who have developed a psychological disorder; for example, there are people who turn to psychological therapy to stop having low self-esteem, or to improve their communication or social skills, or even to better manage couple discussions.

    In addition, psychotherapy is fundamentally a learning process: patients learn both the theoretical aspects of what is happening to them and how they can solve it, as well as the practical aspects, on how to overcome this problem by adopting good practices. new habits and styles of thinking.

    On another side, psychiatry offers resources from the world of medicine, Because in the head and psychiatrists are doctors specializing in mental health. Therefore, they work in cases where there is (or may exist) a disorder, so that taking care of people quality of life is drastically affected on a regular basis.

    It is very common to suggest the use of psychotropic drugs, although always strictly following their instructions, as these products may have side effects to consider.

      The advantages of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support

      These are the main advantages of having help for the two combined pathways, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric.

      1. Psychiatric support helps achieve the goals of psychotherapy

      Sometimes the symptoms of the disorder affecting the patient are so intense that it is difficult for them to achieve the goals set in psychotherapy, or even prevents them from concentrating and understanding what to do.

      In these cases, the use of drugs or other psychiatric tools may allow get to a point where the discomfort is reduced enough to be able to engage in the tasks associated with psychological therapyto, and from there, keep improving.

      2. Psychiatric intervention helps a lot in the event of a crisis

      In the event of acute discomfort, in which it is a priority to make the discomfort disappear as quickly as possible, psychiatric intervention can offer slightly faster actions than psychotherapy. And once this phase is over, having a psychiatric professional can detect early signs that another crisis of this type could occur.

        3. The combined use of the two interventions intensifies their effects

        In many cases where you have severe psychiatric or psychological disorders, the effects of psychotherapy and psychiatric intervention they are mutually reinforcing in terms of consistency of patient improvement. They feel better and more consistently.

        4. Psychological support helps to engage in both therapies

        Finally, psychotherapy predisposes patients to become more engaged in their process of improving and recovering well-being, so that its effects go beyond the motivation to continue going to the psychologist (As long as necessary) and also includes engagement in the psychiatric path.

        Are you looking for professional help from psychotherapy and psychiatry?

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