The best apps for managing psychotherapy patients

As psychologists working in psychotherapy, before and after psychotherapy sessions, the work continues: you have to know how to manage time, information and resources to provide the best possible service and not die trying.

And it is that finding the balance between quality and effectiveness in the use of the available means is a little fundamental for the professionals of the psychotherapy. This is why patient management applications are becoming more and more popular: simple interface programs that allow you to plan, organize, immediately archive relevant information and create channels of communication with those in need. you consult.

In this article we will see which are the best applications to manage patients, Very useful for psychologists and clinical professionals in general.

    What are these programs?

    Knowing how to properly manage patients is one of the fundamental tasks of the work of psychologists specializing in therapy.

    It is not only important to have a presence in branding and to offer quality service during the sessions; beyond what is done to psychologically help people and to put in place a good marketing strategy to attract customers, it is necessary to know how to be effective. That is, managing time and resources to achieve goals by investing fair and necessary efforts. No more no less.

    On the one hand, be able to manage patient information, their schedules and their communication channels it saves you trouble and avoids having to use complicated and tedious methods to know at all times which case is being treated and which ones you will need to deal with in the next few hours or days. On the other hand, the use of applications to manage patients implies an improvement in the service provided (and even in treatment adherence), which also translates into a competitive advantage that must be taken advantage of.

    Fortunately, today there are technological tools that provide intelligent solutions to complex problems, such as how to balance schedules and maintain a steady flow of communication with customers. Patient management applications developed for healthcare professionals are an example of how quickly the digital world adapts to the specific needs of a particular professional group, and the result is appreciated.

      The 4 most recommended applications for patient management

      They are very useful digital platforms for managing patients and improving the efficiency of the service provided.

      1. Mentavio

      Mentavio is a very practical tool for crisscrossing schedules and accessing patients according to our availability as professionals.

      This digital platform connects users who need the help of a psychotherapist and mental health professionals, so that online or face-to-face consultations can be organized. In addition, each professional can fill out a profile specifying the price, time availability, specializations and training, so that it can be specifically reached by people who adapt to these conditions.

      • On this page you will find the contact details of Mentavio.

      2. ClepIO

      Another of the coolest patient management apps is ClepIO.. It is an online platform which, unlike the previous one, is primarily intended for use by patients, so its scope is more restricted. In addition, it is designed without focusing on the world of psychotherapy, but covers everything related to general health.

      Specifically, ClepIO allows patients to have access to information about their health concerns (so that they are not in doubt), as well as to write down in a calendar experiences that may be important or significant to the patient. professional in order to follow the evolution of a disorder.

      3. Clingot

      Clingot is also an application created for the general management of patients, Including but going beyond the realm of clinical and health psychology.

      This mobile application can be used from smartphones and computers, and offers the ability to download and access patient medical records from the various devices you have. It also allows you to take notes, so that personalized information sheets are created and adapted to the case of each patient.

      4. Psychiatry

      Psychic is an application that connects psychologists, on the one hand, and people looking for psychological help at the time, on the other. It has several modes of use which can be used by both individuals and businesses.

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