The best online psychotherapy training

The daily professional life of psychotherapists goes hand in hand with the need to adapt to each patient. Everyone is different and the mental disorders and relationship difficulties managed by psychological intervention can take many forms. As taught in faculties, simply consulting a diagnostic manual doesn’t even solve half the problem.

For that, online training in psychotherapy is very usefulBecause it allows learning to be combined with the usual activities of those who have already entered the labor market or who wish to specialize without suffering the geographical limitations of the place where they live.

In the following lines, we will see some recommendations on how to choose online psychotherapy training programs, and what are the characteristics of these that we should consider.

    How to Choose the Best Online Psychotherapy Training

    Before we start looking for institutions that organize psychotherapy training plans on the Internet, we need to consider a number of criteria to make sure that the option we choose is the most suitable. The main characteristics to be assessed are as follows.

    1. The type of academic material

    Online training programs in psychology or any other subject must take full advantage of the potential that the Internet makes available to us. Therefore, it is not understood that learning through them is equivalent to reading documents or books, since it is possible to record content or make inquiries via videoconference.

    2. It should be aimed at people with your specialization

    It is always possible to continue training in disciplines not related to psychology, but if you want to learn psychotherapy, then you should choose to online psychotherapy training plans designed for psychologists, Although it seems a redundancy.

    This is important, because otherwise you will run the risk that the training is not based on rigorous and scientifically approved content, and the methodology you derive from it is based on popular beliefs and not on what has been verified according to methodologies. rigorous.

    3. Supervision of tutors

    The fact that this is an online course does not mean that the students are alone with the material to understand; you need help from a tutor who supervises people, resolves doubts, makes suggestions, And be available to talk about the program or the program itself.

    4. Opportunity to learn from professionals

    The theorist is always needed, but to really learn how to do psychotherapy you need to make sure that whoever designed the contents and explains them people with real professional development in the practice of psychological intervention in patients, Beyond academia.

    So, since psychology is based on the study of something as dynamic as human behavior, it is necessary to know the practice from the hands of professionals in the industry.


      In view of this, it will be much easier to choose the psychotherapy online training options that suit us the best, since it is relatively easy to verify, from the information available on the Internet for each of them, whether these criteria are filled. But beyond these general tips, let’s take a look at some interesting recommendations.

      The first of these is Press center, One of the main centers for psychological and psychiatric care in the Spanish capital. In the different trainings they offer, you can learn everything about psychotherapy from an integrative approach, that is to say, which places the general well-being of patients as a priority and uses the most effective tools. for each case escaping dogma.

      Since Center Tap is an organization that works with many real patients in their daily life, it allows them to have content extracted from real professional practice, and on the other hand the tutors are always psychologists who practice in the clinical health field.

      these trainings they are supported by audiovisual and written content and live lessons, With the collaboration of more than 30 professionals who contribute their work to find out what is the practical and theoretical part of psychotherapy.

      Another interesting option beyond the one-year master’s degree market is the Therapist Skills online course, a training program in which psychologist Miquel Àngel Rizaldos teaches us everything you need to know to be a psychology professional.

      In addition to focusing on practical knowledge applicable to most psychotherapy sessions, it offers the possibility of having the tutoring of a mental health professional who has been dedicated to it for more than 25 years.


      The Internet offers many interesting possibilities when it comes to learning skills associated with psychotherapeutic practice at a distance, although that is precisely why it can be difficult to choose. however, if we look at different quality criteriaIt will be much easier for us to make the right choice and offer the learning program that best meets our needs.

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