The effects of the heat wave on mental health

The high temperatures arrive and with them the danger of the arrival of a heatwave.

With thermometers on top and under certain environmental conditions, we are exposed to heat stroke. It is a terminology with which it is referred to the organic difficulty in maintaining water balance and temperature regulation. This risk could be described as a heat attack in the case of people with mental illness or people with depressive disorders.

Extreme heat is perceived by the body as a threat and increases stress levels, a circumstance which in these people can lead to critical and risky situations.

Symptoms of heat stroke

The suffocating thermal sensation, which also erupts without a transition period, prevents us from sleeping the necessary hours, a very aggravating circumstance in the case of people with mental health problems. The irritability experienced during the day continues into the night and the lack of rest leads to a vicious cycle that must be broken.

The people most likely to have problematic episodes during the hottest periods are those with manic or euphoric symptoms., As well as people with drug addiction or serious mental disorders.

Tips for relieving heat

For those who live with these people, Original clinics we have developed a number of tips that can help you improve your well-being.

  • In the event of serious symptoms and the perception of significant changes in behavior, it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist if he is considering a pharmacological readjustment.
  • Plan activities that are enjoyable for the person at home or in air-conditioned places.
  • Tackle important issues early or late in the day, avoiding peak heat hours.
  • Avoid going out in hot weather. Rest in the hours of intense heat.
  • Stay hydrated and take frequent showers to keep your body cool.
  • Keep the house as air conditioned as you can.

In contrast, insomnia and some self-esteem issues are associated with seasonal dynamics. For example, there are those who see their level of discomfort increase by having to constantly expose their body, which they are not satisfied with.

Other people do not have the resources to go on vacation. It is also influenced by the absence of a social network, of friends, with whom to enjoy these holidays. In all these cases, zero exposure during peak hours and seeking family and social support are also recommended.

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