The importance of putting on micrometers to calm anxiety

Some of the most common causes of anxiety are related to the fear of coping with what concerns us: our tasks at work, the responsibilities of home or family life, etc. The perception of having to face challenges that are beyond us or whose achievement would require hard work (at a time when we may not feel 100%) causes these types of problems to accumulate over time. as long as we leave them unattended.

Now There are many strategies we can put in place to control our level of anxiety, and one of the most important is adjusting the micrometers. so as not to let the tasks ahead of us intimidate and paralyze us.

Here’s how micrometers help us deal with anxiety

Below are a number of advantages that micrometers offer in task management, with which we can significantly reduce our anxiety levels in the work environment or in private life at home.

1. It allows us to overcome the fear of undertaking complex tasks

Anxiety at work usually comes from the fear or intimidation that we feel when faced with certain tasks that generate uncertainty or that at the beginning we do not know if we will solve them successfully.

By setting ourselves short term micrometers in an effort to break down a larger task into small units, it It will seem less intimidating to us once we separate their parts.and this will allow us to face each of these subdivisions with greater strength and determination.

By dividing a large job into small tasks grouped in a logical way, we can start working more quickly in each of the units or compartments created and we will perceive as more affordable a job that at first seemed very demanding and complex.

Also, it is one of the best remedies to overcome procrastination if we don’t manage the fear of thinking about pending tasks well, we fall into the trap of “leaving it for another time”.

2. It helps motivate us through the process

Setting small goals on the same day or during the week also helps us to be more motivated, because it always gives us the possibility of being satisfied with the work done in a few minutes or a few hours, when finished.

Goals push us to accomplish the daily tasks and obligations we need to accomplish and the simple fact of doing them and accomplishing them already successfully this in itself is a blow to motivation and self-esteem which helps us maintain a positive work pace throughout the week.

3. It allows a greater structuring of the day

Small, short-term or medium-term goals help us temporarily structure tasks and not have to worry about what to do at any given time, which can significantly reduce our anxiety levels.

Once we have taken care to divide the task into several micrometers at the beginning of everything we no longer have to worry about it and we get that doubts stop paralyzing us in the face of indecisionsomething very positive because this last type of situation raises the level of stress: it gives us the feeling that we can move forward through these constant pauses of reflection.

In short, by knowing at all times what to do and how to allocate our intellectual and physical resources, we will have a much higher performance and an improvement in our mental health.

4. More efficient use of time

By establishing a short-term micrometer, we know that in a short time we will be able to complete the task in question and “close” one of these mini work cycles, allowing us to face other tasks more laborious.

So if we have to take on another responsibility later, we will strive to finish first that mini task that we have already started or can finish in a few minuteswhich will allow us to adapt all elements of our schedule and work more efficiently, completing these lighter tasks first and fitting them into the small blocks of work in our schedule.

On the contrary, if we do not subdivide our tasks according to their level of difficulty, it will be more difficult for us to progress the work in a useful way, because we will fall into a reasoning of the type: “total, that will not leave me the time to finish it now and in an hour I just have to go to the dentist, it’s better to start when I get home.”

5. Helps Focus Attention

Another of the essential advantages that the installation of the micrometers offers us is to help us to concentrate on our objectives and on our specific task at a given moment, without addressing other problems apart from this one.

In this way, we keep our minds from wandering thinking about issues that concern us about other responsibilities or other different jobsand we focus exclusively on the micro-task we are currently performing.

We can say, in short, that micrometers “draw” our attention to them and occupy us during the short period of work they consist of.

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