The latent emotions behind each symptom or diagnosis

Every disease or condition we go through carries an emotion with no healing, no resolution, no listening.

Symptoms are the great messengers of our livesmessengers that we must register to know what they say and to be able to heal the pain of the soul.

The sick organ is linked to an emotion that causes such harm, which accompanies us without healing as a trauma throughout our life history.

It is no coincidence that the diagnosis or the disease manifests itself; It has a meaning, a cause and a saying it was not expressed in words in a timely mannergenerating an imbalance in the body, leading to the appearance of the disease.

As a therapist, I see patients come to my consultation suffering from one diagnosis after another, having already traveled the wide medical pilgrimage with the on-call medications and unable to generate the emotional question that causes such pain, without being able to talk emotionally about this pain.

Why is it difficult for us to talk about how we feel?

This difficulty is generated because every question we can ask ourselves leads us to the search for an answer and to an action that accompanies this answerknowing that we must take responsibility for what we find, leave areas already known and take action.

We are not used to change; change is scary, it is boring not knowing what we are going to encounter or how new will be. And often we find ourselves in situations or relationships that do us no good, that cause pain, that cause unhappiness, that are toxic.

This continuity in time, lack of question and lack of actionare the sum of what could manifest as a disease, where the body first whispers, then speaks and finally screams through a symptom.

Connect with our emotions

Entering the emotional field will lead us to a process that is necessary to go through even with pain to achieve the changes we want. This process requires courage and honesty with ourselves, being absolutely necessary to be able to take the new path.

We are used to carrying heavy backpacks, shopping we no longer want, not listening to what is happening to us; sometimes we are afraid to choose what we want because of the greater fear of breaking these rules imposed by culture and family.

And so we cease to observe ourselves and to know ourselves authentically; we forget that we have the obligation and the responsibility to take the path of our dreams.

What to do?

The first step is to be aware of what is happening to usobserving that the next step is to rethink, to reset what we want and where we want to direct our lives.

Knowing that choosing is leaving something behind, and that involves accompanying grief, but also knowing that without that process, without that choice, without that change, the symptom will always manifest, being in its beginnings an acute picture to arrive at chronicity if it is not taken care of.

Sometimes we cannot walk this path alone, and it is necessary to listen and be accompanied by a professional who, with neutral and active listening, guides and supports those anxieties that will surely appear.

Only when we can look inside ourselves, get to know ourselves, generate a question and seek the path we wanteven if it means leaving things, situations or connections behind, it will be time to start healing emotionally, giving way to talking and helping the symptom to start giving way.

I invite you to ask yourself if you live the life you want or the life that others wanted for you, taking this question as a starting point to become the one who will become when you find the answer and can cross yours process.

My name is Andrea Gabriela Boullon, I am a graduate in clinical psychology and a specialist in holistic therapies. I have been developing my activity in the institutional field for 24 years with adults and seniors, and in the private field for more than 27 years they have accompanied me working with adolescents, adults, seniors and couples.

I have chosen holistic therapies as a working method because I consider the Being in its fullness, body, mind and soul, weaving at each consultation a network of action with a complete and integral approach… Without forgetting the social factor which supposes to accompany each patient, being in many cases necessary the dialogue with the members who accompany him in his daily life.

My therapeutic work is based on the integration mentioned above and from there, applying the approach in therapy, trying to connect with feeling, saying and doing. Generate congruence between these factors. Accompany the patient in his pain, discover, lift the veils that do not allow him to move forward and reach the other shore together, heal the emotions that affect the body.

I invite you to walk this path together.

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