The puppy who overcomes abuse with a baby

If someone is unfamiliar with @welletas’ Instagram account, they might only see one of those galleries of dogs and cats in a home environment they love so much on the internet.

However, the more than 116,000 fans of its owner, Elizabeth Spence, owe not just their pets and family photos for being of high quality (which they are).

His account is popular because it contains a moving story that has been told in the lines accompanying the pictures. Her protagonists are baby Archie and her puppy, Nora.

    Nora, the trauma-scarred puppy

    Some of the most common psychological disorders can even go away and sometimes go away just with the company, support, and affection of others. This is exactly what happened to the bitch Nora.

    This adorable animal came to Elizabeth Spence’s family by adoption, as she had previously had other owners. Nora’s relationship with her former owners has been marked by violence and abuse, Which deeply traumatized her and made her fear just about everything: objects blown by the wind, other dogs, unfamiliar places and of course, humans.

    Of course, Elizabeth couldn’t use the word to try and calm her pup down. Contrary to what would have happened if Nora were human, there was also no possibility of resorting to a therapist to alter the ideas from which she interpreted the traumatic events that occurred, or to improve her self-esteem. of oneself by questioning one’s beliefs. There was no abstract thought to fixate, only pure emotion, which could not be reached by conversing.

    Fortunately, another family member might try to match Nora, and make an emotional connection with him through the easiest in the world: Physical contact. It was Archie, who at the time hadn’t had his first year of life.

      The bond between baby Archie and Nora

      Archie, although naturally curious, soon felt interested in Nora. At first it was difficult to put them together in one place, but the kind and calm nature of the baby he ended up convincing Nora that there was no significant danger at his side.

      The simplicity of Archie’s touch, his movements, and the calm he was expressing began to act like a balm. In no time, Archie has gone from a menace to an oasis of peace, one of the few available when everything scares you. The emotional bond that was created between the two became an anchor that Nora was able to start using so as not to lose touch with moments of well-being and tranquility.

      Today, Nora has not yet been able to forget all the suffering she has had to go through and does not act like a perfectly healthy dog ​​would. The fear is still there, lurking, and it seems to disturb many moments that Nora would not want to let go. But Archie was and still is someone with whom Nora can be herself: in the affection expressed by the little one is recognized as a loved one who deserves to be.

      The nature of affection between dogs and humans

      This is not the only case in which we see how the affection between dogs and humans can come to profoundly affect the emotional states of both species. For example, in a survey it was shown that something as simple as staring into a dog’s eyes for several seconds in a row it is able to raise the levels of oxytocin, which is very interesting, because this substance secreted by the body is considered the hormone of love and emotional bonds.

      In general, in psychology, it is established that the strongest and most fundamental bonds of affection are not based on words or on how we verbally explain what we are feeling. Something as simple as sleeping leaning on each other is worth a thousand praises and flowers, and while it may seem irrational, it can improve our mood a lot more if done by expressing genuine emotions of affection. .

        Physical contact is the first step to affection

        If anything you can teach us about Nora and Archie’s story, it’s that do not forget the simplest resources to express affection, And use them without excuses. It is a habit that we should defend more, not only because it feels good, but because it is a way to make affection really exist.

        As much as we extol the rationality and intellectual character of our species, so what really matters is beyond words. It is a language we all understand, whether we are human or not; and that’s for something.

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