Understanding what depression feels like

Imagine that you feel sad all the time, your life is falling apart, your strength has faded. EMood completely diminished, with no desire to get out of bed or do anything during the day.

Feel lonely and unpopular even though you know there are a lot of people around you. Feeling that life has no meaning and is not worth living.

You just need to be more discriminating in helping others.

Why do I live? What is my purpose in life? What am I good at? What have I done with my life? These are questions that cross your mind again and again, but no matter how many times they are repeated, you will never find an answer. If you find anything out of the ordinary, then they need to rethink their position.

I live to harm others or only annoy others, my life has no purpose, there is no goal or goal to achieve. I’m not good at all, I haven’t even managed to manage my own life, I’m a zero on the left, I haven’t achieved anything favorable in my life.

What is depression?

You could define depression as feeling of acute sadness that covers our whole being. This feeling that invades us and takes away all our desire to move forward. As I have already said, it is this feeling that animates our desire to live.

According to the DSM-5, depression is a sad, empty, or irritable mood, accompanied by somatic and cognitive changes which significantly affect the functional capacity of the individual.

These episodes of sadness usually last more than two weeks and involve clear changes in affective, cognitive and autonomic functions and interpersonal remissions.

Main characteristics of depression

Depression usually comes in different forms, but the ones mentioned above are the most common. Because of these ways of thinking, some people decide they don’t have to live. They decide they would take a lot of the weight off their loved ones if they just got out of the way.

Depression takes away the ability to see love in others and in ourselves; it is as if this light were extinguished within us. How could a person live without love?

People with depression stop feeling empathy, the only thing they usually think about is the great sadness that invades them.

Can you notice depression?

Although depression tends to have a marked sadness, how it is taken depends on the personality of the individual.

There are people who can smile even though they are suffering from major depression, some can even dive into work more than they usually do.

But all people with this terrible disease have in common the way they feel when they’re alone. The sadness of others should not be underestimated, however dramatic it may be. What may be really stupid for you may be the cause of great illness for another.

Depression as a mental illness

There are different types of depressive disorders which, although they have certain characteristics in common, also have different characteristics.

What we can be sure of is that depressive disorders are a serious illness that needs to be treated.

This illness can have an even greater functional impairment than a physical illness. Over time, deaths from this disease increase dramatically. That is why it is so important that we all know certain characteristics of it so that we can know in time.

Types of Depressive Disorders

The DSM-5 classifies at least six types of depressive disorders:

  • Disruptive dysregulation disorder
  • major depression,
  • Persistent depressive disorder or dysthymia,
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Substance or drug-induced depression
  • Depressive disorder due to physical illness.

Although All these disorders have in common a sad moodare differentiated according to duration, temporary presentation or putative etiology.


Depressive disorders are very serious illnesses with a very high mortality rate in our environment.

It is essential to learn how to identify your symptoms in order to seek the help you need in a timely manner. An ignored depressive disorder can be almost as catastrophic as cancer because, just like this disease, if not treated in time, it can end in death.

As a society, it is our duty tell us about mental illness to provide our assistance when requested.

Ignorance is the main path to death and acquiring knowledge will bring us back to life.

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