What Can I Expect From Online Psychotherapy?

Today, with the click of a mouse or by tapping an app icon on your mobile, we can have immediate and inexpensive access to a therapist. This is what many advertisements and banners on social networks and web portals promise to take psychotherapy, outside of psychology practices, where you want it.

Online processing can, and is, very helpful, but keep in mind that not everything is worth it. The online therapist should be requested for the same official training and preparation as the face-to-face psychologist and, in addition, specific training in online therapy. It’s not enough to have Skype installed on your laptop or make a WhatsApp video call. Online therapy is much more.

    Before starting online therapy, you need guarantees

    We cannot in any case play with our mental health, before starting any kind of psychological therapy. it is necessary to require regulated and specialized training in the treatment of psychological disorders.

    So before you leave your sanity in the hands of anyone, ask for their membership number, if you are accredited as a clinical or health psychologist, if you have liability insurance, the type of therapy you are doing. you practice and if this is evidence-based.

    Any precaution is minimal when it comes to taking care of our mental health, it is a problem that must be taken seriously; therefore, in my psychology center, I offer a free phone interview so that patients can resolve these and other doubts that they may have about the therapy process, prices and duration of sessions.

    Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

    There is research that has shown the effectiveness of video call treatments similar to the results shown by therapy performed in person.

    These studies claim that the most important thing for psychotherapy to be effective is the right relationship between psychologist and patient. This relationship of trust can also be achieved at a distance, mainly by video call, because one can appreciate the non-verbal language of the patient in addition to the verbal communication.

    On the other hand, for the video call therapy to be effective and for the necessary confidence to be achieved, it is essential that the patient has a quiet place to do the session and an Internet connection.

    What problems can we solve by video call?

    It is documented that this type of therapy it is effective for major psychological problems, Such as anxiety, depression, emotional disturbances or self-esteem.

    Specifically, it has been observed that in some specific phobias, social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, online therapy is beneficial. There are also studies that show therapeutic improvement in depressive disorders.

    In some eating disorders, such as body image distortion, worry about weight, bulimia and anorexia, video call therapy, and email and SMS follow-up, they are helpful. very good results.

    They were also investigated its effects on drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention programs. It has been shown to be effective in restructuring irrational thinking, suicide prevention, chronic disease support, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, partner therapy, domestic violence, sex addiction, or stress at work.

    Its effectiveness has also been demonstrated in child psychotherapy.. Disorders such as encopresis, opposition disorders, attention deficit disorder, bed-wetting, and sleep disturbances, among others, can be effectively treated with online therapy.

    What are the advantages of video call therapy over face to face therapy?

    These are the benefits that characterize online video call therapy.

    1. Anonymity

    Although many people nowadays have no problem confessing that they go to therapy, there is still a bit of the old stigma that has always existed about mental health that causes some people to bring this issue to the fore. discretion.

    These people appreciate the fact be able to receive quality psychological therapy in the privacy of your home, Without having to move to the offices or physical psychology offices.

    2. Confidentiality

    Like face to face, online therapy is governed by the code of ethics of the psychologist, Confidentiality is therefore guaranteed in both cases. This happens every time you go to a professional psychologist, in case you go to other people, the confidentiality could be violated.

    3. Confidentiality

    There are times when the patient, being in the privacy of his home, can come and connect more intensely with his emotions and open up to therapy. This facilitates communication with the therapist, Being able to work ahead of emotions and problems that might remain hidden.

    4. Comfort

    Another important aspect to consider is the comfort of being able to receive treatment in the tranquility of your home.

    5. Agenda

    Obviously, being able to adapt to a wider range of hours, both patient and professional is a great advantage. In turn, if the patient is traveling, whether for pleasure or for work, he or she should not stop taking therapy and the treatment is more effective.

      6. Greater reach

      Online therapy guarantees people who live long distances specialized psychologists, quality care without having to spend hours traveling.

      It also increases coverage and access for people who, for various reasons, cannot make it to a psychological consultation. Whether they are people with reduced mobility or disabilities, people with a disorder that prevents them from leaving their home, etc.

      7. Better monitoring

      The certainty and confidence that you can count on professional support at all times is a huge incentive to stay motivated between therapy sessions. Whether by email, phone, message or video call, this contact possibility makes it possible to immediately resolve any doubts before the next session and can also help in times of crisis.

      8. Very suitable for young people

      The technology attracts a lot of younger patients as they are used to making video calls, sending messages and managing digital platforms in everyday life. For them an online psychologist can be a big motivator, being digital natives than a cold and distant office.

      Okay! So now … How do I search for a good psychologist online?

      Considering what we have discussed above, there are many great offers for this type of therapy. In the directory of psychology and the mind, you can find many professionals who meet all the guarantees necessary to put your mental health in good hands. My psychology center is one of them, so if you wish, contact me and start your psychological treatment by video call with all the confidence and professionalism you need.

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