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Today there are still men who seduce women through deception and manipulation in order to take advantage or simply satisfy their sexual desires, often making them believe that they want a serious relationship but behind that there are really hidden other intentions. In extreme cases, it becomes an expression of a psychological disorder.

In this article let’s see what is Don Juan syndrome and why it is a complex issue that deserves to be addressed by a mental health professional.

What is Don Juan Syndrome?

If there is a universal myth born in Spain, it is “Don Juan”, a character created by Tirso de Molina. This man had the characteristics of debauchery and debauchery, he went through life speaking openly to the world about the large number of conquests he had had. It has also given rise to various works of literary arts based on the archetype of Spanish literature.

Later, psychologists and psychiatrists studied this character in order to define a personality type that helps us identify a person with Don Juan syndrome who would become a type of antisocial and narcissistic personality disorder.

Don Juan syndrome, also called compulsive seduction syndrome, is a personality disorder that it is characterized by the compulsion to emotionally conquer another person in order to be able to manipulate it and be able to satisfy one or more needs. The individual with this difficulty has sexual hyperactivity and has narcissistic and antisocial personality traits. These are men who exhibit patterns of behavior where they seduce women and reject them to get another one to raise their ego.

According to the DSM-5 diagnosis, Don Juan syndrome It falls into the category of narcissistic personality disorder by the characterization presented by the subject. In order to make a correct diagnosis, it is important that a number of criteria are met. Here are the criteria that must be met according to the DSM-V for the correct diagnosis of Don Juan syndrome:

  • Lack of empathy
  • Arrogant behaviors and attitudes
  • need admiration
  • Feelings of grandeur and arrogance.

The compulsive seducer syndrome or Don Juan has a series of manifestations that occur on the behavioral, emotional and mental levels. Although this mental health problem it is more common in mendoes not mean that it does not occur in a minority of women.

Characteristics of the person with Don Juan syndrome

People with Don Juan syndrome often have emotional and behavioral problems. They have a fragile ego and conquering behavior is a way to reaffirm it.

These people are interested in women who are difficult to seduce, and once they get their role they lose interest and look for someone else to start seducing again. The more conquests you have, the more you will feel empty, because your main difficulty is this sick way of conquering more and more women.

The man who suffers from this syndrome is first of all talkative, attentive, intelligent, flattering, charismatic, etc. Many times the above is more than enough to seduce and attract someone who has already laid eyes. However, people with this disorder are also victims, but of themselves. The truth is that these people have negative emotional and psychological complexes they prevent you from having a healthy relationship with someone else.

Don Juan Syndrome Symptoms

Let’s look at the main symptoms to be able to identify a person with Don Juan syndrome: compulsive search for recognition, lack of commitment in life, difficulty and inability to establish a stable and healthy love relationship, predominance of deception and lies, job seduction being able to emotionally manipulate your victim.

It is important to note that the existence of any of the symptoms (in isolation) described above does not necessarily represent Don Juan syndrome. Likewise, It is important that the diagnosis is made by a mental health professional.

Main causes of Don Juan syndrome

This pathology, also understood as a mental disorder and/or a psychological difficulty, has various origins that can explain the appearance of symptoms. Faced with this problem, the knowledge that one must have of the subject is very important for the correct elaboration of preventive strategies and adapted to a correct approach to the difficulty. The most relevant causes are as follows.

Family aspect

Having a history of having a family member with Compulsive Seduction Syndrome or Don Juan Syndrome is one of the main factors that can lead to this psychological difficulty. It is very likely that the individual will reproduce the behavior patterns observed by a member of his family environment. It is also possible that the incidence of another psychological difficulty of the personality influences the development of this pathology.

Genetic aspects

Don Juan syndrome too it may have its origins in genetic predispositions that the individual can have it; that is to say, in some proper, natural and organic alterations of the proper organism of the human being. Sometimes the presence of high amounts of vasopressin generates reactions related to antisocial and manipulative behaviors.

Treatment of Don Juan syndrome or compulsive seduction syndrome

Currently, fortunately, effective methods are available to treat Don Juan syndrome. One of these treatments would be psychological therapy, and the other would be the support of psychiatry through the use of medication.

The preponderant role of the psychiatrist and the psychologist in the face of this difficulty is extremely important, since they are the only professionals trained to provide specialized treatment through the evaluation and treatment of the patient taking into account family data, socio-demographic data, etc. .

Psychological treatment

Psychological therapy can be very helpful in the treatment of Don Juan syndrome. However, it is difficult for the victim to recognize the suffering that accompanies it and for others.

Psychotherapy can make it easier to work through the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with this difficulty. Short-term psychological therapies (cognitive-behavioral therapies) have been shown to be more effective because they include the acquisition of strategies to deal with social relationships in healthier ways. You can find specialized help in dealing with this difficulty in our directory of professional Psychology and Mind psychologists.

Psychiatric treatment

The help of a psychiatrist is extremely important be able to treat Don Juan syndrome, because this specialty is dedicated to the study of mental disorders of genetic or biological origin.

Due to the genetic component that can generate Don Juan syndrome, it is important to provide psychotropic drugs that act on neuronal connections, in order to reduce narcissistic behaviors. However, the only professional responsible for providing pharmacological treatment evoking mental health is a physician specializing in psychiatry. Finally, interdisciplinary work between the psychologist and the psychiatrist is important to respond to this difficulty.

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