What Should You Do To Benefit From Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a growing form of psychological assistance; more and more people are asking for it and more and more mental health professionals are integrating this form of intervention with patients in their services.

This change is happening quickly, which is why many consider seeking professional support online, but at the same time do not know what to expect or how it works.

Therefore, in order to resolve these doubts, we will see in the next lines how does online therapy work, i.e. what possibilities it offers, its advantages, And what must be done to attend these sessions as a patient?

    What is online therapy and what does it offer?

    As the name suggests, online psychotherapy is the type of psychological intervention in patients that is performed using the Internet as a channel of communication. Therefore, one of its main characteristics is that therapist and patient do not need to be physically close to each other, Although they must be connected at the same time, since the communication that is established between them takes place in real time.

    In most cases, the psychologist and the person requesting the therapy service online can be seen and heard as they communicate by video call. Outraged, the information they exchange is private and cannot be disseminated by the professional.

    So, two of the main advantages of online therapy are:

    ⦁ Save scrolling. ⦁ Provides extra stealth to be able to do from home. ⦁ It is easier to include in the schedule ⦁ It is more accessible to all types of people, regardless of their place of residence or their physical condition

    What to do to attend psychotherapy sessions online: 5 steps to follow

    These are the key aspects of how online therapy works.

    1. Choose the professional

    Not all psychologists specialize in the same field and are not trained to intervene in any type of problem.. This is why you should first find out about your services and areas of intervention: do you only perform therapy on individual patients or do you also offer couples therapy? What are the age groups of the patients you work with? Do you experience the form of discomfort that affects us?

    In addition, you need to make sure that you have the capacity to perform psychotherapy; to find out, you need to check that it is able to show the number of licensed psychologist.

    2. Make sure we have the necessary technology

    Fortunately, today virtually any electronic device that has been manufactured in recent years and with the ability to connect to the Internet can offer us the ability to undergo therapy online. It is more important to make sure that your internet connection is stable: Keep in mind that sessions with the psychologist usually last around 50 minutes.

    3. Make the first contact

    During this first phone call or e-mail, you can ask all your questions to the professional or directly request an appointment for a first session.

    Remember that even if you do not have to go to the psychotherapist’s office, sessions should always be planned hours or days in advance, And that it is important to stick to a schedule, always having them fall on the same days and times of the week.

      4. Find a quiet, private place to connect.

      Ideally, online therapy sessions should take place in a quiet location where you can enjoy privacy, so that it is easier to establish a dialogue based on honesty and not to condition the presence of other people. After all, psychologists don’t read your mind, and in order for us to help you, you need to talk about what’s happening to you. Remember that all the information you give to the psychologist will be treated confidentially.

      5. Establish the connection via the indicated channel

      At this stage, the chosen professional will have already indicated which digital platform will be from which the first session will take place.

      Are you interested in finding help with psychotherapy online?

      If you would like professional support through online therapy, please contact us. Fr Psychology of Cribecca we will inform you of the services we offer and answer all your questions without obligation. You can also have our team of psychologists in the facilities of our center, located in Seville. To see our contact details or if you want to know more about Cribecca Psicologia, go to this page.

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