When to Go to the Online Psychologist: 6 Common Problems

The technological changes of the last decades have changed the way we people interact and this also affects psychological therapy. With a simple mouse click or by pressing an application on our own smartphone, we can get in touch with a psychotherapist from anywhere and anytime.

The chances of improving our well-being have increased and scientific studies claim that online therapy offers a number of advantages over traditional therapy: more flexible hours, lower cost and greater accessibility, comfort, privacy. …

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Favorable situations to go to the online psychologist

Online therapy is suitable for anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of psychological treatment, but there are specific situations in which this type of therapy becomes an option with particular benefits.

But … What are these situations? In the following lines, step to detail them.

1. When the patient travels a lot for work and it is practically impossible to make appointments that are not online

One of the advantages of remote psychological therapy is that it is possible to connect with a psychologist from wherever you are and when the patient needs them. Therefore, it is ideal for people who travel a lot for different reasons and they want to have ongoing contact with the therapist himself.

Trust is essential in the therapist-patient relationship, and contact with the same psychologist helps the person open up more and explain what is really worrying them. There are situations in which a patient cannot attend a psychology center in person and continuously and, in this context, online psychotherapy becomes the best alternative to maintain adherence, achieve therapeutic goals and achieve a new emotional balance.

2. When the patient suffers from agoraphobia and is at a point where he does not want to leave his home.

Agoraphobia is a phobic disorder in which the person feels a great irrational fear of losing control in public spaces, but the fear is not produced by those spaces per se, but by the consequences of being exposed in that place. . This can lead to panic attacks and great discomfort.

Agoraphobia is disabling because the individual, to avoid being in the feared situation, can be confined to his home. In these cases, the online psychologist can help the patient so that he gradually overcomes the mess.

Although the therapy is remote, it is important to clarify that the online psychologist will offer exhibitions and the patient will therefore have to leave their home. However, he will have already learned different coping strategies through online therapy sessions and will be able to handle dreaded situations successfully.

3. When there is an injury and the patient needs support to overcome the trauma of this accident

Accidents (eg traffic, falls, etc.) can cause physical damage that requires recovery and rehabilitation time.. This situation is not only painful for the trauma itself, but psychologically it also has consequences and the person may feel depressed, sad and worried.

Unfortunately, there are people who, for example, have to spend recovery time in the hospital or at home, and in these circumstances, the help of a psychologist becomes essential to overcome this adverse scenario in the best way. possible.

Psychological help is suitable for all stages of recovery and rehabilitation, as it increases motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, which can be harmed by even affecting the course of the injury or the timing recovery.

4. When the patient is in hard-to-reach areas

The online psychologist is not only useful for users with limited mobility or suffering from injuries, But also for people who have difficulty getting around because they are in areas that are difficult to access.

The digital world has made it possible for the therapeutic relationship to take place from different parts of the world, even over long distances. Online psychology offers the possibility of performing therapy more comfortably and allows for greater coverage and better access.

5. When the patient has moved to another city and still does not know anyone in their new city

Changes of residence in a new city are one of the most stressful events in life, especially if happening in a new country or culture, as it can take some time to get used to a new one. life.

In this situation, the online psychologist can be a great ally to overcome moments of change and is a perfect choice to maintain emotional balance, especially if the person is going through a difficult time and has no family or friends. near.

6 When it may bother you

While this shouldn’t be an embarrassing subject, it is possible that someone still feels a little uncomfortable. Online therapy is the best alternative for these patients.

With remote psychotherapy, it is possible to receive psychological assistance in the privacy and comfort of home. In addition, with the online psychologist, trips and possible expectations are avoided.

Where to go to the online psychologist?

If you are going through any of the above situations and feel that you need to talk to a psychologist to find happiness and well-being or to overcome a problem that affects you, with TherapyChat is possible.

CITA.iO: the best psychologists from your mobile

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The treatment is individualized and therefore the therapist will analyze the situation with you and together you will set the goals you want to achieve to start the improvement process. CITA.iO offers confidentiality, working with a security system in the transmission of data, so that the information is between the therapist and the patient.

In addition, the use of CITA.iO is free for users seeking psychological help, and you only need to pay the corresponding amount for therapy sessions.

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