Why is online therapy gaining popularity?

Time passes and, with it, also changes the way we understand both mental health and the way it should be taken care of by professionals.

One of the aspects in which this is evident is related to the emergence and consolidation of online psychotherapy. If, a little over ten years ago, the possibility of providing support to patients via the Internet seemed an eccentricity, today it is part of the daily work of many psychologists. In fact, it is an increasing trend.

What is the reason for this? Throughout this article we will see what are the reasons why online therapy is becoming more and more popular, Receive more and more care from patients and professionals.

    Why has the popularity of online therapy increased?

    Anyone who has been in contact with the world of applied psychology will have noticed that, at least in the case of Spain, there has been a significant increase in the number of psychologists, psychotherapy offices and health clinics offering services. psychotherapy online.

    It is a phenomenon that has appeared in recent years, And it has nothing to do with just the crisis brought on by the 2020 pandemic and containment; while the latter influenced the acceleration of the trend, online therapy quickly gained ground on its own merits.

    This is due in part to something that made its existence possible: the development of video calling technologies. Until recently, although it was technically possible to make such connections with other people through a computer, the signal was too weak or too slow for communication to be smooth. This allowed to speak for a few minutes, but the errors in the transmission made that the images had little detail and that in many occasions this one or the suffered sound stopped.

    Therefore, the differences between a face-to-face conversation and a conversation conducted through one of these virtual platforms were obvious, and those who participated in it had to spend time and effort “deciphering” what it is. other meant for lack. non-verbal and sometimes verbal information.

    But in recent years, the number of people with good Internet access has enabled millions of people to avoid these technical barriers; in this context, already it is possible to check the usefulness of therapy online without getting results distorted by poor transmission data due to technological limitations. And since then, they have been able to appreciate the benefits of online therapy.

    What Are the Benefits of Online Psychotherapy?

    From our perspective as professionals in psychology, the beneficial aspects that explain the growing popularity of online therapy supply and demand are primarily as follows.

    1. It gives the opportunity to save time

    With online therapy, patients save time going to the center where the psychologist visits in person. It’s not just more comfortable and cheaper; Outraged, makes it easier for you to include therapy sessions in the program.

      2. Which makes you feel more relaxed

      Because you don’t have to leave the house to “go to the psychologist,” patients can speak to the professional in an environment with which they feel familiar. In many cases, this allows them to openly and honestly express their issues and feelings about them.

      3. It doesn’t require you to always be in the same place.

      Another aspect where online therapy is in high demand is that it allows not to interrupt the treatment even when travelingOr, if you haven’t left your workplace due to delays, overtime, etc.

      4. Provides discretion

      Although everything that is said in therapy is always confidential, there are those who appreciate the possibility of having even more discretion thanks to online therapy, you do not have to go to the center where the psychologist works.

      5. It has the effectiveness of face to face therapy

      Finally, one basic thing should be noted: the effects of online therapy are comparable to those of face-to-face therapy for most of the problems to be treated. With a few exceptions, such as treatments involving the use of equipment that cannot be created digitally and those intended for very young children, there are no significant differences in either the magnitude or the duration of the results obtained.

      Are you interested in online counseling?

      If you are one of those people who are considering taking advantage of online therapy, contact our team of psychotherapists. Fr Psychologists El Prat we have spent a long time combining face-to-face care services in our center in Madrid with care via the Internet, and we offer the possibility of having mental health experts wherever you are. With over 20 psychologists with established professional careers, our center realizes a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues. To see our contact details, go to this page.

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