Why it’s important to be able to calm down when facing anxiety issues

You think too much about your future or what you will do tomorrow, you want things to happen instantly, you don’t enjoy your life like before, you have excessive worries …

Overall, you feel anxious, with a rapid heartbeat, you feel short of breath, you have involuntary tremors, sweating, rapid breathing, feeling weak or tired, you have difficulty falling asleep and other symptoms associated with anxiety problems.

If this problem is not treated in time, it can become so serious that it somatizes and erodes your physical and mental health. And it is that anxiety disorders make us more vulnerable to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, premature ejaculation problems, menstrual problems, gastrointestinal complications, heart problems or acne, among others. .

    What is anxiety somatization?

    Because your anxious or anxious thoughts make you feel negative emotions over and over again, in this cycle of discomfort, the brain produces certain molecules with harmful effects if they accumulate too much in the body.

    Some are hormones that circulate in the bloodstream and travel throughout your body, causing chain reactions which increase the chances of suffering from certain diseases.

    This is why many people live with medical exams all the time but no doctor or laboratory finds them with health problems. The exams are still normal, but despite this people still feel bad, because they did not address the emotional problem.

      How to deal with anxiety?

      Emotions are the main factor whether or not a person is healthy, although in many ways they didn’t teach us to give you the attention you deserve.

      Many times the doctor is a professional fully aware that the root of the patient’s illness is the psychological factor, but still decides to do the medical examination and gives the order to do the laboratory tests because it is an improvement. instant for the person. suffering from symptoms.

      The patient expects to find a disease, but contrary to expectations, the analysis is better than ever. This is where the attending physician refers the patient to the psychologist, a context in which emotion management strategies are put in place.

      Emotions are largely produced by our thoughts, and To a large extent, anxiety is directly related to overthinking our problems in the future.: what will I do tomorrow, where will I live, what will I eat, who will I marry …

        A useful technique to calm you down

        There are many, many different thoughts going through a person’s mind causing discomfort and anxiety. But the good news is that there is a solution to all of these problems.

        During my psychotherapist sessions, I teach my patients various techniques, scientifically developed, to eliminate symptoms related to anxiety. Today I want to leave you one so that you can try it out and you can eliminate some degree of anxiety satisfactorily, until you can go to therapy and get rid of it completely. With this technique, you will feel calmer, calmer and full of energy.

        Find a park where there is grass, lie down with open hands and try to hug the grass; you will begin to feel how this clean green lawn gives you all its energy.

        At this point, close your eyes and he starts to breathe slowly; breathe deeply, feel how this clean, fresh air slowly enters your lungs, travels to your diaphragm, and oxygenates every part of your body. When you exercise, you feel calmer, calmer, more energized, and stronger to live that great life ahead.

        It only takes you 10 minutes to do this exercise and you can do it twice a day, you will see amazing changes.

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        This is just one of the exercises and techniques that you will see if you undergo therapy with me. I invite you to enjoy your life in the best way and to be happy.

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