Why use psychology?

All humans have something in common and, nevertheless, each person is absolutely unique. It’s hard for us to remember.

Coming and going from day to day, we find ourselves looking at the clock, going up, down, enjoying, doing, working, resting, eating… And there is almost no more space to perceive us. So much so that during the same day emotions follow one another like a roller coaster, going from moments of well-being, of doing what we “need” to moments of setbacks that can lead us to feel discord, anger, sadness and even pain

Likewise, the laughter of a specific moment, an unexpected encounter, a surprise, a boy or a girl or a loved one can cause us to feel joy, carelessness and even happiness that feels full and real. in an instant.

And that’s how we spend our lives, living one day at a time with a purpose (or not); and each of us lives it in our own way, so personal and intransmissible that it is impossible to clone the emotions felt. There can be two people who do exactly the same thing in their day, but they don’t experience it in the same way. However, all of us, absolutely all, and each one of us, have an end, here, death, which is the known end of this journey full of experiences that we live and that touch us, that change us, that they complete experiences.

Discomfort is part of life

On our walk – everyone is well known and socially accepted – we visit different health professionals; nuestro cuerpo deteriorates or undergoes circumstances that require attention. And we give it to him.

Let’s go to the doctors, for example to a GP to help us deal with unusual pain, to a gastroenterologist to see what’s going on with those daily stomach cramps, to a traumatologist for pain in a muscle or a fracture in the bones, for a pulmonologist for a respiratory tract infection, to an oncologist when we know that our body is suffering from cancer… and so the list of health professionals dedicated to the “physical” body grows longer like a wide range, curing and curing diseases that damage our body, weaken us and make us feel bad.

And what happens when it is our spirit that suffers?

What do we do when we can no longer face what we feel and live “inside”? It is not something that comes, only one undergoes it. This “weight” that went inside and how we understand it (or not) It accompanies us every moment and hurts us. It can be routine circumstances that we go through that become difficult for us to handle; it can be sudden situations that come to us and that we are unable to deal with; there can be as many things as humans in the world, “things” that weigh on us emotionally, making life heavier, more difficult, darker.

Everything that happens to us has an impact on our body, but also on our mind, affecting the way we think, act and feel. There are experiences that we perceive as unbearable that have a direct effect on our way of being, they mark us and leave (literally speaking) a mark. These footprints also make us who we are, especially when you can look them in the face and accept them. I refer not only to the metaphorical imprints, but literally to the “physical” imprints in our brain, which, like in our body, weigh and make themselves felt. So much so that they even mark our way of seeing life, of interacting with others, of perceiving the world around us.

The importance of mental health

It is so accepted that the body deteriorates and the brain is a fundamental part of it, even today – although fortunately less every day – it is still taboo to take responsibility for what one feels, d admit that it costs us, that we can’t or don’t want to continue

It’s natural to have fewer good times. It is also natural to face situations that we are not looking for and that are happening, and that we do not want to accept. And it’s also natural to be overwhelmed by times and circumstances that rob us of balance and peace.

If your body complains about the passage of time, your mind, which accompanies it every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year of your life, from the moment you open your eyes when you come in the world until you close them to leave… Your spirit also suffers. And when your mind can find tranquility and peace in experiencing what you are experiencing, then your body responds as well. We are beings in which duality is symbiotic, a two-way street that must be seen.

The role played by psychology

There are different specialties in psychology. As an ophthalmologist is not specialized in telling you what type of fracture you have in a bone, neither is a psychologist. But there are different specialties, as is the case in medicine, with different techniques, models and structured therapies that have been researched and shown to be effective in different emotional disorders and/or in so-called mental illnesses.

It is right to speak to a qualified professional to open the doors to understanding and integrating what you are going through, it is your right to seek options that can give you something more to overcome what you live.

And I keep asking myself, for many years: when will we talk about a “head psychologist”?

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