You don’t have to be crazy to see the psychologist

Part of the problem that leads some people to be unhappy for months or even years is that no matter how bad they feel, they don’t consider seeking professional psychological help. “This is for the fools,” they think, and after all what is happening to them is not so bad or based on irrational patterns of behavior.

But this is a mistake. Unbeknownst to them, these people harm themselves and may even harm others if they spread the idea that psychology services are only for extreme cases where contact with reality or the environment has been lost, possibility of understand others.

The good news is that psychologists can work to help people be happy in ways that many people don’t expect.

    Why not go crazy to go to the psychologist?

    The idea that going to the psychologist is where the “crazy people” go is wrong for many reasons. First of all, a fundamental question must be asked: what exactly is it to be crazy? The concept of insanity is not used by behavioral and health sciences for a very simple reason: it is just a mirage, a set of clichés and stereotypes that have historically been used to refer to people with behaviors. unconventional.

    In fact, in what was considered a few decades ago as insanity could correspond to behaviors not only common today, But even well considered, like traveling instead of working in a stable place and forming a family after a certain age, or creating original and revolutionary music.

    So, the only thing that people who have been considered insane have had or have in common is the fact that they have suffered stigmatizing attacks for the simple fact of violating the norm in some aspect.

    What if we assumed that being crazy simply meant having developed mental disorders, such as social phobia, bipolar disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder? Even with this extremely benevolent definition of what insanity is, one cannot say that the work of psychologists is limited to this. And is that, although it may surprise, what we psychologists do in our interventions with patients it goes beyond the world of mental health or the treatment of psychopathologies. In this video you can see some examples.

    So … what is the point of having professional psychological assistance?

    From what we have seen so far, the work we do in psychology is not limited to treating people with problems that can be considered psychological disorders, that is, clinically relevant phenomena. . And it is that emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues extend beyond the world of mental health.

    Therefore … What exactly is the job of a psychologist? In addition to improving the well-being of those who have developed psychopathologies and even neurological disorders, our job is, in short, to apply the knowledge and methods of psychological intervention to facilitate the happiness of people by making changes. in their own ways of behaving, feeling and relating to others.

    You will no doubt have noticed that this task is very open and adaptable, not necessarily starting from the detection of psychopathologies. Indeed: our work as a psychologist is characterized by flexibilityPrecisely because human behavior, all that we can do, feel and think, is extraordinarily diverse.

    It is also for this reason that psychological intervention is always a process adapted to each person and to their situation. And because each individual experience is unique, what we can help people with is also very varied, because what separates us from happiness or prevents us from developing well in life takes different forms.

    In short: it’s not madness, it’s human complexity

    The term madness, in common use, not only has no scientific merit: it also does not reflect the complexity of the type of problems that psychologists help overcome. For better or for worse, humans are capable beings of an extraordinary capacity to respond to the environment, but sometimes we are “trapped” in situations that were created from a combination of our previous actions. , our biological predispositions and what is happening around us.

    During therapy sessions, psychologists are already helping to “undo” these psychological problems. take advantage of our adaptation potential, gain autonomy and therefore room for maneuver to bring us closer to happiness.

    Are you planning to go to psychotherapy?

    If you notice that you are going through a bad period or that there is an aspect of your life that you would like to improve and which is related to your management of emotions or your behaviors, we invite you to contact our team of professionals, Majadahonda psychologists.

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