10 reasons to block your ex from social media

Relationships are inherently complex, and among the many doubts that arise when there are problems and inevitably break away from hostile attitudes, one of the most common is: Should I block my ex from my social networks?

The answer is very simple: in many cases, yes. Here we will see 10 reasons.

    10 reasons to block your ex from social media

    These are some of the reasons why when a relationship ends and discomfort related to desire or resentment arises, it is advisable to cut off contact with the ex-partner through social media.

    1. Avoid contact

    It’s very common to fall into the temptation to reply to a message from your ex and then send it to your inbox. This is one of the most common and occasional reactions this results in a discussion or flirtation of a possible reconciliation which might not be such a good idea if it has already been decided to end. If you block your ex, the temptation to interact with him will be much less.

    2. Begin the grieving process

    Breaking up with a partner involves, in most cases, a grieving process that has its own stages. Since each of them is transmitted in the best way, it is more likely to heal properly and in the future start a relationship with closed emotional wounds.

    To start this duel, it is important to take a real distance with your ex not only physically, but also virtually, so blocking your ex from your social networks is better for both of you.

    3. Avoid harassment

    In this case, there is no doubt. In the first stalking attitude of your ex, it is best to block it from all networks. It is not necessary to wait for such attitudes to increase in frequency.It is best that in the face of hostile comments, threats, disrespect or any sort of verbal aggression through networks, we block the person and move on as soon as possible.

    4. Don’t fall for comparisons

    If when opening our social networks we constantly see stories, photos or articles about their activities, we inevitably ended up falling into comparisons, and it hurts us a lot.

    While that might not really be true, we can imagine that his life is “going well”, that he easily got over the breakup and is having a better time than us, and equate that to our own process. makes us feel like we are failing. This is one of the strongest reasons to block your ex from your social networks.

    5. Delete memories

    A good idea is to block photos taken while they were together. Before deleting them you have to allow some time to pass and reconsider, but at the time of the break it is enough to block them and not see them for a while or the likes or comments that are made.

      6. Leave the common life behind

      After a breakup it is important to settle accounts and close cycles; everything that united these two people in an intimate way: shared activities, interests … must come apart.

      Except for a few exceptions where you have formed a good friendship with a family member or friend and you have the maturity to endure the situation, it is advisable to not only block your ex from social media but also your close friends. or to your entourage.

      7. Don’t hurt yourself for a new relationship

      If it turns out that your ex is starting a new relationship and somehow announces it on their networks, it could be painful for you. especially if it hasn’t been long since the breakup.

      The mature way to deal with these situations is, until you take the break, not to create any facility to receive this kind of news, and therefore the easiest way is to block your ex from your social media.

      8. Prevent the problems and memories associated with it from coming out

      You might think that it’s enough to stop following it, but it’s better to block. When blocking a person, memories that come out on FB will no longer appear. If you announced the start of their relationship, it will also be removed and any related tags or issues will cease to appear. This will help maintain a healthy distance.

      9. Avoid physical and sexual attractions

      According to a Cyberpshychology, Behavior and Social Networking study, maintaining virtual contact with an ex increases their sexual desire. and miss the relationship.

      Between nostalgia, seeing your photos, sadness and loneliness, we tend to eliminate the evil and sadly remember the good things that happened, to idealize what it was and want to see the person. All of this leads to private messages which don’t always go smoothly.

      10. Reaching agreements is not always easy

      You might think that coming to an agreement on how to manage their respective social networks can work. Ask him not to post anything related to the breakup, or that if he has a new relationship, first talk to you and then announce it … each couple can have their negotiations, but it is not always easy to make these agreements and stick to themWell, as the days go by, the feelings change, the process plays out differently, and what has been said is no longer being honored.

      In order not to fall into complexities, it is best to block your ex from social media, and thus avoid problems until a normal deal is possible.

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