10 tips for dating (and how to never flirt)

Losing your mind for the new office girl? Do you have trouble concentrating when she is there? And what are you waiting for to conquer it? On paper, everything looks very simple, but it’s not. Well, for some people it’s easy, but for others … it’s an almost impossible mission.

If you don’t know how to start communicating with the women you are attracted to, we encourage you to follow these tips if you want love to be successful. We cannot guarantee 100% success, but you can maximize your chances if you put them into practice.

    How long does it take for a man to send his first love text?

    And this girl makes you so nervous that it costs you to say three words in a row, right? Now, calm down, because it’s happened to all of us. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the portal to find out more about new romances, Match.com, men, it took fourteen and a half minutes to create our first love message.

    The anxiety of looking good, the insecurity or the excitement of the moment, make us spend hours looking for the right words so that everything goes well. Men can be very proud, but when a girl enters our hearts …

      Connect via WhatsApp … better than Facebook

      Times have changed and so have bonding strategies. In fact, it is common to win over that person that we passionately desire via Facebook or WhatsApp, and both tools become perfect allies to get to have a little more than a friendship with the person, because they allow us to converse with the person. other person at any time. time and in addition they are ideal for shy people.

      But which of these two tools is better? According to a study conducted by The App Date, when attaching, Spaniards prefer WhatsApp by 98.5%. The number speaks for itself.

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      The best applications to tie

      In addition to WhatsApp, there are a lot of apps that are used to link. In addition, there are apps whose main goal is to get a partner or to flirt. The opportunities to flirt have increased dramatically over the past decade thanks to new technologies, Because the advent of smartphones has revolutionized digital flirting.

      It is now possible to be connected to this type of application 24 hours a day and also to meet potential candidates close to you.

      Want to know the best dating apps? By clicking on this link you can see the top 10 applications to call Do you dare to try them?

      Dating tips

      We’re here with the best tips, tricks, and strategies to grab that special someone’s attention.

      1. Make sure it is available

      You’d better make sure before having a partner or not because these types of girls will only give you trouble. Also, why are you going to complicate your life with the number of interesting women who can find their place in your life?

      2. Start a conversation

      To meet a girl, don’t force the situation. So look for the right time to strike up a conversation and prove that you are a nice guy. Whether it’s in the hallway or in the classroom, it’s best to start with a contextual question, because that way you’ll get their attention.

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      3. Look for common interests

      One of the keys to staying here talking to you is look for those common interests that you are sure to have. It’s not about showing that you love the same thing, but when you talk about something, it comes from the heart. There are probably things you both love, hobbies that you can share from here on out.

      4. Smile and look in your eyes

      There is nothing more seductive than looking in the eye and smiling, As it gives confidence and is a sign of attention. Eye contact clearly shows that you are an honest person and that a smile is contagious. If you convey a good emotional state, the person in front of you will notice it and want to get to know you better.

      5. Break the barrier and touch

      Touching a girl too quickly is a barrier that many do not dare to cross. But this line is possible to cross, always out of respect. A caress without intention of anything else or just a touch of complicity can be enough to gain you the trust of the other person. however, if you go very fast and very straight you can give a bad image.

      6. Be fun and funny

      Women love funny men and they make them laugh, And if you do, he surely won’t regret being with you. It doesn’t mean that you take certain things seriously. Simply, if you are with her, remind her of this wonderful day.

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      7. Don’t take it seriously

      Even if she is the woman of your dreams, if you see her as something that takes your life if you don’t get her, you will be more anxious than usual. The key is to be calm and in control of your actions. This way you will be able to reach your maximum potential. Nothing is so important in this life as to get nervous. It’s flowing and everything will be fine.

      8. Relax and enjoy

      So relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry if everything looks perfect. Trust your chances and move on. Imperfection is not a sin: no one is perfect, and no one can aspire to be. The natural is much more attractive.

      9. Be yourself

      When I mean to be yourself I mean you know yourself and know what your strengths are and the other person will be drawn to your confidence in knowing who you are. The problem with wanting to look like someone you’re not is that if you get caught, you’ll look really bad. Don’t take any risks and show yourself as is: this is the best way to get your best version.

      10. Don’t look desperate

      If self-confidence is very attractive, looking desperate has the opposite effect. You’ve shown interest, but if you don’t want to scare her on the first change, don’t look desperate.

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