11 little things that will make your partner happy

The little things you do for your partner make the most sense because they show that you are ready to fight for that love you have.. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to surprise your sweetheart, but throughout the year you have plenty of opportunities for your partner to know that you are there for them. Romantic gestures are great, and if there is love between two people, they will always be well received.

But being a trader doesn’t have to be expensive or cost a lot of money. In fact, the best details are the ones full of affection and affection, and the material is the least in these cases.

Things that make your partner happy

If the love between a couple is genuine, being a trader is something that helps to enrich the relationship. We all want to feel loved, especially by the person we consider most special. For this reason, below we invite you to know some details that will allow you to strengthen a romantic relationship.

1. Listen actively

A lot of people think they are listening but actually feel it, because in order to really listen, you have to pay attention not only to verbal language, but also to non-verbal language. You also need to connect with the other person and validate emotionally.

In this way, we need to actively listen if we want our partner to feel understood and loved. And active listening can be a noble and sincere gesture that reaffirms the relationship and trust between the two members.

Active listening requires willpower and effort in our cognitive abilities.

  • Fortunately, you can learn. We tell you in our article: “Active listening: the key to communicating with others”

2. Remember what you are feeling

Good communication and emotional expression are the key to trust between two people.. Couples who are open and honest about their feelings work better and have a greater degree of bonding. Opening your partner’s heart and coming face to face is a sign of respect. Doing it daily is a beautiful detail that strengthens the relationship and avoids many conflicts.

3. Do things you love to do

To make your partner happy, do things they love to do. In a relationship there must be a balance. This means that you have to negotiate and make deals. But you can be a retailer with your partner and do things you love. For example, if you want to sign up for yoga classes, why not go with it? This way you can share activities and have a good time together. Now it’s not about doing what your partner wants.

4. Give it your space

But doing what she or he wants isn’t the only thing that will make your partner happy, but you have to give them space as well.. The only thing worse than a couple who aren’t careful enough is not giving them their own space. Especially when you live with someone or have a serious relationship, connecting with yourself from time to time is good for our well-being and that of the couple. Respecting the time you spend with yourself is good for both of you.

5. Be honest

Being honest is fundamental in a relationship, but not everyone is. Without a doubt, sincerity is one of the best acts of love we can bring to our partner and it is one of the best ways to respect.

In some cases, sincerity can be a problem in interpersonal relationships. Not because being honest is bad, but because not everyone is, that is, it’s a rarity. You can read more about this topic in our article: “Sincericidio: 6 disadvantages of being too sincere”

6. Be consistent in your words and actions

Another way to respect the couple and which can be linked to the previous point is to be consistent with what they say and their behavior.. If you tell your partner you’re going to be there for her, when she’s having a hard time, you should be there for her. In addition to your partner, you must be his unconditional friend.

7. Be patient

Patience is one of the virtues that a person can have as we explained in our article “The 40 Best Virtues that a Person Can Have”, and one that can certainly make your partner happy. Being patient helps improve a relationship because we all have different personalities, beliefs, and tastes, and not everyone is the first one. Outraged, if you do not share an idea of ​​your partner, it is better to communicate with her in an assertive way.

    8. Activate the flame in the bed

    Don’t let monotony in bed end the relationship. That’s why you need to take it seriously and do things that help keep the flame of passion from ending. Be original, surprise your lover or try one of the games that you can find in our article “15 ideal sex games to find your partner’s passion” will help you maintain a sexual bond with the person you love.

    9. Trust your partner

    Confidence is one of the most important values ​​in maintaining stability in a relationship, so giving that trust to your loved one will not only affect him or her., But also in you. Throughout the relationship there may be times when trust is lost, in these cases you can take advantage of the tips that you will find in our article “9 tips to regain someone’s trust”.

    10. Negotiate

    Many conflicts in the relationship arise because the person does not negotiate, but tries to impose his ideas or does not understand those of his partner because he does not bother to actively listen.. A good move to make your partner happy is to negotiate and make deals, which increases the satisfaction of lovers.

    11. give him a hug

    Hugs have great power in making a person feel loved, and they also release oxytocin, a hormone related to emotional bonds.. The embrace has many advantages. We tell you in our article “The 6 benefits of cuddling and cocooning in bed”.

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