12 keys to connect with your partner

Sometimes connecting with our partner is not an easy task. Not because we don’t want to, but because we know exactly what to do and what not to do.

Fortunately, here we have the solution. Below we will see several keys to connect with your partner, Fundamental to improve communication, warmth and attraction between the two, whether men, women, heterosexual couple or of any kind.

    Keys to connecting with your partner and strengthening your bond

    Defining exactly what the bond with the couple is is not easy, but of course its real effects are very palpable. When the bond between two people who love each other is strong, communication tends to be more fluid, and affection and trust prevail. however, if the relationship is weak and the two start to disconnect, distance and misunderstanding soon appear.

    This is why it is so important to strengthen the bond with the couple, to make a healthy and fluid interaction, through trust, respect and assertive communication. The goal is to prevent the relationship from becoming something marked by the coldest and most distant routine, which over time can end the relationship. Let’s look at 12 keys to communicating with your partner.

    1. Devote time to each other exclusively

    It’s common for a couple to do a lot of things together, but sometimes there comes a point in the relationship when the time they spend together is thanks to staying with friends, being with children, or reuniting with family.

    Spending time in a relationship with other people is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is a way to make sure that you do not isolate yourself from the world because of the relationship. The problem is, we have never spent time exclusively with our partner, we have to make an effort and look for moments that can only be enjoyed with the partner.

    In addition to sex, something very necessary, we can organize romantic dinners, decide to watch a movie in the comfort of the living room or take a relaxing bath with scented candles and soothing music. There are countless ideas for enjoying the company of the couple, and only with it..

    2. Be grateful

    To have a good connection with your partner, you need to show him how grateful you are on dating. This can be demonstrated by many gestures: bringing her coffee, giving her a back massage or simply saying thank you for being there.

    All this is very necessary because we often forget that the person next to us has no obligation to go out with us. He or she is sacrificing some of their freedom to spend their life with us, and for that we should be grateful.

    3. Resolve conflicts

    Conflict is normal in any human relationship. We are not perfect and we cannot prevent them from appearing again and again. However, we can try to solve them, talk about things and be open to being able to resolve the situation.

    What we cannot do is wait for the conflict to magically resolve or ignore it, waiting for the time to make it go away. This is the worst thing we can do because if we don’t talk about things resentment will take up a very big place in the relationship leading to misunderstandings and more conflict.

      4. Don’t ignore emotions

      It seems obvious, but there are a lot of emotions that you can experience as a couple. This is why there comes a time when, worth the redundancy, the emotions are neglected or given less importance than they are going to happen to him… “.

      Emotions are precisely what matters most in a relationship, With good communication and sex. A couple’s connection depends, to a large extent, on how emotions are handled and the empathy of each of the parties involved in the relationship.

      It is for this reason that it is very important to talk about how we feel, what makes us feel who we are, and what we can do to improve the other person’s mood or keep them up. happiness.

      5. Say what we like

      It is crucial that the couple know our tastes in order to be able to connect with us, And that we know theirs too.

      It is not limited to our tastes in food, hobbies, music and the like. We are referring to tastes that are deeper and applicable to the realm of the couple, such as sexual practices, what we like to be said about our appearance or what kind of activities we would like to do as a couple.

      We also have to say what we like about the other, like their smile, their cooking, their ability to dress, their personality, their charitable character, their action for their partner or their family. ..

      6. Work on communication

      You will not be able to have a good couple connection if there is no good communication between the lovers.. In addition to expressing emotions, we must learn to say what we need, what we want in this relationship, as well as to be attentive to the needs of the other person.

      We have to assert ourselves and try to say what we want, in the most direct and respectful way possible. It is very important to avoid indirect communication because not all of us can understand what the other party is telling us through their non-verbal language.

      7. Understand that men and women are different

      If you are dating a heterosexual couple, it is very important to understand that the way men and women behave and treat each other is different, although you should not literally believe that some are from Mars and others are. of Venus.

      As a general rule, men tend to be cooler and more aloof when it comes to communication, while women seek better communication.

      Apparently these differences between them can be an obstacle to connectionBut it’s also something that allows us to understand that everyone is as they are, and that far from being a connection problem can help us.

      In the case of men, they must make an effort to be more affectionate, try to show more warmth towards their partner, while in the case of women, understand that their partner’s coldness does not necessarily mean laziness or disinterest in their partner. respect.

      8. The simple is the most effective

      In many couples, routine marks the sentimental life of the relationship.. Mechanical gestures, almost awake, like kisses when leaving and entering the house, sometimes become too everyday, almost cold.

      The best way to empower yourself with the connection of the couple is to introduce simpler but unforeseen gestures into our lives, with no late schedules. In other words, that is to say caresses, kisses and hugs should not be “remembered”, but directly manifested.

      Surprise your partner, in a simple way, by giving them a kiss as soon as you cross them in the hallway, cuddle them while you watch TV and touch their leg with their toe while you eat.

      9. Be better towards each other

      To connect well with the couple, you have to sacrifice yourself for the other. This should not be understood as giving up our freedom to please the other party, but rather as an attempt to become better people and also asking the other party to make their sacrifices.

      As we mentioned before, the person we’re dating doesn’t have to date us. It is for this reason that for the relationship to last over time, we must make sacrifices to continue to keep the couple afloat.

      Among these changes we can highlight both physical and behavioral, like taking care of one’s health, going to a psychologist, doing more sports, meditating, documenting the other party’s hobbies and trying them out …

      10. Pay more attention

      The couple connection will not be good if you are not paying attention to him or her it. Not only is there the practice of active listening, that too, but being mindful of whether you like something or not, if your body language suggests that you are uncomfortable with something that we have. done or if something bothered you at work.

      It is very important to ask him if something is wrong with him, to listen to him as he tells us about how his day has been, what motivates him and what he would like us to do for him.

      11. Give yourself some space

      Maybe if we say that one of the best ways to keep the bond with the couple and to avoid distancing is, precisely, to give space, at the beginning it does not seem a thing against. indicated, but the truth is that it is necessary.

      Sometimes distance, agreed upon and respectful, is the best way to breathe fresh air into the relationship., In addition to fostering empathy on the part of both, since in this way we understand, on the one hand, how much freedom is needed and, on the other hand, how much we need each other .

      Also, to prevent the relationship from being a source of overflow and frustration, sometimes as much as we want we have to keep a different time per day. Whether alone or with friends, the truth is that men, women, and non-binary people of all types and conditions need a moment of freedom every day.

      12. Keep the flame alive

      Sex is a fundamental aspect of any relationship, as long as none of the people involved are asexual. If there isn’t, there doesn’t have to be a relationship, but of course he needs a very important aspect of human warmth.

      Keeping the flame of love alive is a source of very intimate moments that are essential for connecting with your partner. It connects both physically and emotionally, so you both need each other and see the pleasure you can get from each other.

      Applications to improve the relationship

      There are different applications with which to work, in a very playful way, on a daily basis in the relationship and to rediscover at every moment the love that we feel. The most interesting is Meyo, an application created in Barcelona and which has the experience of many psychologists specializing in couples., And it offers us challenges, games and tools to get to know ourselves better and to know the loved one better.

      Through a series of short films, games and tests, Meyo gives us certain clues so that the fire remains always alive and so that the relationship advances on the path of trust and communication.

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