15 apps to make love (and maybe a little more)

Over the past decade, the digital world has entered our lives in remarkable ways. This has led to many changes in the way we behave, for example when looking for work, studying and even dating.

And is a new world opening up with the number of options we have in the digital world, since we can meet countless new people. People who live in other cities, in other cities and whom we may never know without the 2.0 world.

While there is still some stigma around dating apps and, in general, the possibility of meeting people online, the truth is that these types of tools make life a lot easier for people who either for lack of time because of work, or living in a certain social isolation, they have difficulty finding a context in which to start talking to people outside their circles of friendship more immediate. Much of the resistance to using these resources is simply that they present a very different way of dealing with third parties.

Tying requests

We spend the day connected to the internet: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube … Social networks are part of our lives and, without a doubt, the smartphone phenomenon has allowed us to be connected 24 hours a day in the 2.0 world. ., from anywhere and anytime. But this shouldn’t be limited to the realm of work, routine communication with family and friends, or the hobbies that can be found on social media, videos, etc. Naturally, sexual and emotional life has also extended to the digital realm.

With cell phones connected to the Internet, they appeared the “applications”, which we can only use with a quick download. The apps that are very successful are those that allow you to meet new people and in some cases get a little more of them.

After all, having an active sex life has a number of positive psychological effects that are worth taking advantage of by taking advantage of new technologies and the ease they offer us when it comes to meeting people through applications. For example, regular sex has been shown to increase self-esteem and reduce stress.

    The best “apps” for having sex

    Over the years, these apps have been very popular and are getting more and more popular. But what are the best apps for having sex and maybe something else?

    Below is a list of the best apps to have intimate relationships.

    1. POF (lots of fish)

    Plenty of Fish is a dating app and according to some users is one of the best websites to have sporadic relationships. It is more used in Anglo-Saxon countries like the United States. however, in Spain, it also has its followers, While it is more popular among foreigners.

    2. Lovoo

    While Lovoo is an app to flirt with, it’s easy to find people interested in intimate relationships. In its basic version, you can locate users near you with their radar. And you have the possibility of making contact with 5 people per day thanks to the messages. The paid version offers many more facilities.

    3. Ashley Madison

    It is one of the most famous applications in the world. Although its popularity is due to the fact that it is advertised as a place of contact between married people, who wish to commit infidelity, the truth is that in practice it is more of a dating site. The fact that the company has followed this marketing strategy makes singles choose it to meet people of a higher age range than most of these platforms.

    4. Tinder

    Tinder is one of the most used apps today. It is used in many countries and Spain is no exception. With Tinder, you can find out who is near you. Images of possible leagues appear on the screen and you can reject, like, or reward that person with a “super like”. When you submit the latter option, the person knows you liked them because it appears in their profile.. With Tinder, it’s easy to create something intimate, although you can also meet people who aren’t looking for all of that. So take care of your profile and clear it up if that’s what you’re looking for.

    This app has two versions: a free and a paid one called tinder Plus, which allows you, among many other options, to send more “super likes”.

    5. Happn

    Happn has also become fashionable in recent years, because it’s a very useful app if our goal is to tie things up and be a little more intimate. It’s similar to Tinder, but the location is closer. When you meet someone, that person appears to you in the app. If you like him and greet him, and the other person feels the same way, you might start a conversation. It’s up to you to end up with something good.

    6. Shakn

    An application which has not been on the market for a long time but which is very successful thanks to a large advertising campaign. which allowed it to have many users quickly. Shakn is a combination of contacts app and social network, And it’s not exactly a perfect partner-finding website but a little more intimate. Moreover, it has an intuitive design.

    7. Pure

    Pure is an app for quick contact, Since it is expected that the people you contact can stay with you for the next hour. The application promotes the privacy of its users, allows you to stay quickly and easily.

    8. Mill

    Grinder is tinder for gays and bisexualsIts main added value is therefore to bring together people with specific and relatively unusual characteristics. It is an easy to use application which is very popular among the group who use it. It has a free version and a paid version called Grinder Extra.

    9. Dattch

    Dattch an exclusive lesbian app. Until now, the vast majority of existing apps of this type have been combined with gay apps, but it seems the way the two groups interact is different. While men have a much more direct way of bonding, women seek a different kind of contact. Dattch is for them.

    10. 3r

    If you are trying to find liberal relations especially a threesome this is the app you are looking for. This app allows you to try something different in your intimate relationships and is only suitable for the more daring. It is often used by couples and singles with an open mind.

    11. Love Park

    For many, it is one of the easiest to use and allows you to be successful when it comes to knotting. No need to provide thousands of data, just emails, and you can now start using it.

    12. Locasin

    It’s an app to get what you are looking for, make love. It has radar to locate potential suitors up to 10 km away. Users already know that the appointments obtained through this network are not for coffee, but for going to gravel.

    13. Below

    This app uses Facebook data and allows users who want to go straight to bed to contact it. The affected person selects the ones they like and if there is compatibility, then there can be magic. Nothing the user writes or decides to do is posted on Facebook.

    14. Winger

    This is a recent app that seems to be revolutionizing the internet dating world. It’s about meeting people when you are at the airport. So if you are one of those people who travel a lot, maybe you will get a good deal with this app.

    15. U4bear

    Although the concept of metrosexual has recently triumphed, there are people who still love furry men, in the purest bear style. This application is used by homosexuals who wish to have intimate relationships with other men who exhibit these characteristics.

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