33 reasons why i love you

To feel loved by someone we love it is one of the best gifts we can receive in this life. As the saying goes, “love moves the world”, and when we meet that special someone, our world revolves around that person.

No one can hesitate to say that the feelings we have with love are extraordinary. However, not all types of love are commonly referred to as true love.

    Reasons why i love you

    And how do we know that love is true? Although each person is a world and each individual has their own idea of ​​love, Here are some of the reasons why we can love someone.

    1. I love you because I have never missed you

    Despite the bad times, you still trust us, our love. There may be less good days, but you still know how to be there to keep ours alive.

    2. I love you because you accept me as I am

    Sometimes I have a hard time accepting myself, but you always accept me.

      3. I love you because you show yourself as you are

      You are sincere with me and show yourself as you are. You opened your heart to me and allowed me to enter.

      4. I love you because I love being by your side

      I like your presence, And when I hear your voice, I can feel it echoing deep inside me.

      5. I love you because you know me even when I have trouble knowing myself

      Sometimes I don’t feel safe and find it hard to find my real “I”. But you are always there for me, to understand.

      6. Never try to change me

      Although we are different, you never try to change me. I am me when I am with you.

      7. I love you for the way we complement each other

      You bring out the best in me, and together we complement each other perfectly. Addition instead of subtraction.

      8. I love you because we shared dreams

      We have plans for the future together, And I see you by your side. I love the way your fantasies blend with mine.

      9. I love you because we negotiate in fights

      I am charmed because when we fight we both do our part to get problems resolved.

      10. I love you because you are not jealous

      Jealousy is one of the most common causes of breakup. You let me be free because you know ours is genuine.

      11. I love you because I love an “I love you” said by you

      Your voice is different from others, especially when you say the word “I love you”. Listening to you, I represent the world.

      12. I love you because I believe you

      You showed me that you are a real person. By your side, I feel that there is a balance.

      13. I love you because you trust me

      Confidence is essential in the members of the couple. We tell each other everything and I love the way you trust me.

      14. I love you because I trust you

      This love is so intense because of the confidence we have in ourselves. Do not make me doubt, because I trust your words completely.

      15. I love you because you respect me

      The respect you show me is what keeps me so attached to you. You make me feel special and I appreciate that.

      16. I love you because you teach me something new every day

      By your side, every day is a learning experience. I love learning with you because you are the best teacher we can have.

      17. I love you because you would protect me

      I feel loved by your side and I feel protected in every way. I can live without you, but with you I’m better.

      18. I love you because sometimes you abandon me

      I know you have your own needs and your own tastes, but I love it when you try hard to do me good.

      19. I love you for giving me my space

      For relationships to work, each member must continue to maintain their own identity and maintain their own space.

      20. I love you because I admire you

      When we fall in love with someone, we idolize them. Couple you are unique to me and make me feel special.

      21. I love you for how I feel to be by your side

      Being unique makes me feel special. I enjoy it every day.

      22. I love you because your kisses make me feel something very strong

      No one makes me feel the sensations you make me feel. Your kisses have magicThey run all over my body.

      23. I love you for our wonderful intimate relationships

      Our moments of intimacy are incredible. You make me feel loved and you let me enjoy sex to the fullest.

      24. Because every day you surprise me

      Every day by your side is special. I love it when you strive to make our lives non-monotonous.

      25. Because you make me forget my daily problems

      The times by your side are incredible. You make me forget the problems that may arise.

      26. Because we are a good team

      We get along perfectly and make a good team. Together we are better than separately.

      27. How strange you are when you leave

      When I am without you, I have a great desire to be by your side again. I love spending time with you.

      28. By the way you look at me

      Another person’s gaze can tell us a lot and make us feel indescribable sensations. When you love someone, their gaze reaches the bottom of your heart.

      29. Because we have a common future

      I love the way we imagine a wonderful future together. I love doing projects with you.

      30. For how quickly I get horny and how easily I like you

      When we have sex, nobody makes me feel like you. It is not for the quantity, but for the quality.

      31. For our eternal talks

      I love spending whole afternoons talking to you. I love you for your ideas and for the way you listen to me.

      32. Because you understand how I feel

      By your side, I feel respected and understood.

      33. By the way I blend in with your hugs

      There are different types of hugs, but it’s not how you hug that really matters, but who does.

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