45 love images to share on Facebook

When we fall in love, our behavior and our way of thinking change. Love invades us day and night, and the loved one makes us experience unique moments.

We feel energetic and we want everyone to know how this unique person makes us feel.

Love images to share on Facebook

If you want to post romantic photo ideas on Facebook, in this article we present you a collection of images that are about love.

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1. Sunny heart

A magnificent sunset, where two souls come together to share their love.

2. Surprise love

A bouquet in itself says nothing. But when that special someone gives you this bouquet, it reaches the bottom of your soul.

3. Rebel love

A photo that has a certain rebellious touch. There is still a long way to go, but together it will be easier.

4. Book of love

A beautiful combination of colors that match romance and romantic love. Do you know that colors affect our emotions? You can find out in our article: “Colors and emotions: how do they work together?”.

5. Balloons and hearts

A beautiful photo, in which lovers look at each other and time stands still. It doesn’t matter when we’re together.

6. Lights of love

A simple image, but one that expresses a lot. Love is what makes us happiest, it is our light.

7. Kisses on the shore

Few situations are as romantic as strolling along the beach, at sunset, holding hands. A wonderful, immortalized kiss. A unique moment.

8. Door to my soul

A beautiful photo. Love is hidden within us. The flame is in our heart.

9. Paris: city of love

Paris is without a doubt the most romantic city in the world. Even the pigeons surrender to its beauty.

    10. Hearts and colors

    Lots of hearts and a colorful chord with love. A nice photo to use on Facebook.

    11. My love on a pendant

    There are many romantic gifts. A classic to offer to your partner is hanging. However, there are many other gifts for your sweetheart: “12 amazing gifts for your partner (special Valentine’s Day)”.

    12. Blue love

    A photo in which the word “love” can be seen in English. A very striking color.

    13. All we need is love

    We escaped everywhere! “All we need is love” (all we need is love).

    14. A bouquet for my wife

    A photo that represents the purest love. A man can be seen waiting to deliver a bouquet of flowers.

    15. Love at dusk

    A beautiful view of the city, but above all: that we are together.

    16. Always together

    When love is eternal, it is because it is ripe. This type of love has a number of characteristics that you can check out in our article: “Mature love: why is second love better than first?”.

    17. One heart for all

    Several hearts of different colors. A nice photo to share.

    18. i love you

    A nice word. A simple photo, but that says a lot.

    19. Lots of seashells and a love

    For those who love the sea and the coast. In this photo appears a heart made of seashells.

    20. All together

    A curious image in which the hands of several people shape a heart.

    21. A rose with emotion

    The rose is the flower associated with love. A beautiful photo full of colors.

    22. Female heart

    An image that symbolizes love. Ideal for Valentine’s Day.

    23. Paint our love

    Lovers draw their own love. A very original image.

    24. Our romantic story

    An image that can be understood as a love story written by two lovers.

    25. love me

    A beautiful image in which we can see a writing in English which means “love me”.

    26. The daisy says … yes!

    A heart made of daisies. In the rain and in the sun, the daisy said … yes!

    27. It’s never too late to love

    No matter what age, it’s never too late to give your heart to someone else.

    28. Night love

    An impressive photo in which you can see two people in love in the dark and in the snow.

    29. Hearts and petals

    A few rose petals next to a heart. Love, love and more love.

    30. Seal our love

    A heart-shaped padlock. Two people who love each other are not separated.

    31. Candle in love

    The flame of love burns in a heart shaped candle. A very romantic photo.

    32. Our love blossoms

    A very well worked image. Flowers and heart representing love.

    33. Fall love

    Although spring is the time of year associated with love. fall is also a great time to love.

    34. Romantic melody

    For musicians, those who write a beautiful love song with their partner.

    35. A toast for us

    It’s amazing to find the person who loves you and gives their all for you. You have to toast for love.

    36. For life

    Marriage is the culmination of a beautiful love story. Marriage is an unforgettable moment in a person’s life.

    37. Our love in a ball

    A very beautiful image, in which we can see a heart inside a glass ball.

    38. Leaving our seal on the tree

    Many people have left a memory of their love engraved on a tree.

    39. Innocent love

    A magical image, in which we can see a girl holding a heart.

    40. The result of our love

    There is nothing better than having a child with the person you love. This is what this photo is about.

    41. Romantic coffee

    How good it feels with a coffee when your great love is with you.

    42. Take me with you

    I go where you tell me, we’ll never go our separate ways.

    43. Love, sweet love

    Very colorful, many hearts and different love messages: first kiss, kiss me, tell me yes, forever

    44. United to the end

    A padlock in the image of a heart. United forever until the end.

    45. Youthful love

    There is something special about the love of adolescents. It’s very intense and marks forever.

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