6 love tests to apply to your relationships

Love tests don’t have to be about things we ask of each other so that he shows how much he believes in the relationship. In any case, they can be understood as something much more constructive: a way of knowing, in an approximate way, if the emotional bond which unites two people is strong or if, on the contrary, what maintains a couple has nothing to do with it. do with that. .

Below we will see a proposal for a list of love tests so that, all fair, they can be used on a daily basis. The challenge is to observe the relationship as a couple and stop to ask yourself if there are any emotions between two people that make you think of a shared and exciting project.

    Help to find out if it’s true love

    Love is always complicated, But we can do something simpler. Specifically, we have several options for knowing, roughly, when a relationship has a solid foundation and when it doesn’t.

    And there are many ways to create a relationship in which the emotional connection is weak or almost nonexistent. Think, for example, of less assertive people who are afraid to say no so as not to disturb the other. When a relationship begins, it’s possible that even if the love isn’t reciprocated, you still don’t face the decision not to keep giving false hope.

    Another example is that of manipulative people who start dating someone out of interest. In these cases, the relationship is based on someone trying by all means to make the other person practically addicted to the relationship, and for that he uses lies and deceit that fuel emotional blackmail.

    Finally, something much simpler can also happen: this love ends but the routine and habits of the relationship continue to be perpetuated. In these cases, the feeling of the other can be mistaken for the fear of ending an entire lifestyle.

    Love tests to assess the strength of relationships

    To detect these undesirable situations as quickly as possible, and in the absence of couples therapy, nothing like resorting to love tests.

    1. He doesn’t mind showing love in front of others.

    There are a lot of people who are very reluctant to show their loving feelings to friends or other family, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change in certain situations. And … if being with the partner isn’t enough of an excuse to show the more emotional side in front of others, what is it?

    First it is difficult to get carried away and offer clear signs of affection to the other person if there are more people watching, but in the end and in the head, the pleasure of sharing these moments should more than compensate for this embarrassment that others see us with different eyes. Expressing your feelings is not a crime.

    2. Show an equal attitude

    Many people think that trials of love are all about being pampered on their own, from breakfast in bed to letting the other person always choose which restaurant to dine on. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, and in fact it is something perfectly consistent with the behavior of a manipulative person or a partner who feels guilty and “trades” those small sacrifices for times when he does. falls into infidelity.

    Instead, one of the best proofs of love is combine this care with times when you communicate with confidence what are their own interests. After all, a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is not a child, and treating each other as a minor involves denying their adult and responsible status. In these cases, an illusion is felt.

    3. Invest in listening

    One of the situations where it is most noticeable if the relationship is based on love and empathy is in conversations. It is at such times that the only thing we need to pay attention to is the other person’s point of view. Not his physical contact or his livelihood, but his words and his speech. Talking face to face is opening a window on the mental world of the other, Means active listening.

    Thus, face-to-face conversations and dialogue situations are one of the best proofs of love: if there is an interest in the mental characteristics of our partner, it shows in our attitude, our language not. verbal, and the presence or absence of impatience for him to finish speaking. It is very useful to pay attention to this regularly, although we have to keep in mind that fatigue can also create distractions which are not caused by a lack of love.

    4. Open conversations regularly

    What do we do when we love someone passionately? At least, think about this person very often. And, in these times, a good way to understand how often this happens is the number of phone and social media conversations our partner initiates.

    Excess is always bad, of course, and being constantly texting indicates that something is wrong (perhaps jealousy or mistrust), but the relative lack of attempts to get in touch while you’re not in the same place is a reason to ask if everything is okay. good. Which brings us to the next point.

    5. Ask how you feel

    A relationship is not just a life story to invest time and resources in. It is also a place where we will pay attention to each other, to see how useful we can be. That is why something as simple as asking “how are you feeling?” It is such a powerful tool and, on the other hand, a demonstration of love.

    6. He has no trouble apologizing

    Even the most perfect couples are full of mistakes. This is why, when they present themselves on the other person’s side, it is good to be careful if they apologize, and the way they do it. After all, if pride weighs more than the will of the other to feel betterSomething is wrong with this relationship.

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