6 very common communication problems in relationships

Every relationship goes through good times and also bad times; But, there are recurring communication problems in cohabitation which can cause malfunctions there. Knowing how to identify and resolve these kinds of difficulties is essential for keeping the relationship in good condition and helping us to be happy.

There is no magic solution to having the perfect relationship with that person we love, but there are a few keys that help strengthen the relationship and take it to the next level.

    6 communication problems that affect many relationships

    These are some of the most common communication problems in relationships, each explained with their possible solutions.

    1. Jealousy

    Jealousy they are one of the consequences of the lack of communication that can exist in a couple: Due to the lack of information, we are more likely to develop thoughts with the ability to worry and feel bad about what might happen in the future.

    It is relatively common to find cases of couples who feel jealous at some point in the relationship, or that our partner feels them; however, any kind of misunderstanding should be clarified as soon as possible so that they do not become widespread.

    And is if we start to be suspicious of the other person, we are faced with a sign of poor communication in the relationship, And this needs to be fixed, otherwise things may get worse or ‘explode’ at some point.

    The recurring jealousy of a member of the couple is almost always the symptom of a situation of mistrust on the other hand. Therefore, to solve this problem, we must regain the trust of our partner through honest dialogue and that gets to the bottom of it.

      2. Not knowing how to apologize

      Another of the communication problems that arise in relationships that end up breaking down is the inability of one or both members to apologize to each other. Knowing how to apologize is one of the most recognizable signs of maturity, empathy and respect for the other person.

      So, to build a good relationship, we have to learn to apologize whenever it is necessary and to repair the damage.

      3. Suppose talking about everyday life is a waste of time

      There are people who are reluctant to have a healthy relationship, such as those who they cannot share what is going on in their life with the other person.

      In fact, in a relationship, anything that happens to us can be commented on and deserves attention if we have felt it. It is about sharing both the good and the bad that happen to us, knowing how to communicate to our partner everything that happens to us in life and that concerns us.

      And this is it knowing how to share the evil that makes us suffer is as important as sharing these good things that happen to us in our daily life, And this includes sharing feelings, emotions, situations of pain or sadness, but also to assert oneself, that is to say to know how to communicate to the other what we want at all moment, effectively and without harming it in any way.

      4. Lack of listening

      A fundamental part of any relationship is knowing how to listen to the other person. While this might sound like a cliché, it is something we need to keep in mind if we are to have our relationship going well, because sometimes we can pay too much attention to our approaches or our willpower, not listening to what the other person has to bring.

      Many relationships break down due to one member’s not listening, or due to a problem with listening and mutual attention between the two. By actively listening to our partner and responding to their needs, dreams and aspirations, we will improve the future of our relationship and its stability, avoiding ambiguous situations.

        5. Loss of respect

        This is one of the issues that can encompass anything that has been listed. Respect is the fundamental pillar of a relationship and by extension of any close relationship, whether between friends or family.

        In fact, these types of attacks prevent us from establishing normal communication links because they are he enters into a dynamic of struggle for the ego.

        When we lose the respect of the other person, or both members of the couple lose respect, we are faced with a situation that is difficult to save, but which in some cases can channel to get the relationship back. Respect consists, in short, of treat the other person as we would like to be treatedIn this way, we will find a respectful relationship.

        6. Frequent discussions

        Having discussions with the person with whom we share our life is common, another thing different is to enter into a dynamic of constant discussions as it happens in some couples.

        In order not to transform the discussion and the confrontation into the usual state of our relationship, it is advisable to put into practice all the above, be empathetic and put yourself in the other’s shoes, be respectful, listen and share always our feelings that affect us the most.

        The best option: therapy

        Couples therapy is a form of psychological intervention in which communication skills and communication in general are worked a lot. In fact, it’s not so much an arbitration between two parties, but a learning process in which both members of the relationship develop and learn to manage their emotions and translate them into words, among other things.

        If you would like to contact me to have therapy sessions online or face to face, go to this page.

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