64 questions for your boyfriend (to get to know him better)

Our partner is one of the most important people in our lives, what started as a strong attraction for this person, today is our great love, the person with whom we want to share the rest of our lives.

But do you really know your partner? In this article you can find a list of questions you can ask your boyfriend to get to know him better.

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    Get to know your partner better with 64 questions

    Obviously, if you spend time with him, you are more likely to get to know him better than if you are in the first few sentences of the relationship. However, these questions can help you understand it better and you might be surprised by some of your boyfriend’s responses despite the time spent courting

    This is not about interviewing your boyfriend or doing a deep analysis of his personality, it is just a way to delve deeper and know his innermost tastes and values, which will provide you with information about the person with whom you plan to share the rest of your life.

    Do you know how your boyfriend thinks?

    If you want to deepen the thought of your romantic partner, we offer you a list of possible questions that you can ask him in moments of intimacy. So keep an eye on the following lines, because your answers will interest you.

    1. If you found out I was pregnant, what would you do?

    You’re probably going to change your face when you ask her this question (if she thinks you are really pregnant), but it can be fun to see how your partner reacts.

    2. Are you conservative or liberal in your intimate relationships?

    People have our own beliefs about intimate relationships. Ideally, people who share the rest of their lives should have similar values ​​on this matter, regardless of their thoughts on it.

    3. Continuing in line with this last question, do you have any fantasies?

    A way to find out your tastes and preferences regarding moments of intimacy and also to learn about your limits in moments of intimacy.

      4. What would be the perfect day for you?

      Sometimes we think our beliefs about life are going to be shared by the rest of the world, and we don’t. Each person has their own tastes and hobbies, and we must respect. The answer to this question can give you information about hobby and your boyfriend’s tastes and what his expectations are in life.

      5. Do you have dreams in life? Which one is?

      A very useful question to find out what your partner’s expectations and goals are in your life. It also helps you know whether these goals are realistic or not.

      6. What is most important to you in a relationship?

      We all have an idyllic picture of what our love affair would look like and how the person we share the rest of our lives with should be. Some appreciate the sharing of the same tastes, others the stability, others the intelligence of their partner and others the affectionate attitude of them.

      7. Do you feel comfortable with your body?

      A question that lets you know how your boyfriend values ​​his body. A negative answer can give you information that the person does not have high self-esteem.

      8. What do you expect from me?

      It’s a way to get to know your partner. It also allows you to be clear if your boyfriend sees you as an add-on or if he is a dependent or co-dependent person.

      9. If you could move, where would you go?

      A question that can give you information about where your partner would be happy and if he likes big cities, exciting places or quiet.

      10. Do you plan to have children? How many do you have in mind?

      There are people who do not want to have children, although it may seem strange. You better find out as soon as possible if you share the same tastes as your partner in this regard.

      11. What do you like most in bed?

      Some people want to have unconventional relationships, while others value affection more and feel more loved.

      12. And what do you like to do or should you do?

      For those intimate moments, it’s best to know what your partner likes the most. Communication is essential in these types of situations.

      13. How important is the physical aspect to you?

      Many people value things like affection, stability, intelligence. However, others value physical attractiveness more than any other quality.

      14. If you had a magical light in your hands, what three wishes would you ask for?

      Another way to find out what your partner’s goals and objectives are and if he or she is including you in their future.

      15. Sushi or pasta?

      You can ask this question at the start of the relationship to find out about their culinary tastes. You will have many dinners to enjoy together.

      16. What is your favorite animal?

      If you love animals, you will know if you love dogs or cats.

      17. When do you play the most: in the morning or in the evening?

      There are people who get up early and others in the evening, so they are at a more optimal level of performance in this part of the day.

      18. What kind of music do you prefer?

      If you are a music fan, you can find out more about your partner’s musical tastes. This way you will know whether you should take it with you to the concert or not.

      19. Do I give you what you are looking for in a bride?

      An interesting question that, answered sincerely, lets you know if you are meeting your partner’s expectations and gives you information about what your partner is looking for when she is with someone.

      20. Are you afraid of life?

      Worries are something we all have. It is the best way for your boyfriend to open your heart and you can fight together to move forward.

      21. Is there something you are feeling that you would like me to hear?

      It’s a way to empathize with your sweetheart and express to yourself what their most intimate and important feelings are.

      22. Is there anything you would like to change about yourself? What?

      Your partner may have a trauma or remember a bad experience. It’s good that he is sincere with you so that you can support him.

        23. Would you like to change anything in our relationship?

        You shouldn’t be offended by the answer to this question. Everything can be improved, even your relationship.

        24. Who has been the most important person in your life?

        We all have a role model, someone who has inspired us throughout our lives. This information can help you understand your values ​​or your outlook on life.

        25. What is the most difficult time to go through?

        There are people who keep certain things to themselves because they don’t like them to appear weak. However, revealing this type of information can unite you.

        26. What was the most important moment in your life?

        The answer to this question can reveal what makes you truly happy.

        27. Where would you like to rest for a few days?

        Useful information on whether your partner needs a break and where you can go for a few days.

        28. What is most exciting about privacy?

        Another way of telling your partner to confess to you is what really brings you to the edge of desire so you can please them.

        29. What kind of life would you like to lead (if the money was not necessary)?

        This question can reveal the couple’s true desires, those they hide deep in their hearts.

        30. What what do you like most about me?

        A straightforward question that gives you information about what you value most about yourself.

        31 What is your favorite book?

        Does your partner read? and if so, what does he like to read? Not enough people read it every day. Let him tell you his tastes and thus you will know if he is more of a philosopher or if he likes the romantic novel.

        32. Action or humor cinema?

        The answer to this question can give you information as to whether he is a serious person or, on the contrary, is a guy with a sense of humor. Without a doubt, one of the most appreciated qualities when you have a partner.

        33. What rules did you break when you were a teenager?

        Everyone has a story to tell about their teenage years, whether it’s skipping school or trying marijuana. Find out what he was like when he was young.

        34. What bothers you the most about mine?

        Sincerity on this matter should not bother you. Communication is essential for the relationship to improve.

        35. What is your opinion on infidelity? Have you ever been unfaithful?

        With this question you can what your partner thinks of an infidelity. It also gives you information about their values ​​around this topic.

        36. What does love mean to you?

        Love can mean different things to people. This question is important to find out whether the person has a realistic view of love, which is called mature love.

          37. Do you have any secrets that you have not revealed to me?

          Maybe after this question I confess something to you that I never told you.

          38. What is the most committed thing that has happened to you?

          We have all had embarrassing situations in our lives where we have had a hard time.

          39. How do you see this relationship in 5 years?

          This question will give you information about their level of commitment to your relationship.

          40. What do you think of my mother?

          It is important that if yours gets along well with your mother, he too.

          41. What do you think of marriage?

          More and more people are reluctant to get married. If your idea is to get married, it is good that he tells you what he thinks about this subject.

          42. Do you regret what you have done for a living?

          It’s good to be told that stuff because that way there aren’t any secrets in the relationship.

          43. Do you think people change?

          This question can be used to find out to what extent the other person believes in essences, in which there is something in us that never changes, or if on the contrary they believe that we are completely evolving from the passage of time and with the passage of experiences.

          44. Do you attach importance to the celebration of birthdays from the time of our meeting?

          A question to know if in couple this type of dates is valued with a symbolic relevance, or not.

          45. Do you like to post selfies of the two together?

          It sounds silly, but in reality selfies, which can now become a good loan to the public image of a couple, can be hated by people “forced” to participate in these simple rituals.

          There are life philosophies that collide with the idea of ​​constantly showing others what’s going on, but many prefer not to contradict their partner so as not to look bad when asked to take a photo for publication. on the Internet.

          46. ​​What would you give up for love?

          Know their priorities in life and the degree of involvement in the relationship.

          47. Do you think that love lasts only three years?

          While science points to the three years as the beginning of the end of love, not everyone sees it that way.

          48. Which song do you think best sums up our relationship?

          There are song lyrics that have the incredible power to remind us of a special someone.

          49. Would you go on a backpacking trip with no money with me?

          Such an adventure serves to get to know each other better and to strengthen ties even in extreme situations.

          50. What do you think are the pillars of our relationship?

          Good time to philosophize and discuss the moral and practical values ​​that should govern your dating.

          51. Which of my friends do you like the most? And worse?

          To find out which social relationships you see with good eyes, and which you prefer to avoid.

          52. Do you feel jealous when I talk to my ex-boyfriend?

          One of those situations that almost inevitably arouses suspicion.

          53. What would the ideal house for living together look like?

          A good idea: imagine and dream about the possibility of a love nest.

          54. What movie did you see that you would like to see in mine?

          You might be expecting a romantic movie, but your boyfriend will surprise you with something you weren’t expecting.

          55. Do you think we are soul mates, or do we complement each other instead?

          A good question to know if you consider yourself similar or rather complementary.

          56. What do you think is the biggest obstacle we need to overcome in order to strengthen our relationship?

          All couples have a cloud that needs to be cleared to keep everything working.

          57. Is it important for you to have a wedding anniversary?

          A detail that some people like a lot and others don’t.

          58. Do you think we are good at choosing where to travel?

          Explore common tastes in travel.

          59. What does it mean to you to be unfaithful?

          Not everyone has the same definition of this concept so relevant in the world of couples.

          60. Do you think our personalities complement each other?

          Another way to know the compatibility of each.

          61. Are you having fun with my friends?

          A question to avoid unnecessary moments of boredom.

          62. What hurts you the most about not being successful?

          Knowing your partner’s frustrations is also a way to better understand it.

          63. What is your main goal for next year?

          Consider the most important motivations.

          64. In which country do you think we could live together?

          One way to speculate on a future together elsewhere.

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