At what age, on average, do we find our half orange?

Our orange half, our other half … are popular expressions when talking about love and relationships, and although there is no shortage of reasons to criticize such concepts, many people understand emotional relationships as a perfect fit between two people. Since we started to feel attracted to someone, a doubt can arise. Is this the right person for me?

Many times, moreover, another doubt is added to this question: am I ready or ready to begin the final relationship? Is it too early? In short, it’s interesting to know, on average, how old most people are when they start dating the couple they’ll be staying with for most of their lives.

Below we will see what scientific research says on a very interesting topic: At what age do we find our orange half?

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Definition of our “half-orange”

There is no design or exact terminology to determine what the half-orange is, that ideal couple with whom we will share (or would like to share) our trips, our accommodation, our friends … in short, the rest. of our life.

On the other hand, generally speaking and after a close consensus between experts in social psychology and in romantic relationships, our orange half is the person who makes us feel in a special and unique way, who transmits love to good and to ripe good. or which add value to our daily life, and with which we form an emotional relationship based on certain commitments. In other words, he’s someone who in our favorite life we ​​give privileged treatment just for being who he is and for agreeing to be a part of the relationship.

What are the conditions that define it?

Experts point out that the conditions for the meeting of a stable love to take place are diverse and different in nature. Previous experiences, the expectations we have created (These are very influential) and the specific vital moment we find ourselves in are some of the bases that should facilitate the meeting with the orange half.

The other conditions which determine the phenomenon are generally socio-cultural or working conditions. In other words, the environment in which we find ourselves may be more or less conducive to relating with people in whom we see a romantic interest. Imagine a person working weekends, weekends and holidays and barely having the money to support himself; it will cost a little more in this regard to socialize with other people, among other things for lack of time.

    At what age do we usually find our final partner?

    As we have seen before, and given the fantasy of love and fate, it is difficult to decide in science when is the last age to find our orange half. In some cases, we reach a very early age, where the first couple is the one with whom we end up sharing our life. In others, it is usually in old age and even after losing hope. however, it is possible to detect general statistical patterns, Beyond extraordinary cases.

    A large sample was recently taken from a group of people of both sexes on the Match dating portal, from which a study was launched in which data on the love life of about 6,000 people was collected.

    In the experiment, it was concluded that the average age to find our half-orange is more or less at 27 years old. In his opinion, eThis is the best time to find the love of our lives.

    However, the same study found differences between men and women. Considering the former, they tend to stabilize their love life at 28, unlike women who do at a surprisingly early age of 25.

    The importance of romantic disappointments

    So there are some clues to think that, statistically, we find the orange half in old age to adulthood, Having acquired mental and physical maturity. More precisely, between 27 and 28 years old and, above all, after having failed in several previous relationships.

    These past failures allow us to better “filter” in love and that we don’t spend a lot of time and effort being with people who in a short time turn out to be incompatible with us due to their personalities or habits.

    Infidelity as a precedent

    Another expert portal on the subject, Dating, says of Women they will have had at least 3 serious relationships before finding their ultimate love. Men, meanwhile, will have consumed no less than 6 serious relationships in order to be able to mate forever.

    Moreover, and here is the interesting thing, in both groups will have suffered or lived a bad experience caused mainly by a case of infidelity. No sex presents any differences in the face of such a peculiarity. This explains the number of relationships they will have between them before a lasting love.

      Love is not sought, it is found

      Although there are patterns, profiles and other characteristics that define our half-orange, we should not fall into the error of relying on statistical and purely scientific data, because love is not an exact equation.

      For this reason, and in reference to another study conducted by the Discovery Channel, it was determined that couples who are committed to getting married or sharing the rest of their lives with their true love, these they at least waited for it.

      Three in five men say their current partner does not have the prototype woman they dreamed of as a teenager or puberty. In the case of women, the same thing happens: they were tied at the least moment. with the person they would have least attached to according to their physical standards.

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