Attractive women negate men’s ability to think rationally

A study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience showed that men lose the ability to think rationally when talking to beautiful women, And are willing to accept offers that are not at all advantageous to them if asked for a pretty girl. Attractive women can not only cause men to stop thinking rationally and accept offers that bring them no benefit, but they can easily manipulate men, the study confirms.

So it seems that female beauty it has an effect on the perception that men have of justice and injustice. the psychologist Anthony Little, In an interview with the Huffington Post, states that “People behave very well with attractive people. It was known. Now, this study reveals that people are also more tolerant of attractive people when they behave in such an unfair manner, suggesting that people may be more selfish in their lives because their beauty will make them forgive. “

Study data and their conclusions

The study involved 21 students from Zhejiang University in China. The subjects viewed 300 photographs showing the faces of Chinese women. Half of them were attractive and the other half were not very graceful physically (this was another group of subjects that determined which women were attractive and not).

Participants were then asked to decide whether or not to share a small amount of money with each girl (in some cases fairly and in others the distribution was unfair). Their brain waves and response times were measured at all times.

Men were more likely to accept offers from attractive womenBut it took a bit longer to decide which offers weren’t fair. Wave data showed increased brain activity (especially in the reinforcement area) when men interacted with attractive women.

The data also showed that men were nicer to attractive women, Even knowing that they would not have a date with them. “This suggests that the motivations for being nice to attractive people have nothing to do with conscious decisions to maximize our benefits,” Little says.

In addition, “these results are in agreement with previous findings in this area: people act more pleasantly with attractive people. Attractive women can stand out with cruel acts because of their beauty,” concludes researcher Albert Little.

Attractive women are more selfish

According to another research published in Evolution and Human Behavior, and conducted by scientists at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), attractive women are less cooperative and more selfish.

Women (but perhaps also men) who consider themselves beautiful display less altruistic behaviors. According to Enrique Turiégano, director of the study, “it may be because they are treated better, and therefore need less than others to meet their needs”.

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