Bearded men are more attractive and tie up more, study finds

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The beard is a trend and many men already wear it, Each faithful to his personal style. Fashion has reached such a point that many hairdressers and barber shops have signed up for the cart and offer a myriad of services for trimming, combing and straightening the beard.

Why are beards so trendy?

According to Félix, owner of a chain of hairdressers and barbers in the province of Barcelona, ​​“The trend of growing beards is closely linked to fashion, and this is very much influenced by the style of famous people., As as athletes or actors, but also a very important factor for this trend to emerge so strongly is that man now has more time for leisure and to take care of. Beard fashion started to become popular in magazines and on television. But it has also been a boom for the diversity of different styles suitable for each person. “

Facial hair, according to Felix, denotes personality and a creative spirit.

Hippies, hipsters, oversexuals …

It is possible to guess the “urban tribe” just by looking at the thickness of the beard. Usually, the densest beards match the aesthetic plugged, hippie chic O overexual, And see Brown.

Mustaches are also back in fashion after two decades in which only José María Aznar and a stronghold of the elect have worn it unashamedly. He even created a fashion for dropping a mustache for a month to fight prostate cancer.

What are the benefits of wearing a beard?

Among the reasons why many men of this era in which we live decided to grow their beards, several stand out. aesthetic and psychological motivations. Men who shave are more attached: women find them more manly, attractive and physically strong than men who are shaved. This has been shown by a scientific study. But there is more.

1. You will tie more

“Wearing a two-week beard makes men much more attractive to women,” point out psychologists Barnaby Dixon and Bob Brooks. The experiment which led to this conclusion was conducted at South Wales University and published in Evolution & Human Behavior.

In addition, other research conducted at the University of Northumbria and published in Personality and Individual Differences provided a curious conclusion: “People who wear their faces shaved they have fewer attributes associated with masculinity and are more docile“.

2. Increased status and authority

A study coordinated by Paul Vasey and Barnaby Dixson came to this surprising (or not) conclusion. They photographed a series of participants, first bearded and then shaved, showing facial expressions of anger and happiness. Then they showed the photos to a group of men of different nationalities, who they judged strong and with more social prestige those who wore the beard.

3. They will see you as more mature

“Facial hair it makes others feel that the person wearing it is older than they actually are. Specifically, they tend to be perceived as being two years older than they are, ”says Ángel Barber, one of the main promoters of the Movember initiative.

4. Wearing a beard is an iron sign of health

A study published in the journal Science and commissioned by evolutionary biologists Marlene Zuk and William Hamilton concluded that wearing a beard is a way to be healthy. Apparently, this is because, historically, facial hair was a hotbed of parasites and infections. Men who wore beards were seen as stronger and resilient because they challenged the adverse health effects associated with it.

5. Bearded men … are they prettier?

Many men grow their facial hair to hide skin imperfections, unsightly marks or any asymmetry of the jaws. It’s not that shaving makes you irresistible, but it can work in your favor.

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