Call by WhatsApp: 10 keys to chat effectively

the How are you and social networking has become an indispensable tool for any type of human relationship. Knowing how to use WhatsApp will help us be more successful in our romantic relationships.

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We can be the kings of face to face flirtation and get a thousand phone numbers in one night, but if we don’t learn to manage our time and our charisma for WhatsApp, it will be pointless.

Here are ten things you need to keep in mind to have effective communication and prevent your relationships from getting lost in your phone book. Connection via WhatsApp is possible, if you know how!

1. What is your goal?

We must not lose sight of the fact that if we are having a conversation on WhatsApp it is because we want to stay with that person face to face. Everything we do directly and indirectly must be meant to stay with that person and prepare the interaction for the real world.

We behave in a coherent manner and move towards our goal with the awareness that human relationships are not always linear and always two-way: the person behind the screen is a human visitor; we act accordingly.

2. Have a reason

To have one because it is crucial and must exist before we even have your phone number. Being very clear about why we care about the person in front of us will help us start a conversation because the other person does not perceive us as typical ligation who talks to anyone.

  • By the way: it’s important that you know in advance how not to tie. I recommend you to read “The 8 mistakes of seduction for beginners”.

Remembering the conversation we had will be vital in showing this girl that we care about her and have a genuine interest in her.

3. Get their attention

Once we are clear about our purpose and why we want to know it, we need to generate interest and create expectations real and appropriate. Let’s not fall for used topical phrases. Calling via WhatsApp is not about that.

You might be talking to other guys let’s be the one really worth it because he is good at expressing himself and has attractive tastes and hobbies. We get to know our strengths in order to display them appropriately.

4. Effectively use the law of scarcity

We value the rare things more than the abundant ones. Look, if not, at the expensive perfume jars; they always go in small jars, while inexpensive perfumes usually go in large two-liter jars.

Let’s be that dear little pot of perfume. This means that we do not give our time or attention at any cost. Always being willing to chat with her and being overly approachable will make us one more of the hundreds of guys who go after them. We spend our time on productive things and little time paying attention to WhatsApp. Everything in this life is not just about dating via WhatsApp …

As we have already pointed out, our aim is to stay with them face to face. Focus on creating expectations. This does not mean that we cannot have long discussions, it is important to generate complicity, but let us be aware that the speech must be beneficial to us: our time is golden.

5. Assertiveness

Our communication must be effective. Learning to say things honestly and clearly will be helpful in making the other person understand that we don’t want to be their friend (and therefore we are not willing to stay in the “Friendzone”) and we don’t want to be their “cybernovios” either. We are people who know what we want and are not afraid to ask for it correctly.

Learning a few assertive communication tips will help us know how to communicate our desires and get a response.

6. Know-

If our goal is to stay in person, our path to achieving this goal is the real interest in meeting the girl which is hidden behind the screen. We like to discover aspects of his life, interests, tastes and hobbies.

All of this information will be an inexhaustible source of conversations and reasons to be able to stay with that person. Do not fall into superficiality or banalities that do not allow us to access their feelings or ours. It is important to try to really get to know the other person and to focus more on their emotions than ours in order to be able to communicate with them.

7. Personality line

It is important to make a stop along the way to emphasize that ours personality 2.0. it must be exactly like our 1.0 personality.

We take advantage of maximize us and show the best of us without needing to lie or hide our flaws. Let’s be ourselves and let the tool work in our favor. Link by WhatsApp it should not mean creating a fictitious personality but improving our way of being, What we do and what we want.

8. Conversation

We adapt our message to the context and learn to write effectively and correctly. We are looking for resources to differentiate our communication from that of others by valuing our personality. To link through WhatsApp, we only have written resources and emoticons, as well as photos and videos.

We use these resources in an original way to be able to convey our 2.0 personality. with insurance. A good way to do this is count our daily life from an emotional point of view talk about our feelings about what happened to us today. Emoticons will help us to effectively illustrate the message even if we do not overdo it because we can be left as little children who do not take themselves seriously. We find games and unique ways of speaking that make our conversation different from everyone else. We take advantage of the conversation to be able to stay in person.

9. Qualification

If in the previous point we underlined the importance of an adequate and affirmed communication, in this point we must learn to value his. Explain clearly that we like his personality and what he is telling us and why it will make the other person feel appreciated by us and, therefore, we will make them feel special.

We respect their feelings just as much as we like them to respect ours. It is important to generate appropriate intimacy with our message; we avoid being out of date and we appreciate its true qualities. One way to stay is to allege that WhatsApp tools are limited and it would be nice to be able to share this so interesting that he’s telling us face to face.

10. Share

WhatsApp allows you to send photos, Videos, location and voice messages. These tools are very useful to illustrate our personality. A picture is better than a thousand words. We add to our text a little of our privacy thanks to these options that the application allows us.

Besides being able to share internet links with which we can share songs, websites and other interests that we have. Calling through WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to be versatile and fun: enjoy it And, since we are here, don’t forget us and do us a favor; unless we can see it very clearly and it matches, neither ask nor send pictures of guarrindongas (Practice known as sexting): the icing on the cake is put at the end.

Conclusion …

In short, the world 2.0. it doesn’t differ much from 1.0. Knowing how to use the tools offered by WhatsApp and knowing how to communicate correctly in writing will do so we draw their attention and we can get to know the person we met in that nightclub, properly and appropriately.

Linking through WhatsApp isn’t a pipe dream, but there are some important things to keep in mind. We do not abuse the application and take the time, outside and inside the network, to generate expectations and be able to have an appointment.

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