Couples who go to therapy and work as a team are happier

Living as a couple involves facing certain challenges that are a natural part of the relationship between two people with different life paths. Living in harmony and seeking balance between both parties requires both individuals to be able to grow and adapt to the changes that will inevitably occur.

In my experience of over 20 years, I have observed that challenges strengthen couples when they face each other responsibly and both people decide to work as a team towards common goals.

    What are the main challenges that couples are currently facing?

    Living in Cancún, this beautiful city that many call “paradise”, carries with it the challenge of adapting in many ways: to the climate, to living away from family and friends of origin, to the schedules and calendars that often depend on tourist activity. , seek a healthier lifestyle… And in many cases, the challenge is even to adapt to have a better lifestyle.

    One of the most common challenges is take a healthy distance from the cell phone and social networks. Cell phone excess in many ways has led to distraction and estrangement between couple members if the proper use of the technology at hand is not constantly considered.

    When it comes to social media, the time we spend uploading photos and content, showing off our dishes, dreaming trips, or interacting with other people through the screen has increased. In this case, the challenge is to be able to disconnect and spend more time in life “face to face” and respect the conversations you have with your partner.look her in the eye, maintain the dialogue with empathy and move away from the “smartphone” for as long as necessary.

    It is important that we have control over the time we spend browsing any social network and not the other way around, that Instagram or TikTok dominate us with their beautiful photos and entertaining videos.

    Another important factor that I have had to work with in recent years is young couples who come to Cancun and have one or two children who are usually under 12 years old. For “this team”, the challenge is accommodate their work and personal activities in order to support and move forward with the most balanced dynamic possible. Today, mom and dad share the responsibility of their children and in this city they will have to seek or create their support network so as not to neglect their relationship.

      What are the benefits of couples therapy?

      The main benefits that can be obtained when a couple decides to go for therapy are as follows.

      1. Improved communication

      It’s not a myth, communication is the basis and it’s the essence of a good relationship. In therapy, people acquire tools to learn to listen to “others” and to express their point of view with clarity and respect.

        2. Change the perspective of both people

        Therapy helps to understand more clearly what is going on in the relationship and from the other’s “point of view”. During the therapeutic process, the habit of finding out who is to blame is broken and replaced by a work plan to reach agreements and commitments that can be fulfilled.

          3. Strengthen the relationship

          Therapy improves self-esteem and quality of life for each person. As a result, the couple improves, and the relationship grows and strengthens.

            Recommendations for people who want to improve their relationship

            It is especially important take a break from the rhythm of life they lead, identify in time what is happening to them and act accordingly.

            When the lack of tolerance in everyday life becomes present and anger begins to be more constant, when mistrust “moves into the room of the house”, when one stops having fun or decreases one’s activity in life sexual, it’s time to go see a specialist to help them get out of the crisis and reconnect as a couple.

            These days, seeking help from a professional psychologist is just as important as going to the gym, nutritionist, or specialist to work on particular issues. Investing in our emotional health is a need that must be met responsible and has the great advantage of being the catalyst for the changes necessary to achieve the goals we want to achieve in the short term, thus achieving a better quality of life.

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