Do women prefer strong or thin men? Science responds

There is a lot of talk about the importance of physical appearance in attracting others, Especially when it comes to relationships. While some people say physique is extremely important when it comes to dating, others think women value other things: intelligence, socioeconomic status, cultural level, demonstrations. affection, etc.

Psychologists have also long been trying to find out more about what appeals to us and captivates us, what attracts us to the opposite sex. In today’s article, we will review the results of some studies that address this topic, and in particular, physical attractiveness.

Is physical attractiveness important?

Trying to answer this question is not at all easy. To start, ugliness or guapura are extremely subjective concepts. You’ve probably heard the popular saying “for colorful tastes” before. Because a girl may seem attractive to one girl, she may not be attractive to another.

Sure, guys with good genetics will like it more, but that doesn’t mean they conquer all women. Each person is a world and gives importance to one thing or another. so Is physical attractiveness important? Perhaps. But is it essential or the only thing that matters? Obviously not.

So what is it that really sticks? What attracts you the most is surely a special personality. There are people who are a real magnet for women for the way they act and how they behave. Perhaps the most appreciated quality is that they have great self-confidence.

    Confidence makes us show ourselves as we are in front of others and improves our non-verbal language and our communication in general. The tone of voice, a big smile, and a relaxed demeanor help create a good connection with others. If we treat them with respect, we will surely love them and remember them positively. It is clear that if we combine these qualities with a good physique, we will have more chances to seduce.

    However, there will always be people who value other things and have other tastes. For example, intelligence or a common hobby.

      Muscular or thin guys? Some scientific data in this regard

      But what exactly does science say about physical attractiveness? You would think that a strong, muscular body attracts women, which is why many men walk into the gym with the intention of leaving girls speechless just by taking off their t-shirts. However, such attempts to seduce in this way could be called into question if data from one study is confirmed published in the British newspaper Daily Mail.

      For this study, the researchers used three boys as models, with three different types of physical build: Laszlo, the muscular; Danny, looking young and thin; and Daniel, a thin-skinned hipster. The results showed that the women preferred Danny with 40%, followed by Daniel with 31% and Lazlo, with 29%, came last. Obviously, they might like Daniel’s face more and that’s why they chose him. What is clear is that women did not go for the physique or the muscles in particular..

      And what about the muscular and the “fofisanos”?

      In the previous case, the thin subjects still had a good physique, they just weren’t as bulky as the muscular body. But what about guys who aren’t thin or strong, who are just normal?

      That’s what Hayley Quinn, a dating expert, wondered. To answer this question, he designed an experiment in which women subjected to his experiment had to choose between three models. Two with a normal body, the one known as fofisano, and another muscular. Results showed that women preferred men with normal bodies. The expert concluded that “we all have different tastes. Not all women want an Olympic athlete as a couple.”

      Another research, conducted by sex therapist Tracey Cox, concluded that women prefer real men and don’t strive for perfection in bed or physically. According to the results of his study, 75% of UK women prefer a man with belly fat to a perfect body, Because they value other qualities such as displays of affection.

      Now he argues that it could be because we don’t feel sure about our bodies, and being with someone who has a perfect body forces us to live with very high expectations. Outraged, It seems that women miss guys who are obsessed with their looks, and sort of reject them..

        And what about the ugly ones?

        And it is that if the physicist put everything in a relation, the ugly people would have no possibility to tie. As already mentioned, each person has different needs and particular tastes. For example, in women who have the spare time to go to the gym and are obsessed with their body, it is quite possible that they will go for a muscular type. The same won’t happen with a girl who has concerns about astrophysics.

        Take a look around us to realize that the physical is not everything, and that there are ugly ones that do very well. According to some studies, ugly people bond because they have longer lasting relationships, show more affection, are better lovers, or have more confidence in themselves.

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