“Dogging” or “cancaneo”: the new sexual practice of exhibitionists and voyeurs

In recent years, a new sexual practice, the
Dogging O Cancaneo.

What is dogging?

Basically, dogging (in English) or cancaneo (in Spanish) is the sexual practice that makes a having sex in public places and having an audience that can be just “gossip” or can even have sex. Her practice began in the 1970s in the UK and is a combination of exhibitionism, voyeurism and even couple swapping.

The places where dogging or cancaneo is usually performed are usually parks, beaches, public baths, service areas or urban areas.

Origin of the word “dogging” or “cancaneo”

The term “dogging” became popular among the British as
the “snoopers” took the opportunity to walk around the gos in areas where we knew people were going to have sex (Car parks, beaches, etc.). They used the animal to disguise their true intentions.

Later, among Spanish speakers, the word “cancaneo” appeared. Some argue that this is due to the translation of “dog” into Spanish, meaning “may”. Others claim, however, that the word has become popular due to the inconvenience of many places where dogging or cancaneo is practiced,
forces participants to adopt the puppy posture.

Dogging refers to the practice of sex between heterosexuals, but if the participants are homosexual, it is called a “cruise”.

Internet: Contacts for “dogging”

The emergence of new technologies allowing contact with potential sexual partners has only increased the practice of dogging. In most cases, these meetings are arranged via the Internet. Through the network, the type of practice, the place and the time when the sexual encounter will take place are agreed upon.

In big cities like
Madrid, There are popular meeting places, such as the Paseo de la Prato, the Retiro Park or the parking lot of the Temple of Debod. Dogging enthusiasts often make their sexual fantasies come true in these places.

There are specialized pages on the net and Cancaneo fans usually meet here to do the “hangout”.

Is “dogging” a sexual disorder?

There are many types of
paraphilias, Sexual disturbances referring to sexual arousal in response to specific objects or specific situations. The problem with paraphilias stems from the difficulty a person has in waking up if the proper conditions are not in place. In paraphilias, dogging could be seen as voyeurism on the part of the viewer and exhibitionism on the part of the sexually exposed person.

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For most experts, however, dogging is clinically irrelevant as it is considered a sexual fantasy of the person practicing it. Moreover, since both people who have sex and gossip who enjoy the sex act of others,
they reached a prior agreement, A tacit agreement so that neither party is a burden of inconvenience to the other.

An exhibitionist, for example, would like to show their genitals to an unexpected person while walking. On the other hand, a person who practices voyeurism would like to watch stranger sex in secret.

Dogging is a new fad and just as successful as
couple swap (Swinger pairs). Swingers often frequent specific venues looking for sex with other couples, although they also enjoy chatting on a number of occasions. The difference between the two practices lies in the meeting places. While swingers practice sex in private, dogging enthusiasts practice it in public spaces.

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