How do you know if a relationship is healthy?

Relationships can go through many ups and downs, but that doesn’t necessarily tell us if it’s going well or not. Every relationship is unique, and the tools they have to deal with issues can be very diverse.

However, there are certain behaviors and attitudes that can tell us if a relationship is on the right track. These signs that a relationship is going well are sometimes subtle, while others are very obvious such as that there is respect or that they both get along well with each other’s family.

Below, we’ll learn about several of these signs, understanding how important they are to relationship health.

    The 15 signs that a relationship is going well

    Each couple is different and unique, just like the people who compose it, so multiple variables will intervene, individual, social, cultural, family, etc., which will influence the dynamics that are established in the relationship, our relationship to each other. . other.

    However, it can be said that there are a number of universal signals that tell us if the relationship is going well or, conversely, has a problem that it must overcome if it is to endure in the long term.

    Of course each pair goes through stages, but certain behaviors and attitudes in them can tell us how healthy the relationship is. Below we will find out in detail what are the 15 signs that our relationship is going well.

    1. Mutual respect is practiced

    Any healthy romantic relationship is based on mutual respect. If mocking behaviors, derogatory comments, manipulation, control over space, and privacy appear in the relationship, it will be a sign that the relationship is not in balance. In extreme cases where there is no respect we would find situations of physical and psychological abuse.

      2. There is active listening

      A key aspect of any relationship is that there is good communication and this manifests in the form of fruitful comments. In other words, it is our partner responds to what we say in the form of gestures of support and understanding, as well as responding to what we ask and shows emotional reactions agreements to what we say.

      An example of not actively listening, listening, would be if our partner often starts looking at the phone when we want to share experiences or have a conversation, as this will increase the disconnection between the two.

        3. There is a strong bond

        Complicity is one of the best signs that a relationship is going well. In a good relationship, the point of knowing one another is so great that a knowing look is enough to know what our partner feels or thinks about a certain subject or a certain situation.

        But it’s not about guesswork, mind reading or magical art, but why they have both allowed themselves, throughout their relationship, to know and know how the couple feels, what he thinks about, what worries him and what makes him happy. Because complicity implies a sense of solidarity, loyalty and absolute trust in the person you love.

          4. The happiness of the other is experienced as his own

          The happiness of the other brings us joy, happiness and pleasure. Without forgetting ourselves, we enjoy and wish our partner to be happy, because his well-being and that of others are of vital importance. As long as this happiness and well-being do not come at the expense of our state of health or our happiness, it will be revealing that the relationship is going well, because we must not forget that a couple is a team and that the two must feel and be in balance.

            5. The law of transparency applies

            There is transparency in the relationship, that is to say honesty defines the couple, to the point that they trust each other and it shows in the decisions that are made. Be honest with each other in what is said and done.

            6. The same is shared

            The concept of mine and yours fades into a healthy love story. It is not that private property is abandoned, but that everyone’s things are respected, but that does not prevent them from being shared.

            There is no suspicion or fear that one might break or abuse the other’s things, and if it happened by accident, nothing would happen because it is known that there were no bad intentions.

              7. There are no secrets

              There are no secrets to healthy, trusting relationships. Both members of the couple know each other’s drawbacks and vulnerabilities. Recrimination is not present but the support and respect for the time that the couple needs to be able to share difficult moments or situations who lived or lived.

              8. Common interests are cultivated

              Good couples do their best to strengthen their interests. That’s why a good sign of a good relationship is spending time on subjects that unite them, such as sports, going to the movies, listening to music, traveling …

              Whatever the two members enjoy, working together and strengthening it proves it an interest in not only keeping what brought them together, but also spending time together.

                9. Think long term

                Obviously, a good relationship has plans for the future. Long term project this relationship is shown to have established their hopes of continuing the relationship by planning a life together.

                In listening couples, there is enthusiasm for establishing, creating plans together, and they are not afraid or avoiding issues that have to do with the path the relationship will take in a distant future.

                10. Treat the couple’s family as their own

                Healthy couples they try to see their partner’s family as their own. There is respect for the parents and siblings of others, and it is intended to establish with them a bond of unity, acceptance, harmony and tolerance.

                In couples where there are tensions with the political family, this is not an indication that this relationship is toxic, but we observe that these disagreements generate conflicts and disconnections within the relationship.

                11. It’s good and not so good

                Couples who are on the right track are not only together in good times but in bad times as well. The relationship it doesn’t matter if you don’t let go of the other when you feel bad or have a serious problem.

                In fact, a sign that the relationship is promising is that the tough guys and the matures are supporting each other.

                  12. Different points of view are accepted

                  No matter how many couples you have, it is inevitable that everyone has their own point of view and there are points on which they do not agree. This is not a bad thing, in fact it is a symptom that the relationship is healthy because despite continuing to date someone has not lost their individuality.

                  Now, it’s also healthy to respect the other person’s point of view, treating it with delicacy without resorting to personal attack or belittling the other person’s opinion. There is mutual respect, accepting not to agree on everything.

                    13. One rejoices in the success of the other

                    Each other’s successes are experienced and celebrated as their own. There are no personal successes, but now it’s both and joy floods both lovers with equal intensity when one achieves something he had dreamed of.

                    14. Decisions are discussed before being taken

                    The couple is designed as an environment for dialogue, where we cannot do what we want at the expense of the other or without consulting one.

                    Of course, there are small aspects of the relationship that the other person doesn’t need to be aware of, but others need to be discussed before making a decision. A sign that the relationship is not going well is when one makes decisions without consulting the other, imposes himself and waits for the other to finally accept because it is already decided and is happy to talk.

                      15. Your own mistakes are acknowledged

                      It is desired and seen as an ideal that in the relationship there are no discussions, but it would be living a utopia because conflicts in relationships are inevitable.. The two members of the couple are different, they make mistakes and sometimes they even quarrel, but it is completely normal to disagree on one aspect and for it to end in a discussion.

                      Of course, that’s not a good sign that the relationship is going well, but what comes next. If after discussing the couple who made the mistake (or both) admit it, we are faced with a sign that the relationship is mature and healthy.

                      Trying to come to an agreement after the conflict is also a sign that they care about each other, that they don’t want there to be winners and losers in this discussion, but that they are both at ease and in a new situation. there are efforts.

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