How Does Stress Affect Relationships?

Stress has been one of the most studied disorders in the field of psychology for decades, which is why we now know that it affects many areas of life, both personally and professionally.

Stress can also play a very important role in relationships, decisively affecting a wide variety of dynamics of communication, coexistence, expression of emotions and interactions in general. Here is a summary of the main ways in which too much stress issues affect romantic relationships.

    Stress-Related Problems in Relationships

    These are the most common ways stress can ruin a couple’s life.

    1. Misunderstanding

    One of the main causes of stress in relationships is the feeling of incomprehension and frustration felt by one of the two parties because of their situation.

    People who support very stressful loads on a daily basis they may come to think that their partner does not understand them or that they are unaware of the discomfort they are experiencing in their daily lives..

    At the same time, prolonged exposure to high stress both personally and professionally can cause some people to bring their grievances to the other member of the couple.

      2. Usual discussions

      Exposure to high levels of stress often leads to irritability and discomfort in one or both members of the couple, which ultimately results in increased discussions in the same.

      Couple discussions often appear in all kinds of everyday situations of little apparent importance, especially those related to cohabitation or daily communication.

        3. Feelings of guilt

        Another common phenomenon that occurs when dealing with stressful situations in a relationship is the appearance of feelings of guilt on the part of the person who is suffering.

        This feeling of guilt it is often experienced not to be able to fully enjoy the relationship, and also to feel responsible that the other person can feel completely comfortable in this situation.

          4. Spend less time in the relationship

          Stressful lifestyles in which there are a wide variety of job demands often lead to poor time management due to anxiety and overloading “fronts” to deal with at the same time which generates at the same time . inefficient time management, leading to a poor work-life balance.

          People who spend less and less time with their partner because of stress internalize a short-term perspective on reality and prefer to spend their time thriving at work rather than investing it in their partner.

            5. Sexual dysfunctions

            For several years, professionals in psychology and medicine have been studying the relationship between stressful situations and the appearance of various sexual dysfunctions that can affect the proper functioning of the intimate life of couples.

            We now know that stress can cause or precipitate the onset of problems such as erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, and decreased sexual appetite in both men and women.

              6. Family disputes

              As indicated, stress is one of the biggest generators of discussion that exists both in the couple and in other spheres of daily life.

              This is why it can also be common to have more and more frequent discussions both with the closest family with whom we live on a daily basis and with distant relatives with whom we interact infrequently during the course of life. year, even with the political family. The discomfort that occurs when a person does not get along with their in-laws can lead us to the situation of “siding with someone”, which wears down psychologically and indirectly damages the relationship itself.

                7. Personal insecurities

                Stress often causes a series of insecurities in one or both members of the couple which are also linked to low self-esteem, belief that we are not good enough for the other person, or fear that they will leave us.

                This feeling of insecurity usually appears mainly in young people due to a lack of experience in romantic relationships.

                What to do?

                The best way to deal with this type of problem, both excessive stress and the complications of married life, is to go to psychotherapy, whether for individualized sessions or for a couples therapy program.

                Therefore, if you find that these emotional complications are affecting your quality of life or putting your court or marriage in a vulnerable position, I invite you to contact me. I am an expert psychologist on emotional problems and couple crises.

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