How to avoid relationship problems and have a happy coexistence

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t understand you? That the relationship is no longer the same? Did you get married or join that special someone thinking it would be a good move, but now that things are out of hand are you planning to end it?

Lack of time to show love or to have small signs of affection can destroy your relationship.

    Ideas for better living as a couple and strengthening the bond

    No human being in the world has access to the full enjoyment of perfection in his romantic or emotional relationships. From this moment, it often happens that the pairs generate more and more time lags; by knowing each other more deeply, we lose this utopian idealization of the other.

    It is here that one begins to see flaws and ailments that, at the stage of falling in love, could not be seen. The too repetitive and structured routine, without room for the spontaneous expression of love, leaves the door open to mistrust and disinterest.

    In fact, according to several studies, marriage is torture when you don’t know how deal with the problems that arise as a result of this accumulation of disagreements.

    It’s not not having the time or being stressed out about work, it’s not the kids, or the debts, or even the sex factor that makes a partner’s problems all the more. more frequent.

    Of course, they are practical as an excuse, yes. Many people have come to take it very seriously and have even changed their schedules, brought their children to the priest in the church and been told that when they are finished paying the debt, it will all come back to normal. normal … only to find that by returning the money that was owed, the problem persists and even gets worse.

    What is causing the problem then? Really, the root of the problem is a little deeper and subconscious, and it’s about getting to know each other and know what we really want in our lives.

    That’s why, when it comes to the couple’s lifestyle, when people in a relationship believe that they want something so badly and finally get it, they feel the same again again.

      Causes of couple problems to prevent

      These are the elements that generate problems in relationships that must be detected as early as possible in order to intervene quickly without letting them consolidate.

      1. Lack of individual clarity

      Without a map it is impossible to reach the destination; it is important to know what you want to achieve both in the professional field and in the love life.

      Answer these questions:

      • What do I want to accomplish in life?
      • What kind of man or woman do I want to have in my life?
      • What features should it have?
      • What characteristics do I have?
      • What am I ready to give and receive?

      2. The lack of goals for two

      In this section, the key questions are as follows:

      • What is their goal in a short, medium and long term relationship?
      • What motivates you to be together?

      3. Lack of preparation

      It is very common today to see couples get together and live together without being ready to make their habits and lifestyles compatible, which ends in separation in just under 4 years on average.

        4. Need to work on yourself

        Working on themselves is the most difficult task, but not impossible. This is where the values, beliefs and rules that control how people think, feel and act come into play. There will surely be discrepancies which, if not communicated clearly, could lead to conflicts.

          Outraged, without calm and assertive communication and without unconditional acceptance, the relationship will not work. The key to any relationship is assertive communication.

          Summary: what to do?

          Individually define what you want for yourself, what you agree to. Identify the situation that is causing the problem and look for concrete solutions by focusing on it and without being distracted or paralyzed by psychological ruminations. Define the couple’s goals together. Don’t criticize, judge, or complain outside of constructive criticism. Unconditionally accept your partner and enjoy it.

          If you are trying to improve your relationship or your family relationship, know that it is very possible to do it through professional psychological support, a suitable guide that allows you to live in harmony and connect with the strength of the love.

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