How to know if your partner is using you (in 10 keys)

Psychologists and sociologists have tried to understand human behavior towards love for decades, a human feeling or motivation that can change a person’s life.

Happiness and consumed love are almost synonymous; however, being a partner is not always easy and conflicts between members can arise at any time.

    Does our partner love us or use us?

    But despite the occasional conflicts that can arise in a relationship, which often have to do with differences in the core values, way of thinking, or beliefs and opinions that a person desires, sometimes one may not feel it. loved by your lover and doubt the love of such and such “Does our partner love us or is it just an interest?” We end up asking ourselves.

    While there are no hard and fast rules for determining this, we can observe some clues that can lead us to believe that what our partner really feels about us is outright interest. Of course, these signals are not 100% accurate and may show up for other reasons.

    What are these keys? In the following lines you will find 10 keys that will help you detect if your partner is using you.

    1. It doesn’t help you make important decisions or when you need them

    Our partner is one of the most important people in your life, so you need to show your support in difficult times and important decisions. If, for example, you are in a review period or object, you need to be by your side and understand the situation instead of continually asking for things that interest you.

    If he doesn’t support you in important decisions, he’s not there when you need himYou can really want something that you own. Unfortunately, what you have between you may not be true love.

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    2. It doesn’t make you feel good about your comments and it doesn’t respect you.

    If in true love your partner is by your side and leaves you with support, he should also show respect and not harm your dignity. Logically, differences can arise in a relationship and conflicts can arise at specific times when everyone is defending their position.

    However, when the person constantly discredits you, insults you, treats you badly or humiliates you, they may use you because they do not see you as a person and do not consider your needs. Someone who continually hurts their partner doesn’t want her.

    3. He ignores your opinion

    Again, respect is fundamental in any relationship and manifests itself in mature love, that love that is rational and promotes well-being in the couple.

    Living with someone is a constant negotiation and therefore there must be a balance between the needs of both members. Therefore, someone who wants you will take your opinion into account even if you don’t agree with them. When that doesn’t happen and the other person is constantly imposing judgment, it might not be love but interest. .

    4. You are not their priority

    When we are in love, we want to be with someone in body and mind, and that person becomes our priority. That doesn’t mean you have to be with that person 24 hours a day, but there is value in being together..

    Now when interest is the reason the other person is with you, they will only look for you at specific times and make lots of plans if you do. He will only want to be with you when he wants to make a profit.

    5. This does not correspond to the love he says he feels

    You’ve probably heard the expression “words are blown in the wind” before. This phrase, very popular and very true.

    When a person wants you, they agree with what they say and their actions agree with their words. People speak through their actions, so if their behavior and what they are verbalizing is inconsistent, the reason your partner is with you may not be for love. In these cases, you can promise a lot but not keep your words.

    6. Seek only intimate relationships

    One of the most obvious signs that your partner is using you is when they just want to have sex with you.In other words, it’s your only interest to spend time with you. When you’re not making plans together or all you want to do is stick around and have intimate relationships instead of going out to dinner and being seen in public, you can start to doubt their love.

    7. Don’t do things for yourself if you don’t benefit from them

    The truth is, when you want to be with someone, sometimes you do things you don’t want just to make your partner feel good. Accompanying him to a concert or taking him to college because his car broke down (while you were staying with your friends) are a few examples.

    It’s not about continually giving in to their desires without considering yours, but your partner, if they want you, will also make sacrifices for you. That’s why you decided to be the person who will be with you for the rest of your life, right?

    8. You are always the one who pays

    You can have a lot of financial capital and doubts about the love your partner feels for you because one of the biggest interests in life is money. Does your partner ever pay anything when you go out with him? Does he constantly ask you to buy him things? Maybe he just wants that from you, so watch how he behaves in these situations.

    9. Much of your environment tells you so

    Sometimes you can be so in love with your partner so much that, despite observing the above signs, you might want to go wrong by not acknowledging that your partner is using you.

    Now, in addition to what you think, Do others (family, friends, etc.) keep telling you? Are the people close to you in your life alerting you that your partner’s behavior may indicate that he or she is using you? Better think about it and use your more rational side.

    10. Don’t tell yourself anything too personal is not interested in your life

    Isn’t your interpersonal relationship intimate and there is no trust between you? Do you find it difficult to talk about your life with yourself and rarely take an interest in your own? You may not be interested in your successes or accomplishments or your goals or concerns in your life. When someone gives in to others, we feel loved. Isn’t that the case with your partner? So think objectively about the type of relationship you have with your lover.

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