How to tell if your ex-partner still wants you

Usually, after a breakup, both sides might wonder if the other person still loves them. Romantic relationships are a complex subject, and it’s not always obvious.

Sometimes couples get together and it’s in this time that they stay apart that they realize how much the other person needs them and decide to try again. Of course, this is not an exact science, and it is not what happens in all cases.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the the signs to know if your ex still wants you, And we will give some guidance on how to proceed in these cases. Of course, we have to keep in mind that whatever our suspicions, we should always respect the decisions made by the other person, even if it means severing the relationship altogether.

    How to tell if your ex-partner still wants you: various signs

    The question of whether your ex still wants you is answered primarily by looking at the nonverbal signals sent by the other person. As the saying goes, “you don’t have to speak clearly to tell yourself that I love you”.

    Next, let’s turn to see what these signs are, but keeping in mind that love and attraction are not the same; it is very common for an ex-partner to still be attracted to you and even want to have a relationship again and not do it out of love but to feel alone or to resume his old life.

    1. He remains present

    If, despite the end of the relationship, the other person continues to be noticed in your daily life and this is not due to their obligations or responsibilities, this is an indicator that he always feels attracted or attracted to you and wants you to notice it.

    For example, if you meet in certain places very often and it isn’t explained by the neighborhood you live in or the circles of friends you socialize with, it may not always be accidental.

    2. Try not to lose contact

    When the other person insists on staying in touch after the breakup via text messages, calls asking for something trivial, and even more indirect contact, like reacting to posts on your social media, it hints at an attraction. They indicate that this person might still have something for you.

    3. When other people tell you about him or her

    This criterion refers to the fact that when some friendships you have in common with your ex-partner start talking about that person in a suspicious manner, as if they want us to do something to get the relationship back together, with phrases like “you made a beautiful couple “, among other things …

    This particular behavior may not be accidental, because many times when an ex-partner wants to come back, he tries to convince others to help him find the love story he had before.

    Warning: feeling nervous is normal

    Care must be taken not to confuse the nerves with a sign of love, In such cases. The uncertainty and ambiguity the relationship finds itself in (once they have ceased to be a couple) can lead to anxiety, and this is independent of whether or not you want the other person.

    How should we act in the face of this possibility

    In case of perception of these signals by our ex-partner it is normal that we are confused about respect, Especially considering the time that has passed since the breakup. It will always be better to take things in stride, without acting in a hurry.

    We have to remember that while these are pretty clear signs that our ex-partner still loves us, it is possible that they are not. Plus, taking the time to think about our feelings and whether we want to give that person another chance should always be the first step.

    Once we’ve figured out how we feel about the possibility that we still love that person, that’s when we step out of doubt. Using assertive communication we will talk to our ex-partner and we mentioned the possibility of seeing him in a quiet place. Once there, we openly express our doubts to him and ask him to answer us. This will help close this cycle of uncertainty that may have existed on both sides.

    After receiving the clear answer from the other person, we express our thoughts and feelings about it (the ones we have meditated on before).

      What will happen next?

      After hearing what the other has to say, and once we have stated our position in this regard, we will feel that we have lightened up.

      Whatever response we give the other person, or the response we give them, after this time it will be much easier to move on in our daily life, Get back to our routine or find new ways of living.

      Without the anxiety that might be generated from not knowing clearly what was going on, even after closing this cycle, the relationship with that person might evolve, and we might start to see them through different eyes. A friendship might develop from this point on, or it might also happen that we realize that the best thing for the two of us is to go our separate ways. Either way, the uncertainty and anxiety will dissipate.

      It is healthy for us to be honest with how we feel, while facing the reality of things and seeing them as they actually happen, not as we would like them to happen. final considerations

      In these cases, the most important thing is to value ourselves and not let our own feelings work against us. It often happens that the person we have fallen in love with is negative for our life and compromises our mental health. When this happens, we need to review the facts well, avoiding any cognitive bias, taking into account our feelings towards the other person.

      Remember, your peace of mind is non-negotiable, And that relationships should make us believe as people, not limit us.

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